June 19, 2009

1979. 1.0. 2009. 2.0.

"Of the two most significant events that impacted on the entire Middle East in the last two generations — the Arab loss in the June 1967 war and the Iranian Revolution in 1979 — the Iranian revolution has probably had wider and greater impact in the long run. Iran impacts on many parts of the region, because of its ideological influence and logistical support to Islamist movements in the Arab world, combined with its leadership of the “resistance front” of regional forces that defy and challenge the United States, Israel and conservative Arab regimes. If Iran once again sets the standard for mass political protest or even revolutionary change, the impact throughout the Middle East is likely to be enormous."


Anonymous said...

This is just like 1953 all over again. When the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran.

Go on. Watch it Keith. Gain some perspective on how the world really works.

This report is from Democracy Now:

Democracy Now: Iran 1953 Part 1.

Democracy Now: Iran 1953 Part 2.

Looks surprisingly reminiscent of today doesn't it, Keith?


Anonymous said...

umm, don't you mean 2008 in the usa? that could have been BO here last year. same blind faith and baseless adoration.

Singular said...

So which revolution is the real one, Keith? The one where they threw the Central Bankers out, in 1979, or the one where the Central Bankers come back in?

When did this site turn into a Free Republic clone?

Anonymous said...

On 911, I watched scenes of celebration and jubilation in most of America's muslim allies.

If most of you have forgotten that, wake up !

Imagine the kind of friends you have, that they would go onto the streets and celebrate YOUR calamity.

And inspite of that, the US continues to pour foreign aid and grants to the very people who long for its destruction.

Flashback to hurricane Katrina and the loss of life and property in New Orleans and America's friends in the Muslim world saying it is 'divine retribution' for the US's foreign policy etc.

In the Muslim world, the US can NEVER DO ANYTHING RIGHT.

Some here have suggested the US should intervene in Iran in the event the armed militia etc were to use force on the Iranian protestors.

Do we value the lives of America's servicemen and women so negligently ?

Are they cannon fodder ?

If American lives are to placed at risk, anywhere in this world, I would want to be cetain, the sacrifices of brave Americans going into battle to save those people, WOULD BE APPRECIATED !

Too often, American lives have been sacrificed to save and protect Muslim civilians.

Think of Lebanon, Somalia, Bosnia and yes even Iraq.

And what thanks has the US received for the loss of American lives, limbs and property ?

When their survival is at stake, they welcome you as liberators.

When the danger passes, the US is the arrogant INVADER AND OCCUPIER.

Remember who your allies are, they are the ones who stand by you, regrettably you WON'T find ANY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD.



Ayatollah Khomenei was joyously welcomed back with the overthrow of the Shah.

It is the DESIRE of the Iranian nation that Iran changed into an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC UNDER THE BENEVOLENT RULE AND ADMINISTRATION OF AN ISLAMIC CLERGY composed of very learned clergymen who have spent their lives learning the Koran from front to back and then back to front.

This is what Islam is all about.

Religious observance and obediance takes precedence over EVERYTHING.

Which is why the Islamic Republic of Iran is a "DIVINELY SANCTIONED" nation and the Islamic clergy's version of Paradise on earth.

Leave well alone.

Its NOT worth one American life.

And I would not want a member of my family to be placed in danger ONLY TO BE VILIFIED later.

Anonymous said...

The Bankers are trying to take over Iran again which is possibly least corrupt regime on earth. Keith, you taught us not to believe the MSM bull shit about the NAR housing scam but you want us to believe the MSM regarding Iran?

Anonymous said...

So much for their Allah Akbar bullshit , Israel surrounded by enemies on every side out numbered by ridiculous odds . NO ALLAH on their side .A surprise attack by the Arabs And the camel humpers still get their ass handed to them .

Singular said...

The US should let Israel go. It's not worth it in money, lives lost, time, international intrigue and so on preserving Israel. The Jews chose the wrong place. They are surrounded by nations that despise them and the Jews, through their lack of diplomacy, arrogance, paranoia and aggression, have exacerbated the antagonism.

Maintaining Israel has wrecked the west. It has ruined the US's economy and skewed its foreign policy and created many enemies around the world. The US has neglected its own people and has even subverted its own constitution - hate speech laws - to cater to Jewish Israel.

Many Jews in Israel are starting to question whether Israel has any future. The frictions and wars that have been started in the ME in the name of protecting Israel has made the ME and much of the world a dangerous place.

If the governments of the west are not willing to call a stop to the madness, it is time the ordinary people do. It is time for them to think, what's in it for me? What has a pro-Israel policy done for me? Has my life improved, my future gotten better and the future of my children gotten better or not?

Iraq, Afghanistan ... now Pakistan, Iran and maybe North Korea ... has it been worth it?

Singular said...

I also am talking about the Jews, the ordinary Jews, in the need to reflect and assess. Is it just fanaticism, a kind of ornery stubbornness that prevents many ordinary Jews from seeing they are backing a dead horse, one that will create more misery for them down the road? A kind of mass brainwashing of having been told over and over again that people hate them, the Arabs, the Aryans, the etc, etc that makes them adopt a paranoid mindset?

A certain amount of paranoia is healthy but when it is excessive, and sometimes taking drugs often makes it worse, it creates a kind of madness where you become blind to the truth and the reality - you have tunnel vision.

So you ignore the hypocrisy of your stance, for instance, or you become selective in your focus (ignore Saudi Arabia for example), or you become very biased to the point where you are unable to see any other point of view ... everything becomes black and white, good and evil - you lose sense of proportion.