May 19, 2009

You're all a bunch of monkeys.

And then they found the missing link.

Darwin would be pleased.

And Sarah Palin still wouldn't understand.

Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution

Scientists have unveiled a 47-million-year-old fossilised skeleton of a monkey hailed as the missing link in human evolution.

Sir David Attenborough said Darwin "would have been thrilled" to have seen the fossil - and says it tells us who we are and where we came from.

"This little creature is going to show us our connection with the rest of the mammals. This is the one that connects us directly with them. Now people can say 'okay we are primates, show us the link'. The link they would have said up to now is missing - well it's no longer missing."


Anonymous said...

not what i would have expected to be the missing link...a lemur monkey?

time will tell.

Mammoth said...

I call B.S. on this one. The oldest known primate is supposedly ~3.5 million years old.

And now somebody claims to have jumped back almost 45 million years?


Anonymous said...

ahh... more settled science.

Anonymous said...

"From this they concluded she was a leaf and fruit eater, and probably lived in the trees around the lake."

Typical liberal.......and in 47 million more years they will unearth a present-day liberal and see that is where we began to devolve.

Just kidding, they did say it was 1/2 monkey and 1/2 lemur, so we aren't total monkeys, I guess, kinda hard to tell these days.....

Banana the perfect grub said...

Ok, then what right does a small group of Monkeys have to claim an island as their own and call it London?
Kill any other monkey that attempts to trespass their stolen territory?

I can live with the fact that the greedy monkeys aren’t into sharing their little scavenge; but naming a place London???

Is unacceptable!

I hence declare all maps referring to that particular monkey grab be re-named to Palestine!

Anonymous said...

Now let all the monkeys in the US pay carbon taxes to European banksters and their European elite, since they can't make money with anything else. Plus bankrupt Europeans want to hide the fact that their socialism only works if the US are carrying them on the back.

The new carbon tax-Enron scam has arrived through Al Gore!

Anonymous said...

Hey he's called, "Sir" it must be true!

Anonymous said...

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Here is the comment someone left!

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rich in fl

Anonymous said...

Couple things,

If it was a lemur monkey 47 million years ago and it became us, why do we still have lemur monkeys?

We have more in common with a PIG and FROG than a monkey...

Anonymous said...

Also, we are de-evolving, not evolving... our body is already breaking down...

Anonymous said...

keith is a liberal and liberals plaster reports like this all over the place for god and everybody to see to prove their point.

six months from now when they realize that this is just a dead lemure monkey you want hear a peep.

ahhh...but the damage has been and their agenda has move one step forward.

- mars rock with life.
- gore's hockey stick graph.

malcolm said...

they said the same thing about Piltdown Man.
I'll give it a little while before I have an opinion on this.

vanilla ice said...

How are will this fit into the Bible?

Anonymous said...

based on some of these comments keith looks like there are many sarah palin fans here.

then you wonder why america is in deep shit.

monkey meat is good said...

Are there any gay monkeys?

keith said...

Anon said:

"If it was a lemur monkey 47 million years ago and it became us, why do we still have lemur monkeys?"

And I say, wow, ignorance of science and evolution in America because of man-made religions that just a few hundred years ago demanded that the sun rotated around the earth is simply stunning.

It's one thing to be ignorant. It's another thing to parade it in front of the world.


Anonymous said...

‘Banana the perfect grub’ is on to something here..

Why create yet another despondent Arab state? After all there already are over 5
No 10
No 15
No 20
No 22
Yup 22 despondent Arab states
Why cant the monkeys in London be gentlemen and share the island?

I also agree that Palestine would be a much more appropriate name then London

See, Middle east conflict resolved!

Dark Matter said...

It's even a politically correct vegan monkey! Did it form social groups with three separate "restroom" branches?

I am a scientist (Physics, PhD), and this kind of breathless "discovery" is amusing. When you have one data point, the line drawn through it can go in any direction. With a little guidance (see the history of Thomas H. Huxley) evolutionists have managed to thread that line in some interesting directions.

Now I don't handle snakes, or even attend church services. I also don't buy the precepts of social movements masquerading as science, especially the one commonly known as evolution. People who buy into this mumbo-jumbo are as deluded as any Pentacostal slain in the spirit.

Anonymous said...

I'm a scientist and God created the world in 7 days. And the earth is only 10,000 years old.

Anonymous said...

yawn. until the next missing link is discovered.

science is rarely ever settled, especially complex science like evolution or, gasp, global warming.

they will analyze the remains, restructure the "human evolution tree" and realize there are other significant missing links.

in another 10 or 20 years they will find another missing link.

eventually most of the links will be found but it is still far from settled.

Anonymous said...

I'm a scientist and God created the world in 7 days. And the earth is only 10,000 years old.


you idiot, keith knows more than you! Keith can prove you statement is false. he knows settled science though I am not sure where he learned that from. I asked my physics prof where the settled science department was and he laughed and said if that existed he would be out of a job.

well, maybe only the 10,000 year part. the jury is still out on super-beings creating the world. that one is a tough one to disprove or prove.

donkey monkey said...

Attention fellow monkeys:

I here announce myself the head honcho of all Monkeys.

Beginning now

All lands on this globe will be divvied up in the following order.

Those who agree with me, commit to work hard to enhance my creature comforts and speak my language get to be citizens of ‘our’ land, I will grant you rights (in exchange for gold and minor self sacrifice) to claim small parcels and you are allowed to pretend that you actually own it.

All other monkeys are born into treason and are sinners; they will be punished for endangering our something.

Anonymous said...

i thought we descended from apes not monkeys.

Anonymous said...

First the claim that recession is over, now this...

A Reasoning Man said...

C'mon, Keith!! After 200 years is this REALLY the best they can do?!! This is IT?!! This is PROOF?!! A Lemur-Monkey with a 6 foot tail? Besides that, it was never just a link that was missing in the first place. It was an entire CHAIN!! And the chain is STILL missing because it "plain don't exist"! ...I was going to add, "Nice try, though", but then I thought "Who am I kidding? This is pathetic! Only a monkey would believe it."

A Reasoning Man said...

Here's a little exercise for you all... A man claims that he has evenly distributed coins in a sandbox in 1 cent, 2 cent, 3 cent denominations and so forth, all the way up to 100 cent coins. Got that? Say there are twenty of each denomination coin just to get a visual on this, OK? Now you're given a sifter and you start coming up with treasure, but after the first 100 coins you pull out you find you have twenty 1 cent coins, twenty 5 cent coins, twenty 10 cent coins, twenty 25 cent coins and twenty 50 cent coins. Nothing else. What can you conclude about the other coin denominations? THEY DON'T EXIST, THAT'S WHAT!! No matter what somebody claimed was in the box or how long you search!! Statisticians worth their salt will acknowledge that the odds against such other supposed denominations' existence under such conditions are insuperable. But that is exactly the situation we have in the fossil record. We find hundreds and thousands of fossils from each of the many fixed species, but Grand-Canyon-sized gaps in-between - when we should be drowning in an abundance of seamless continuity of such fossils. There would have to be not only a trillion transitional steps between single cell amoeba and fully developed human being, each of which should have left their imprint in the fossil record, but each step would have to be of a species that successfully proliferated many hundreds of millions of specimens as well. The fossil record shows that the theory of organic evolution is invalid.

Accurate said...

Sometimes ... actually, almost all the time recently, there is no doubt in my mind the conclusion that you will come up with. CO2 is causing global warming, yeah, just like it did when the Sahara went from a lush, tropical forest to the desert that it is today. But that little fact didn't dissuade you from believing fat Al's lies.

Here again, we have a pathetic attempt to look at a fossil and proclaim that they have found the missing link. Gee, I think I've heard this chorus at least 3 times in the short time I've been on this earth. Care to take a look at history to see how many times throughout history this bogus claim has been made?

Regarding evolution, here is the one question which no scientist, no pro-evolution person has ever been able to answer. If evolution is survival of the fittest. If it's the striving, driving of species towards a superior ... form (or species). Then why don't we still see it today? Why are there not a variety of species that are somewhere between ape and human? If we are suppose to be evolving, wouldn't that transition still be in play?

Keith, you bite on tid bit of pseudo science that they come up with. Look at ALL the facts before you jump, Keith. CO2 ISN'T causing global warming, in fact it maybe contributing to global cooling (even if it is, the contribution is so small as to be almost immeasurable). They have alot of testing to do on this fossil before they can declare much of anything - and to call it the missing link; even if it turns out to be what they think it is, it's NOT the missing link.

PT Barnum loved folks like you.

Batman said...

These posts could not possibly be serious. People are not that stupid.

However, it is surprising there is still a developed country on earth that debates evolution.

yoski said...

"I'm a scientist and God created the world in 7 days. And the earth is only 10,000 years old."
No wonder we're falling behind, our scientist are morons.

West Coast Willie said...

I am a scientist(PHd Particle Physics, Incredibly Abstract Quantum Math that only 5 people in the US can understand,etc)so just fu*king believe what I am about to say. Dark Matter, your a fu*king idiot.

Anonymous said...

This is a Lemur, no doubt. What is all the fuss about?

duarte said...

West Coast: Particle Physics? Cool. Do you ignore the connection with consciousness? I realize you can solve all of the equations without it, but you also can't prove the alternatives without slipping into philosophy yourself. You're practically the new clergy.

And I agree that, yes, this is a missing link. A true transitional species. Uh, oh. I love this stuff.

Anonymous said...

This explains where Bush Came from.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Lets bring back Social Darwinism. Intellectually superior Germans and good looking Italians populate the world. All other breeds anything less than European to be exterminated in the name of progress. Actually, I think Obama's wife is the Missing Link. But seriously, if evolution is correct, than why does America have a Mulatto Messiah? Nation of Apes, Planet of the Apess Is trillions more debt progress?

i've had it said...


you know i have a lot of respect for you but your blind faith in science and scientists makes you look silly...and, dare i say, an evolutionist sheeple!

None of what these scientists say about this new fossil proves anything at all. It is all simply weak causality, and really, no causality. It is just conjecture and hypothesis. They look at the shape of one skeleton from one mammal and then proclaim it's "the missing link". How many times have I heard this before.

The people who write these articles are mostly 20-somethings. They have not been around long enough to know that the missing link or near-missing links have been found many times and that everyone older than them is sick and tired of hiring about the "missing link".

I don't believe anything that comes out of the Associated Press anymore, or the MSM for that matter. The science journals are just as corrupt as the MSM and so I can't believe them either.

The missing link's been ass!!

Anonymous said...

This little creature is going to show us our connection with the rest of the mammals

Love the way this topic brings out the agitated.

Have a banana; calm yourselves.

Anonymous said...

The one certainty in all this is that we could have learned so much more about ourselves and our world by now had religious oppression not held us back. And we could have made so much more progress in medical research. It's a shame. A dirty damn shame.

jim said...

Wow. I cant tell if people are trolling, or are really this fucking brainwashed and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a scientist, but I did invent a new idea or should I say paradigm and MIT ripped me-off and I won't trust any government fag fascist ever again, they will kill you, if they can.

Just The Facts said...

Question to the scientist:

Was Adam and Eve white or black?

And, how old where they when your "god" created them 10,000 years ago? And, how did they turn into 40 plus different human species? (Asian, Eskemo, Arab, Chinese,"The Ice Man," etc.)

I'm waiting for your answer.

Hey Mammoth! said...

Hey Mammoth, its your little buddy from 75 Million BC!!!

Markus Arelius said...

There are 125 species of monkeys.
Common ancestry between humans and monkeys is very interesting. An opportunity to contradict evolution:

Shock da Monkey said...

I do not feel like a monkey but I sure am reading a blog hosted by one with a pea sized brain.

Get a grip Keef...

yoski said...

Barney Frank is the missing link between man and jelly fish.

gutless and lazy said...

Premature MSM joy. Often happens in archeology. Give them 10 years to figure out what they are looking at. Most likely it will be less then the initial high hopes.

This reminds me of many of the space exploration MSM stories. Scientists find evidence of flows of "something" on other planets, and MSM writers immediately hail it as a discovery that it was specifically H20 from millions of years ago... when there is no shread of evidence to support that it was H20.

Anonymous said...

well, now the word is that the scientists involved were simply hyping the find and that it is not the missing link. it is not even in our chain of evolution. not even one branch removed but rather clear across on the other side of the evolution tree.

The scientist admit they knew this but still let the media hype the find as the missing link.

Why would they be so deceptive? these are highly regarded professionals who's opinion is beyond reproach because it is accepted science?

Money perhaps?

could this be happening in with the "accepted science" on global warming?????


follow the money.

Anonymous said...

These posts could not possibly be serious. People are not that stupid.

However, it is surprising there is still a developed country on earth that debates evolution.

ahhh, but the settled science crowd during darwin's time thought he was a loon.

we are far from absolutely proving evolution. there are huge gaps in the evolutionary chain. to say it is a settled fact is absurd.

to put it in TV terms americans can understand:

Evolution is PLAUSIBLE (I would say highly plausible) and by far the best theory we have right now. it is not proven fact. there are still a bunch of holes that need explaining.

the evolutionary chain has more missing links than links that are present and accounted for.

it amazes me how some people are so willing to simply open their mouths and swallow what ever science feeds them. you morons would have supported the "settled science" from a hundred years ago of black being inferior to the white races.

Listen! question! and make up your own minds and be willing to change when facts show you are wrong. work to refine and improve the current "settled science" as there is always room for improvement.

that is what science is all about.

BG said...

What amazes me is how the ignorant f'cks who rail against this information can't see how God is related to the discovery of this truth, of this science. God (or some transcendent force with whatever name you want to use) still created everything but he just didn't do it in the stupid, fairytale, simplistic, juvenile way that it is described in the Bible. God is NOT separate from scientific discovery. We are discovering/have discovered how God created all that we are and surrounds us but it just didn't involve a guy named Adam and a chick named Eve and some evil serpent. That's what I can't quite understand about these crazy loony religious conservatives, they only believe in the Bible not in God's many wonders all around us, in fact they fight against any attempt to treat the earth well which is what God created. Such hypocrites. they don't know their ass from their elbow, they just hate liberals, that's all they got.

Los fanaticos religiosos mierdaderos!!!! Que se jodan por el culo,....DURO!!!!

Anonymous said...

i thought the americano was related to the snapper turtle

jim said...

Why would they be so deceptive?"

Scientists say: We found a new aincent lemur primate that...
Reporter: Could this be a missing link between apes and humans?
Scientist: sorta, but it dosent...