May 2, 2009

They just won't stop. So they must be stopped.


Wind Farmer said...

Hey Keith...a little Mike Norman for you.

keith said...

Thanks Wind, I'll post

Anyone read it yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the ad where Caveman Adkins comes crawling out of his Cave with a half-eaten turkey gizzard in his hand, fat dripping from his large, voluable mouth onto his feet, stretching and yawning with a boner protruding from his loin cloth in front and shit stains on the back to proclaim and shout "NOW is a GREAT TIME TO BUY". "Real Estate is the Best investment ever".

AND his bublehead blonde ditzo dimwit TV wife says 'That's enough of that you fat, stupid, ignorant dishonest lying ugly pig, you must get ready for your debate with Peter Schiff'. Connie will be here to pick us up as soon as she gets done with the plastic surgeon. She is coming over right from the recovery room".

Realtors, WORST people in the World.

Do something bad to a Realtor today. Call them up, make an appointment and then don't show. Repeat multiple times. Don't call to reschedule or apologize, just don't show up. Do this at unreasonable times, late at night or early in the morning. Make the meeting place far out of the way. Ask one to take you grocery shopping between 'showings'. Tell one you need $5 for gas to get there and have her pick you up and give you $5.

With permission, Put one on her back on the kitchen table and pound away. It won't be hard to get her permission... Just ask.

Realtors, helping families.


Anonymous said...

You are a peddler of misinformation

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"...absolute, off-the-chart experts...shared genius..."

Easy question for the financial geniuses: If you're so smart(and actually represent our interests), why is the WHOLE WORLD ALL FUCKED UP?

Yes, I understand; you've done quite well for yourselves...

Let's spread that word far and wide.

casey is broke and pennyless said...

tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!!!!!!!