May 20, 2009

Ron Paul today on the House floor, predicting a revolution: "Is it my imagination, or have we lost our minds?"

"Insanity passed off as logic.

Ignorance pawned off as wisdom.

Violence the tool of change.

Preventative wars used as tools of peace.

Slavery sold as liberty.

Unlimited supplies of paper money.

We ought to prepare ourselves for revolutionary changes in the not too distant future."


SeattleMoose said...

Pretty much sums it all up...good speech. But we need a speech like this coming from someone younger and stronger with more fire in their belly.

Maybe JV?

Grilled Club w/side of FRENCH fries said...

I decided today to stop trying to look for a job and small business loan. I'm tired of all this BS, struggles, lies and broken promises. There is no more hope left for this country. Fvck it!

So, in a total "180," here are my top 12-pointers (as a born American) to help speed things up.

1. Do NOT buy American made cars, vans or trucks!
2. Do NOT buy anything made in America!
3. Do NOT spend money on gasoline! Only for emergencies and driving to your job only - if you have one.
4. If you are underwater on your home loan, stop paying the bank and look for a cheap place to rent after they kick you out in 6-months!
5. Max out all your credit cards on cash advances.
6. Do not stay in any hotels or motels. Do not travel on vacation.
7. Stop buying anthing new. Purchase used items only - or make your own.
8. Do not keep your savings in any US bank, but at home in your vault or buy foreign cash.
9. Do NOT fly.
10. Do NOT own any American company stocks or related American based financial products.
11. When shopping for food and bathroom items, do NOT buy products made or produced in America! Just read the labels!
12. Stop buying high-speed internet services and cable TV. Just use your FREE rabbit ears and $9.99(or FREE) dial-up connections.

Did I miss anything?


Lonny Johnson said...

good speech but Ron should tell everyone that the world is OK even after the tectonic plates split apart and repositioned themselves.

IMO, that's what's happening in the economy right now, the tectonic plates are shifting.

For some, the resulting climate will be better but, for others, it will be worse!

History repeats itself in funny ways.

Dark Matter said...

"a reversal is achievable through peaceful means"

LOL - sorry Mr. Paul, you are as delusional as the people and institutions you rail against. Pickles never change back into cucumbers.

Supernintendo Chalmers said...

it is not your imagination, Ron.

Anonymous said...

wow...pretty much the exact opposite of the guy you voted for in the general election.

i'm glad i threw my vote away.

Anonymous said...

Why I Fired My Broker

Jeffrey Goldberg tells Bob Cohn why he bought gold, stocked up on lanterns, consulted a survivalist—and finally fired his broker.

For most of our adult lives, my wife and I have behaved in the way responsible cogs of capitalism are supposed to behave—we invested in a carefully calibrated mix of equities and bonds; we bought and held; we didn’t overextend on real estate; we put the maximum in our 401(K) accounts; we gave to charity; and we saved, but we also spent: mainly on gasoline, food, and magazines. In retrospect, we didn’t have the proper appreciation for risk, but who did? We were children of the bull market....

Even at its top, my investment portfolio was never anything to write home about. Its saving grace was that it was mine. And I imagined that when we did cash out, at 60 or 65, I would pass my time buying my wife semisubstantial pieces of jewelry and going bass fishing like the men in Flomax commercials.

Well, goodbye to all that. I took a random walk down Wall Street and got hit by a bus.....

Rest of article here... ...phuccking excellent piece of writing--

Anonymous said...

the treasury department now wants a majority stake in GMAC.


how does Ford have a hope in hell of competing with the government?

the government doesn't have to make any money

Anonymous said...

And, let me guess, not a one of his colleagues in attendance.

Anonymous said...

Money quote: "We have broken from reality; a psychotic nation."

"What made this country good and great" came to an end nearly 100 years ago.

I didn't throw my vote away:

I love hearing all manner of overwrought, agitated blowhards plaintively mouthing all the stuff he says in maudlin outrage...

while being taunted for voting for him.


jr said...


ATE-UP said...

Anon 10:16 p.m.

THANK YOU for the excellent article!!!

I passed it along!

Anonymous said...

This man has a good mind. His comments were true and it took courage to be this honest.
What I liked the most was that there was no schmoozing. Also, the speech somehow came across with a sense of regard for our(Americans) autonomy and shared responsibility that seems to be missing from the " Don't worry, we (your leaders) have everything under control" type.

I would imagine that there are many Americans who can't be bothered with our nation's problems. They'd rather hand them, along with their freedom, over to a leader. Let's at least choose a leader who won't take advantage of this.

Angry Leprechuan said...

Dead on! One of the only politicians that does not make me want to fucking lose it.

Stuck in So Pa said...

5. Max out all your credit cards on cash advances.

Credit card activists are praising Tuesdays CC reform bill passing in the Senate.


Because it reigns in the evil doings of the card companies? In reality, not in the slightest. They can still raise their rates as much as they want; they just have to give you 45 days notice. CC companies will always find a way to make a profit.

No! Credit card activists are happy because there will finally be payback for those at the root of all those deadbeats in default's problems: THE EVIL PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR BILL ON TIME.

They are looking for monthly/yearly service charges, charging interest from time of purchase till the bill is paid, and a whole laundry list of penalties to "punish" those responsible card holders who activists say have been getting a "free ride" on the backs of those who don't pay their bills on time, or at all.

Apparently, the problem with the entire credit card system is that PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR BILLS DON'T GET PENALIZED!!!......DUH?
That’s not fair??????

I damn near $h*t when I read that.

Insanity has become the norm in this country!

Lady Di said...

Love him.

A true patriot.

Went2puke said...

Anon May 20, 2009 10:16 PM
many thanks for the link..

patrat said...

Anonymous 10:16,
Yes very good read. My favorite paragraph, referring to his attempt to get investment advice:

"I looked around. The wizards in the room were having difficulty calculating figures of such humble size. I had thought $200,000 sounded like a large and unembarrassing number. But the room reacted as if I had asked, “Bill, I have 75cents in my pocket. Do you think I should buy Twizzlers or a big red gumball?”

euonymous said...

In the context of things...

Ron Paul is a Hero, in the truest sense of the word.

Anyone out there have another name they'd like to throw in the ring?

Keith, you go first.

Anonymous said...

OTC dealer banks propose that...Federal Reserve...become the systemic risk regulator.

Anonymous said...

Can't help thinking that Ron Paul's ideal past never was.

Anonymous said...

"Can't help thinking that Ron Paul's ideal past never was."

Although that may be true to some degree why should that stop us from being the people, the generation that history looks back upon and says, "Wow, amid all the strife in their lives they woke up, stood side by side and said enough is enough!" or do we want to be remembered as a bunch of spineless sheople.

Jasen said...

Ron Paul has to be the most ineffective congressman ever. dude has been there for what? 20 years? what does he have to show for it?

Anonymous said...

Another great speech.....yawn.

rala2 said...

Too bad Hitler didn't have Ron Paul's delivery style - old 'Dolf would never even have been noticed on the streets of Munich, and the world would have been spared a lot of trouble.

Junior said...

It's not enough that Dr. Paul is spot-on. It's not enough that he stands practically alone in Washington, telling it like it really is. It's not enough that he is honorable, a hard to find trait in Washington. He votes the way he talks. He does not mince words, nor is he a turncoat. He is the real deal.

No, he must also be a showman, too.

To all of you "fire-in-the-bellier's" out there, put down the remote and back away from the television. You have been lulled too sleep by Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Who needs another freakin' Hitler?

We The People need fire in the belly. If it takes more than the truth to get you up off your arse and put some fire in your belly, you are living in a Hollywood dreamworld.

Anonymous said...

"I damn near $h*t when I read that."

I almost shat too. But, I guess they will lose a whole bunch of responsible customers that way as I would have to assume that most that pay off their balances, like me, have the cash to pay for the goods in the first place. So, if they start charging me, I will just stop using their card, use my debit card as a CC and they will lose the transaction fees they get when I buy shit with their card.