June 20, 2009

3pm GMT - Dramatic video out of Tehran as Ayatollah's thugs do his dirty work. Because Allah would of course want innocent protesters shot.

Shooting unarmed protesters, because they are afraid, and morally bankrupt.

And they fight them with rocks.


Anonymous said...

Here's some interesting thoughts on the matter.


keith said...

More video of a government terrorizing its people here


Anonymous said...

This is the reason the Founding Fathers, the greatest revolutioaries in world history, gave us the second amendment. So that individual Americans can defend their God-given rights from the tyranny of other men and corrupt government force.

Anonymous said...

let's see, protestors getting shot for throwing rocks...how come you don;t say anything Keefer when Israel does exact same thing?

bobby lensky said...

The same thing is done by the police in the US; in fact, the Minneapolis Riot squad recently started shooting "none lethal" ammunition at drunk college students since they overturned a few cars.

I still wonder why the police weren't able to maintain control by being present before problems happened.

So thugs are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Civilization; now there's an oxymoron.

Our world today: your basic greedy thug/criminal; dressed up in political/religious garb.

The same in every country.

Best cover story over here: "crazy Muslim extremists"...

I bet the fervent belief dwindles to nothing at the top.

Kinda like believing Bush is a religious man.


Anonymous said...

Most true revolutions are bloody. Power is heady and addictive and thus not given up without a vigorous fight. Good luck to the revolutionaries.

fat amelican said...

Funny how some are so quick to confuse chaos and anarchy with true revolution. If you asked ten of these young pukes why they are on the street protesting, you would get ten different answers.