May 11, 2009

Will George W. Bush ever apologize?

Believe it or not, I think he will.

Guilt. It eats at a man's soul.

Redemption. It's a christian thing.


Ross said...

For what? He did exactly what he set out to do.

duarte said...

You believe he will apologize, because he isn't as horrible a person as you say. Shame on him for believing what the CIA was telling him - and French intelligence and German Intelligence and Russian Intelligence and Italian Intellgence. That Iraq had WMDs. Seems to me like the Intelligence community needs to apologize too. Or are you talking only about the economy? In that case, he needs to apologize for supporting TARP. If he and McCain had come out against TARP spending, Obama would have had to blame his first year economic troubles on Bush/McCain's LACK of deficit spending. When the deficit spending is shown to be disastrous to the economy, FDR will be the one who owes us an apology.

You're right, the more I think about it, the more Bush should apologize for giving the intelligence community so much power and money.

Speaking of intelligence...don't you think it is also high time Obama cleared up some misconceptions about 911? He would have access to all of the intel we do not regarding 911. Wouldn't it be his responsibility to correct the errors of the previous administration and "tell the truth" about that day? There are MANY Bush haters who say GWB engineered 911 as an Inside Job. Why doesn't he reveal the truth? Or did Bush tell the truth? In which case a lot of people owe HIM an apology. Perhaps, Obama doesn't make the truth clear, because the lingering doubt and hatred toward the previous administration plays well into his plans for the Socialist States of America? Ooops! I think i just stumbled on the truth myself! Sorry about that.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Bush doesn't have a soul. He's a sociopath. They lack conscience.

Anyway, doesn't the concept of having a "soul" imply belief in a god? Monkeys. We're soulless monkeys.

Jasen said...


Anonymous said...

Grassy Knoll.

Anonymous said...

If the Founding Fathers could have known that GWB would have been the 43rd President, they would have ended the Constitutional Convention, got on a boat to London, and surrendered to the Crown.

Lady Di said...

Narcissists never do.

keith said...

How 'bout this:

Who apologizes first - Bush or Swanndive?

I'd bet neither.

Apologies take recognition. And class.

Anonymous said...

Ross nailed it -- he did exactly what he said he would. Iraq was blamed on bad intelligence.

Out at the peak said...

Bush will never believe he did anything wrong. Even if he felt guilt, he would still never admit it.

This is the silliest question I've heard in a long time.

Anonymous said...

He never will because he would have to admit that he was wrong. He's too much of an arrogant pompous ass to do that though.

consultant said...

Too stupid.

Anonymous said...

hopefully he dies a painful lingering natural death starting now.

Anonymous said...

But BO will never apologize.

well, not to the american people.

He will apologize to 3rd world dictators for america causing all of their problems.

Anonymous said...

He will not , ever . Calling yourself a christian and even going to church does not make you one anymore than standing in a garage and calling yourself a car makes you a car. He does not have the guilt that accompanies a violated god given conscience .

WWGWBD said...

Jesus told him to do it so shouldn't He apologize first?

patrat said...

What if you could meet this person one on one? Do you really know what you would think? It's easy when it is abstract.
I didn't like him at first but I did like him when 9/11 happened. Then I didn't know him again. What do we really know about the intelligence that they had? You have to go on what you have.
Let it go. It's history.

Anonymous said...


In Dumbya's case, it is stronger than his guilt.

Add willful ignorance on top of that sundae, and there isnt a chance it HELL this Dolt repents...

As we say in Texas....The man is "All hat, no cattle"...

Randy said...

Ya know guys and gals,

I miss having the cowboy side of and American president.

And Bush is not half as bad as the 'International community' makes him out to be.

Anonymous said...

"...believing what the CIA was telling him..."All those Cheney trips to Langley...

Then they purged the recalcitrants and blamed the survivors.

Evidently, at least one person believes it.

The guy in charge of Europe set the record straight many, many times.No matter. People think what they want, and dismiss accounts of those in position to know if it doesn't square.

RICO said...

GWB might apologize after the statute of limitations renders his punishable crimes null and void.

Until then, any public apology would be construed as an admission of guilt and could be used as evidence against him.-- in the rare circumstance that the DOJ actually pursued a criminal conviction for high crimes and misdemeanors.

As to his guilty conscience, he'll likely turn to alcohol/drugs and succumb to ill health before the age of 65.

Karmic justice will take its toll.

Went2puke said...

There isn't anything that Bush (Cheney) did that could be interpreted as a sign of statesmanship, brinksmanship, knighthood, chivalry, noblesse, savvy, intelligence, or even mere honesty. Everything he did, from invading Iraq to setting up Gitmo to wiretapping to shifting FBI resources to fight a faceless, even imaginary enemy, letting white-collar criminals loot the country, was the result of his cowardice. Just compare Bush to JFK. JFK and Khrushchev came so close to a nuclear war so many times, yet, no one pulled the trigger and we all lived to tell about it. Now, that's statesmanship.
Bush was a dangerous idiot who was suddenly catapulted to the highest office on earth. He could blow up the world at any moment; instead, he blew up the American economy and the goodwill of the entire globe towards this once-great nation. I hope he spends the rest of his days in Gitmo. His apology won't reset America to where it was before he came along!

Rontrell said...

So Duarte, now you're citing the FRENCH as a reason to go into Iraq and steal their oil. It's true, there's more sense than shame on your side of the political equation.

Tools like you got us into this immoral mess, and you should be over there right now, not hiding behind your brave little keyboards.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Bush has zero class.

Although, I think it might help improve things.

But again, I dont think he knows how to do anything right anyway.

I cant think of anything he did right over the past 8-years, why would he change now?

Maybe he can find a job in China and just leave the USA.

euonymous said...


Goddammit, I TRY, I really TRY to come here and find something, because at least part of you is very likeable.

But, damn, it must be more of an addiction than anything else, because all I'm finding here lately is randomness.
Wait, I meant, RANDOMNESS.

I wanted to post something that I felt was important, but I ran into some pretty weird shit once I got here.

Hence the above rant.

Sorry, man... I leave, for tonight, anyway, shaking my head... going... WTF ??

Stuck in So Pa said...

Nut case Bush would probably willingly burn in hell first!

Speaking of burning in hell, on a side note, there’s a new horror movie coming out boys and girls called "Dragged To Hell."

Plot(not really a spoiler):

Kindly little old lady comes into a bank to beg for a home loan extension. Female loan officer, to impress her boss, shames the old lady and kicks her out of the bank, and her home.

Sweet little old lady (probably someone's dear grandma) puts a curse on the
loan officer involving demons, hauntings, monsters, and mayhem, and the promise that in three days the loan officer will be...........(ta dah!) DRAGGED TO HELL! Loan officer has until then to undue the curse!……….How?????

I love a good horror movie. It’s by the same guys that gave us the EVIL DEAD and SPIDERMAN trilogies.

This sounds like a winner.

Another poster in the IMDB movie page commented that it was too bad that grandma wasn't powerful enough to do the curse thing all the way to the top of the real estate/banking ladder.

Oh, well! We can always hope that its a hit and will spawn sequels! It would be great to see the a big-shot banker with only three days left to collect his so-deserved 90 million bonus in the same predicament.

Anonymous said...

"RICO said...
GWB might apologize after the statute of limitations renders his punishable crimes null and void."


Bushco-Cheneyburton 4000+ counts.


Anonymous said...

What's he going to apologize for? Too many people still think it was the shadowy Al Qaeda bogeyman and Osama Bin Laden that perpetrated 9/11.

Do you people even realize that active thermitic material has been discovered in the 9/11 dust and published in a scientific journal?

How could you know? The mainstream media won't cover it and that's your main source of information apart from whackos like me, right?

Sh*t! Most of you haven't even heard of the third tower that collapsed on 9/11 - WTC7. You haven't even seen the video of it collapsing at free fall speed in a perfectly symmetrical downward collapse!

You haven't even heard the countless testimony of survivors and firefighters that heard the explosions in the towers and described chains of explosions and flashes going off in the towers!!

I guess I'm just a whacko because I don't believe the Bush-Cheney version of events and I find it highly likely that a government as corrupt and controlled as the US government could do such a thing.

Especially when there are well documented plans for US government sponsored domestic terror in Operation Northwoods!!!

Operation Northwoods.

Man I must be nuts!!


Duarte said...

Rontell: I agreed with Ron Paul on the war. We couldn't afford it. I also believe the French, Russian and Germans believed their intel on WMD's WHILE they were violating the oil-for-food agreements. Finally, I believe they voted against UN action in Iraq, not because they doubted Saddam had WMD's, but because of their proven monetary agreements with Saddam. That makes ALL of them murderers of children, and despately in need of forgiveness. It also makes them massive hypocrites in regard to their criticism of GWB.

If I had been president, I would have put all of our forces in Afghanistan (soon after 911), I would have named it New Texas, plowed over the poppie fields, and told the Islamic world, before Christmas 2001, that America had a new state in the Middle East, and that CocaCola, blue jeans on women, Freedom Fries and Van Halen concerts were there to stay. If I had been elected this past November, I would have increased our troop levels in Afghanistan just as Obama has and turned the pressure much higher on Pakistan. Also, I would have explained to the American people why bancruptcy and debt liquidation ARE forms of stimulus and that more deficit spending will only destroy the dollar and result in much higher interest rates that will depress the economy for another full generation.

Daphne64 said...

No, I don't believe GWB will ever apologise. His self esteem is real shaky and he is too big into denial to ever really look back and ponder whether he made mistakes, let alone committed crimes.

BUT - thank you for indirectly saying something nice about Christianity. I had been thinking about not reading your page anymore since you so often rag on the less intellectual adherants of Christianity.

Mike Hunt said...

Didn't you all see W by Oliver Stone? Isn't that enough of an apology for Bush?

Hate to say it but he's now irrelevant besides the possibility of being charged for war crimes (won't happen cuz Obammy is too busy passing out cheese flavored theraflu).

The new man in the hot seat is Obama and we need to keep him working for us. Not the bankers, and not spending our future and calling it making tough choices.

Anonymous said...

We are a congregation which is Unashamedly White and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the White religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are European people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage through the days of immigration, the days of segregation, and the long night of racism. It is God who gives us the strength and courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation. We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a White worship service and ministries which address the White Community.

Anonymous said...

"...Do you people even realize that active thermitic material has been discovered in the 9/11 dust and published in a scientific journal?..."Yep; archived every little bit in multiple locations.

"...WTC7. You haven't even seen the video..."That too, and I'd like to point out something intuitively obvious.

"Pancaking" was what cause the collapses of I & II, correct?

That is, the force of impact of the collapsing floors above popped/broke the connections between the vertical girders and the floor supports for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF 80 UNDAMAGED FLOORS BELOW in successive order.

We know this from the 9/11 report.

Now take a look at every video you can lay your hands on.

There are MANY vids available of WTC7 with a good upper half of the 49 stories visible.


Let's grant the obvious explanation that it was somehow different for 7 versus I & II. The flaming debris that caused it's collapse must've done it's damage below floor 30, because we can clearly see 31-49, and they ALL MOVE TOGETHER.

Now take a good close look at every I & II vid you can find.

WHY are the lower floors moving when the upper floors haven't yet arrived?

Granted; the footage is not nearly as clean and obvious as 7, but sure as shit those floor are moving.

I'm all ears.

Pissed in New York said...

keith said...

"Apologies take recognition. And class."

Amen Keith. And that's why we'll never get one.

It also takes a good amount of pride swallowing, and overcoming human nature that tries hard to rationalize the initial (wrong) action.

Anonymous said...

WHY are the lower floors moving when the upper floors haven't yet arrived?

Granted; the footage is not nearly as clean and obvious as 7, but sure as shit those floor are moving.

I still clearly remember the live footage of the firefighters entering the lobby of one of the twin towers and finding it completely blown out. How could an airplane impact at the top of the tower cause the lobby to be completely blown out?

We also have the testimony of survivors describing explosions in the basement. One of the heroes of the day, Willy Rodriguez describes his experience in this video:

Willlie Rodriguez's Story.

Professor Niels Harrit Discussing the Recent Scientific Journal Paper Which Describes the Active Thermitic Material Found in the WTC Dust.

And here is the paper with photos of the thermitic material:

Download the Paper Here (It includes images of the discovered material).

You would think the media would at least cover this disturbing discovery.


Anonymous said...

"...You haven't even heard the...firefighters that heard the explosions in the towers and described chains of explosions and flashes going off..."Here they are; "...more than 12,000 pages of oral histories rendered in the voices of 503 firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians..."Pretty slow slogging through all of that, but there are some VERY interesting recollections.

Anonymous said...

Guilt eats at you soul- if you have a soul. Bush doesn't.


gutless and lazy said...

Never. Don't you remember? He couldnt even admit to making a single mistake while in office.

The man has no soul.

Anonymous said...