June 3, 2009

About time someone mocked MTV Cribs - the evil show the led poor people to think they could live like rap stars (and commit rampant mortgage fraud)

2009 Post-Ponzi Scheme Edition:

2007 Idiots with No Money and No Job Can Live Like Rap Stars If You Just Commit Mortgage Fraud MTV Edition:

And of course, the original 1970's version:

(thanks L)


Anonymous said...

Weren't most of the MTV cribs rented by those 'stars', not owned/mortgaged? I always wondered how some ghetto kid with grills on his teeth and Cristal in his fridge could afford those palaces. What, with one cd out? Nahh...those houses have probably gone back to the banks by now, along with the Bentleys. Lil Wayne, Lil Romeo, Lil Hooligan -Most of those 'music stars' are as bogus and fleeting as the 'ice' they represent. To even try to imitate them is a fool's game. Remember MC Hammer? He went bankrupt.

Robbin' in da Hood said...

Lil Romeo got Harry Potter before it came out? Yo, that's money, y'all. Word.

wallstreetvet said...

MTV Crib is nice, houses in Texas are free. Isnt that the same price as a studio in Manhattan?