May 30, 2009

Say what you will - America has gone from the most hated and disrespected president ever to, well, this: "Obama Most Popular Leader"

It's what America does best.

We throw the bums out, and try again.

Unfortunately, we don't jail the bums or send them swinging from ropes, like some other countries. But hey, at least we throw them out. Eventually.

I know a good number of you are Obama haters, and will be no matter what the guy does, but as an American overseas, it sure is nice not to be associated with an idiot in the White House anymore. A president represents a nation, like it or not, and around the world in January we instantly went from dumb, immoral, destructive and ignorant to something much, much better. That's a fact, and America and all Americans are better off for it.

Maybe one day you'll appreciate what you have.
Especially compared to what you had.

Obama Most Popular Leader, Poll Finds

PARIS — President Barack Obama remains by far the most popular world leader among people in major Western nations and is the one political figure on whom people consistently pin their hopes in the economic crisis, according to new polls conducted for the International Herald Tribune.

About 80 percent of people in France, Germany, Italy and Spain have a positive view of Mr. Obama, a ratio that declines only slightly, to about 70 percent, in the other two countries surveyed, Britain and the United States. The only politician who comes close is Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who gets a positive rating from two-thirds of those in Continental Europe but from only one-third of Britons and Americans.


Anonymous said...


You've been hyp - no - tized.

What is this - "American Idol - Political Edition" ?

The man's an empty suit, a puppet, an actor chosen for the role.

We're doomed.

keith said...

Bush was an empty suit, a puppet, an actor chosen for a role. I'd agree with you on that. Cheney proves it every day.

Obama? Longest of long-shots. Beat the Clinton machine and then the GOP. Outsider. And dangerous to the establishment.

I choose to not be cynical on this one. Not all of them have to suck.

Anonymous said...

Keith, what is your definition of an "outsider"?

evildoc said...

Uhhhh, this same world you cite, the one that ranks Obama in high position vs predecessor... this is the same... uhhh... world that places the top spot to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan????

And this reassures you?



never_forget_y2k said...

Remember when McCain made Joe The Plumber his foreign policy expert and sent him off to the networks to do interviews, while Palin still wasn't allowed to leave her bunker?? That was funny. And earlier on I thought McCain had it in the bag. Shows what I know..

You have to wonder if republicans are still trying to win elections or if this is just some drawn out multi-year rope-a-dope thing? I mean why let Darth Vader on TV day after day unless you are trying to ensure defeat in 2010??

Bukko_in_Australia said...

It's amazing how many Aussies have a favourable opinion of Obama, even though they know nothing about what he's actually doing. He fits the impression they want to have of a noble American black person. Similarly, people tend to have good feelings toward Condoleeza Rice. It's easier for Aussies to like another country's black people when they speak good English and don't act as erratic as their own country's dark-skinned natives, or as thuggish as the African dictators they see on TV.

I try to gently set 'em straight, saying that while Obama is a good guy personally, he's following the same policies as George Bush. But that causes most of our politically minded friends to look at me oddly. I spent years bashing Bush and now I'm slagging Obama? What's the matter -- do I hate EVERYBODY?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


The 'boy' emperor has No clothes

Big ears but no clothes


Peter T said...

Popularity contests of political leaders depend strongly on the precedessor. Gorbatchev was the most popular leader in the second half of the 80s in Germany - compared with the corpses that reigned the Kremlin before, he was indeed a great improvement. He failed anyhow a few years later, because he couldn't put food on the tables of his own citizens, and today he is still very unpopular in Russia (some blame this also on his anti-alcohol campaign). Obama's popularity in Europe depends much on the previous contempt for Bush, but he must earn his popularity at home, not abroad.

Peahippo said...

What does "popularity" matter? Obama's economic policies are ruinous. THAT is where the sane attention is focused.

Anonymous said...

You've turned into Dem hypster. So sad. HP was at least entertaining but now Obama is the Messiah. I thought you were smarter than that, honestly.

I'll make a prediction. Obama is at his peak. When our downturn (and the stock market decline)resumes his popularity will pop faster than overinflated birthday balloon.

Seek the truth, Keith.

Mike Hunt said...

I liked Obama during the campaign and he was the best of the choices we had.

But the fact that he is so liked now and untouchable by the media scares the hell out of me. And it should you as well! Anyone who challenges Obama is not given a fair chance.

Hitler was the most popular leader in Germany. Until he wasn't.

How come you are going with the sheeple on both this and the green shoots when you were a contrarian before?

Or did they get to you too?

Please post this, I'd like to see a fair and balanced debate on this, keeping true to the original concept of this blog.



Mark in San Diego said...

Here in London, overnighting before heading back- yes my friends here and in Switzerland all find Obama refreshing. . .an elderly couple at a restaurant in Locarno, Switzerland talked with us, and the wife was so thrilled that Michelle Obama was wearing Swiss designed clothing, and her husband felt Obama was finally restoring respect to the US. . .agree with Keith that the status of the US IS IMPORTANT!!. . .we will be able to deal with North Korea, Afganastan, etc. when the world is working with us not against us. Of course I am not happy with all his spending and bailouts, but he is doing the best he can with the leftover Bush problems.

Mark in San Diego said...

Another thought before I dash for Heathrow. . .The World WANTS to love the US. . .that is what people in the US who don't travel abroad don't understand. . .even those who "hate" us . . .North Korea, etc. all love American stuff and culture. . .the Taliban are probably wearing American T-shirts under their robes.

keith said...

Go back and read the blogs in 2006, when I first said Obama would win.

NOBODY believed it.

1st term senator. No experience. Black. Too young. Unknown. Anti-war (back when that was an unpopular position). And most importantly, Hillary Clinton had it in the bag.

Didn't work out the way the insiders thought it would

And oh, yeah, my 120x1 longshot paid off nicely at the sportsbook.

That's an outsider.

keith said...

Mark - great comments. I'd bet 99% of Americans living outside the US would agree, even the Fox News Watchers and Republicans.

Obama has made our lives easier. You get in a taxi in a third world country, dude doesn't speak english, but he figures out you're an American and he goes "Obama! Mr. Obama!". A year ago that same type driver would be "Bush - bad! Bad man!"

American's shouldn't want people to hate them around the world. It's to America's strategic benefit that people respect and admire the president, whoever or whenever that is. And Americans shouldn't want to be the world's pariah, the evil country, the ignorant country, making the world a worse place.

Under Bush, that's what we were.

Things have changed.

Come overseas and experience it yourself.

(just don't wear those damn fanny packs please)

Mike Hunt said...


You are right- people outside the US like Obama better. Who wouldn't? That is very positive, actually.

And he is a charismatic leader.

But that doesn't change the fact that he is not helping the long term future of America. Besides the talk of taking on entitlements, his actions betray him. I guess time will tell. My bet is he screws the US in the long term and is viewed as a disaster. Hope I'm wrong, but will wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Too bad he is not also RESPECTED, that would be even better. HE got nada out of his European apology tour.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot see what has changed. I did not vote because I can't vote for socialism, but I wanted Obama to win because I thought he would at least end the wars in the Middle East. Maybe I am missing something.....Keith, please explain to me what is different since Obama has taken over. And by the way, I hate Bush and all the neo-cons, but I just don't understand how Obama is associated with change. I thought he was going to be the adult and do the right thing, not borrow and spend obscene amounts of money we do not have. So far his Presidency just plays right along with this fantasy that we do not have to work and we need to keep housing unaffordably high at all costs so we can cash out equity and spend it in the economy. You keep hearing over and over again that "We need to stop housing prices from falling to stabalize the economy". Housing prices falling will stabilize the economy once the average guy can afford to buy again some day. Otherwise we will be in this perpetual state of resets causing foreclosures. If you believe in free markets and capitalism, then I do not see how you can back this guy. He is just helping to continue the looting operation of the Treasury that was started by Bush & Paulson. The sooner we let housing fall to where it should be based on what the average guy can reasonbly afford, the sooner we can get back to work and start manufacturing for export. That is the only way to "stabilize the economy".

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Keith has to try to enlighten some Americans that their image in other countries is important. These backward attitudes are ingrained. There is still a large population in this country with Scotch-Irish heritage. Those people formed the nucleus of the American revolutionary military. They had a deep-seated identity with the newly-created nation and distrusted other peoples and nations with a xenophobic fear and distaste that bordered on hate. This heritage is still represented in this country. Their attitude is "F*ck other countries! We hate you! We will beat you up! We don't need you! Leave us alone!"
Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what the rotten Eurotards think.

Their opinion is irrelevant.

The reasons you like Obama are good, but America has other real great black people that could have made a better leader.

Anonymous said...

Got a guy working for me just like this. Biggest bulls***ter you've ever seen. F's up just about everything he does, but man is he popular. I'd have a revolution if I fired him. People don't want leaders anymore. They want just to feel good.

euonymous said...

H o p e y

F e e l y

M y o p i c

G i b b e r i s h

(but it's GREAT that your cab rides are more fun now, Keith)

Anonymous said...

well that felt good and it is remarkable to see what people who think they are smarter than everyone else believe in this shall i say nicely joke but its fun to watch and we shall see but for now keep it up

Ross said...

Jimmy Carter was a popular world leader too, right?

bobby lensky said...

RE: "Obama Most Popular Leader"

You've put the herd of sheep up many times...

The bible says: "though shall have not other God."

will shill for coin said...

He looks pretty calm for a guy running a $1.8 trillion deficit.

SeattleMoose said...

Watch what he does, not what he says.

Obama=Bush=Puppet of FED/WS/Banksters

Same turd....better wrapper.

yoski said...

"Obama=Bush=Puppet of FED/WS/Banksters

Same turd....better wrapper."

Couldn't have said it any better

LES said...

Great leadership.

The US Govt will end up forking out $100 billion to GM and Chrysler.

GM and Chrysler will sell about 2.5 million cars this year.

Do the Math. The US govt has provided GM and Chrysler with $40,000 for each car that they produced and sold this year.

$40,000 bailout money for each car!

Is that how we save jobs in America.

How could it cost so much to save these two companies?

How are they ever gonna pay it back.

Here's another number. GM and Chrysler employees 140,000 workers.

Do the Math. $714,285 bailout bucks per worker.

Wow. That really makes sense now.

I don't even want to think how much it costs us to save all those Wall St. jobs (per person I mean).

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't he be popular? He doles out $ trillions and doesn't raise anybody's taxes.

Wait till the bill comes due....

Wind Farmer said...

The Scots had good reason to distrust government/control. They were so screwed by the British/Nobels. The clans were practically distroyed, kilts and bagpipes illegal...Many came here for free land, North Carolina in particular, if they could tame it, and they did. Their distrust (and thrift) came with them.

Anyway, for the Obama non-believers, here is an excellent/must read article by James Quinn:

"Americans are still infatuated with President Barack Obama. He is a dynamic speaker and shrewd manipulator of public opinion. After eight years of George Bush’s narrow minded demagoguery, Obama’s appearance of intelligence and moderate rhetoric have been refreshing to many. His words may be comforting but his policies, if fully implemented, will lead to an irreversible decline of the American Empire. The chances of reversing our current misguided course get slimmer by the day.

The government has promised to protect us from terrorists, protect us from swine flu, protect us from Wall Street, protect us from foreign corporations, protect our car industry, protect our union jobs, protect our retirements, and protect us from having to take responsibility for our actions. We have sacrificed liberties, rights, responsibilities, and entrepreneurial spirit for a false sense of security provided by a corrupt, inefficient, morally bankrupt government. Our rapidly aging population has chosen security over creative destruction and renewal of the American Dream."

Keith, your faith in Obama is misplaced. It's always easy to cheat the innocent, you just have to get them to believe. I don't.

BuyerWillEPB said...

"About 80 percent of people in France, Germany, Italy and Spain have a positive view of Mr. Obama"

Uh - ok. So the Socialists and the Fascists like our current president. And this is good news, why?

Anonymous said...

Mark in San Diego said...
Another thought before I dash for Heathrow. . .The World WANTS to love the US. . .that is what people in the US who don't travel abroad don't understand. . .even those who "hate" us . . .North Korea, etc. all love American stuff and culture. . .the Taliban are probably wearing American T-shirts under their robes.


Mark, there is no such thing as an American T-shirt. You mean a Chinese T shirt with english writing on it.


Anonymous said...


How any of you TWITS can complain about Obama who has been in office mere months, and is working his A$$ off to clean up the last 8 years of criminal incompetence and neglect IS BEYOND ME!!!

He is far from perfect, but he is hands down one of the most intelligent, capable presidents we have ever been lucky enough to have...

Prisoner No. 6 said...

It is amazing that the "Yeah, see, Obama hasn't solved everything overnight, so he's not the Messiah! Nyah, nyah! So there!" crowd is able to type through the thick coating of drool on their keyboards.

Look, Obama has 8 years of negative inertia to turn around. Even if all he did was keep the US's image around the world from getting any worse, it'd be a net positive.

The wingnut screechers here are of the ilk that seems to be wedded more to a "My guy lost, so I want the whole country to go down the tubes, and I'm going to cherry-pick stats to try to justify my prejudices" philosophy. They've even managed to turn buying American cars into an un-American activity? Weren't these the same knuckle-draggers that 15 years ago were saying things like, "Go park your Japanese-made car in Tokyo, ya commie faggot! Buy American!" Now it's all, "Gotta starve the UAW leeches and support companies that actually know how to build decent cars."

How times change.

Look, rather than waste everyone's time endlessly parroting & re-parroting whatever talking point Rush is yanking your crank with this week, just learn how to use RSS feeds and link to the source of all your opinions, you mindless drones.

I've been through much of Eastern AND Western Europe in the last year, as well as South America.

Keith is right. Admitting you are American is no longer the opening stanza of a 15-minute screed on how shitty your country is acting. Just that alone is going to act as a massive business stimulant.

People like me might actually be able to close deals with foreign clients again, thus slowly redressing the balance of trade.

euonymous said...

Seriously, c'mon back to the Pragmatic, Common-Sense, Sorta-Centrist/Sorta Non-Partisan, Right-vs-Wrong-Matters, Principles-Matter, the Constitution-Matters Patriot Guy you used to be.

Actually, as I write that, the thought comes to mind....

it feels like you admit defeat. As in, all-of-the-above didn't work out. And, so, now you're taking a different tack.

Escape from your newly found Socialist (or worse) Party, and defend your principles.

Or not.

(Had to get that out there before Barry and his cool new Cyber Czar shut your site down.)

patrat said...

Yep it's all well and good, but what about the perps?
There should be a class action lawsuit against ALL of the LIARS and there are many. But so what if there are many. Let's go get them all.
It was Rampant fraud. Take their profits away! Take their STUFF, that they don't deserve to have,
Liars all - the mortgage brokers, the borrowers, the appraisers, the Raters (Moody's, etc,) the banks, -
They made off with our money. They should all lose everything and go to jail.
But we won't do anything. We will now continue to push that turnstyle and cover their losses. Our losses will never be recouped, though. Slaves. Too comfortable? lazy? scared? distracted? tired? to get organized.

Accurate said...

See Keith, I don't CARE what the rest of the world thinks about our president, past or present. It's my country and it's what I think about our leader. I want a leader who stands up for MY country, not sucking d*ck of foreign leaders. I'm also proud of a leader who knows what he is talking about so he CAN speak from the hip; our present clown-in-chief constantly stutters without a teleprompter.

Yup, you're right Keith, I AM an Obama hater and proud of it. I wouldn't invite the man in for dinner if he was hungry. I would turn down an invitation to the white house. I find the man offensive to my sensibilities in everything. I can't agree with him on ANYTHING - outside that he is merely the child-who-would-be-president. I don't listen to Rush, but you didn't have to listen to know about the brush up. Bottom line, I'm with Rush, I hope the man fails in everything that he does.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:54pm

You are delusional!

Trillions spent with no result!

Trillions spent with no accountability!

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith? Isn't Obama following the same policies of George W Bush? Isn't his monetary policy like Dubya's stimulus checks on steroids? Isn't his foreign policy virtually identical except with a slight change of venue?

Just asking how you reconcile the actions of Obama vs the rhetoric and feelgood image of Obama that's all.

If you can explain that to us then maybe we'd be on board with Obama too.

As for being an outsider I'd have to dispute that pretty strongly. You should try reading one of the UN-authorized biographies of Obama which clearly show that he is very much "establishment".


euonymous said...

"Exactly five minutes later, President Obama and Michelle Obama stepped down from Marine One. POTUS was business casual, but very sharp, in a dark blue suit and black shoes. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the top — no tie. Mrs. Obama wore a black cocktail dress and black heels. Her hair was up and she held a small blue purse, which I'm informed is called a clutch. They boarded a presidential Gulfstream 500 and we took off shortly before 4 p.m. en route to New York City, where the first couple is to have dinner and watch a play, 'Joe Turner's Come and Gone' at the Belasco Theater."

You've seen the story Keith.

Maybe some new ad revenue would be a link to some puke bags?
Because, no shit, this makes me sick to my stomach.

I know (trust me -- I KNOW) Narcissism and Sociopathic behavior when I see it -- it this REEKS REEKS FUCKING REEKS of it.

What say you Keith?
Your response will be VERY telling.
As will your lack of one.

Angry Leprechaun said...

I did not like Bush, Bush Sr, Clinton, etc. I will say I have never hated a President more than Obama.

venetiancafe said...


Mickey Mouse would have been much better than Cheney. That doesn't mean that it's good!

So far, stem cell research and gay rights (sort of) have been supported. That leaves 99% of other issues. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, Keith, but a very large segment of your posters are beginning to make me ill. It's like you left some crumbs out on the picnic table and the roaches found you. Ick.

Jeff said...

Charisma can work good or evil. Churchill was charismatic. JFK was charismatic. So was Hitler.