May 15, 2009

So there's a MASSIVE scandal breaking in the UK, taking down MP's left and right, destroying trust in government. Guess what's at the center of it?

You got it.


The scam was MP's claiming expenses on second homes, supposedly justified so they could have a pad near Parliament in London.

Well, like almost all politicians all over the world, they were scum, and they ran crazy with deductions and profited wildly using taxpayer funds.

So, how did the dirty truth get out?

Someone sold the information to the Daily Telegraph. And now we have a massive, all-consuming scandal over here. And it's wonderful.

It's nice to see the media over here doing their jobs. And its nice to see politicians getting exposed for the crooks they are.

It's a start.

Now if we could just get an audit of every member of Congress' mortgage and expense records the past ten years. Oh, the stuff we'd find. It would shock us.

Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...


Europe is toast!

once again: britian is not unique.

All of Europe is on a one way path to self destruction.

Anonymous said...

This is the US - not England. Anyone with enough guts to put that kind of info out would probably wind up in Gitmo or some Arab Emirate before the News got a chance to publish it.

Anonymous said...

here in America, they should check all public officials in DC about their taxes. I think most would fail. Its been refreshing watching this go down in the UK, keep after these leaches.

Mammoth said...

The Britishcano economy is tanked, roasted like a hedgehog skewered on a green bamboo spit over a fire.

Why? Because the Britishcano politician speculator is as irresponsible, greedy, materialistic, immoral, ignorant, pompous, hoity-toity, self-righteous, as an Americano.

So is the Britishcano economy toasted or what?

Will Joe-Pint ‘O Stout and Jane Haggis cash out their lorry equity now? (Haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa, LORRY EQUITY...)

What will happen to all those big-ass double-decker buses that drive on the wrong side of the road?

Will the Britishcano be toasted as a hedgehog skewered on a stick from head to ass sizzling nicely on a bed of red hot charcoal?

(With apologies to all the HP’ers in England)

Anonymous said...

Scandal is the value of Euro = 1.35 USD. No, it's hilarious since the German GDP = -3.8% and France's = - 1.2%. The UK, Spain, and Italy are bankrupt.

So why is the value of Euro > USD?

I won't even mention the value of Pound, which is another rigged currency.

Ross said...

233 Years later, the U.S. is officially less free than the U.K.


Anonymous said...

WTF??? The Goldman Sachs/PPT will let the market negative on Friday?

Nooo...they must have caught the Flu there on Wall Street.

Where are you Goldman Sachs PPT? I know you want to turn the rigged casino positive, Madoffs...C'mon, we know you want it...go ahead Madoffs, make those charts shoot up, as you always do.

Anonymous said...

Washington Security Scare:

Obama was in a meeting with some potential cabinet nominees. Someone noticed a suspicious looking document on the table no one had ever seen before. Turns out it was just a tax form, but it gave them quite a fright." -- Jay Leno

Anonymous said...

The fact is that many of these MPs own several homes which they then rent out. So as well as getting the taxpayer to help with their house expenses they are making money on the side. No wonder they cannot bear the house Ponzi scheme to crash. UK citizens very, very angry.

Anonymous said...

recall in the book Parkinson's Law the observation that the board of directors will approve a
$50million cyclotron in 15 minutes because no one wants to look stupid asking questions about stuff they don't understand - and then go on to argue for hours about a few thousand for coat racks because they UNDERSTAND coatracks????

well same thing here - billions for bailouts of Northern Rock and gawd knows what else with no questions asked, but my gawd here comes the shitstorm over a few thousand pounds in expense accounts...

it was the bonuses at AIG that people understood well enough to complain - not the billions poured down the black-(sc)holes of the CDS's...

Anonymous said...

come on, give them a break.

they were just trying to compensate for the lower pay they receive as public servants......

they would make so much more in the private sector....

Anonymous said...

"Guess what's at the center of it?"

I'll go out on a limb and speculate that these despicable ethical 'lapses' by public officials are the culmination/consequence of their latent desire to be punished by their constituency for their incompetent representation.

They probably harbor masochistic tendencies.

That explains why they were attracted to the political arena in the first place.

USA said...

yes yes yes the media over there doing its job just like the media over here doing its job somehow keith you like the media doing its job just pick what job you like done and what job you would prefer to ignore like concerning a certain current president but thats liberalism for you right out on display and you even put it in writing way to go brilliant