June 21, 2009

Andrew Sullivan nails it. "Iranians are now leading the rest of us."

"I wrote a couple weeks back that something is happening in Iran. But it is not the only place where something is happening. The rejection of al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan; the ground-up election of Obama in America; and now the rising up of Iranians for freedom and civility with their neighbors: these are the green shoots of recovery from 9/11 and its wake.

Empowered by new information technology, chastened by the apocalyptic conflicts of the last few years, determined to shift course away from civilizational warfare, the people of many countries are grasping for a new order and a new peace.

It will not be easy; and it will not be short. But it is the only path worth taking.

And these Iranians are now leading the rest of us."

- Andrew Sullivan, June 20, 2009


Singular said...

Leading us where? Headlong into the arms of the Central Bankers? These young people of Iran are ignorant. These protestors obviously have not studied the history of the US and the role of the Central Banks in it.

Many in the western world which HAS been under the control of the Central Bankers are moving in the OPPOSITE direction to these young Iranians. As the economies of the west collapse, people are starting to talk 'dissent' and educate each other about the Federal Reserve.

You will see more incidents like the Von Brunn one break out as more and more people start feeling they have nothing to lose by committing violent acts against what they perceive as tyrannical institutions or symbols of tyranny.

I am not condoning Von Brunn in any shape or form. But I predict that there will be a rise in these acts as the economy starts to melt down in America.

The Iranian economy is in bad shape thanks to the sanctions and other punitive measures imposed on it. And that is one major reason the young people are demonstrating. There is a high unemployment rate among the youth. Iran does not export much except oil.

But the US's economy is in MUCH WORSE shape than Iran's and this is where the mullahs hold the cards. They have to bide their time for a little while longer -- and then the US will collapse and the Iranian government will then be free and clear.

Israel's game plan is the opposite. They have to start something before the US economy collapses. They are pressed for time. They have to try and make hay using incidents like the current demonstrations as much as they can - the aim is the overthrow of the current Iranian government. Once the US, their benefactor, collapses, Israel will be in a bad place. However, the majority of Iranians voted for Ahamdinejad and thus for the continuation of the status quo, and the demonstrations do not have effective organization behind them. They are just disparate groups of unemployed youth or other young people disaffected with their lives protesting. They do not have significant middle class support.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan,

You reckon these are the green shoots of 911 ?

Did you join them in their dancing and joyous whooping on 911 too ?

Boy, you just mosey on down dere and take out the Riot police.

WizardofIB said...


I think you're watching too much CNN. Not every world event is linked and not every dramatic event has 9/11 implications. Sure, there are brave people fighting for what they believe in in Iran right now. On the other side of the coin, they were no where to be found when a mentally challenged old man bought the election here in the States 8 years ago.

What are they leading us towards or into? Are you advocating for uprising in the streets? Being that Iran has given us little over these past 40 years or so it would benefit almost no one individually to get arrested stateside for something no one here has any control over.

I'm not sure Andy Sullivan nailed anything besides a weak attempt to link a large world event with a smaller one in a beleaguered effort to make the more current event seem more meaningful. What is the significance of this? Please monitor twitter or iran.com more closely before suggesting we all fall in line with a nation that you don't understand.

The Wiz

alex3191 said...

Enough already with CIA-covert-operations in Iran. Mind your own green-shots :)

USA said...

but george bush had nothing to do with this right liberating millions had nothing to do with this it is all obama he liberated these countries wow it didnt realize how truly great he is and this blog is a disgrace

DIE U PIGS said...

Goldman to make record bonus payout

UK Guardian


Banker, noose, lamppost... any questions?

Anonymous said...

Follow the leader, down the rabit hole.

Lemmings over a cliff will take a heavy toll.

Paul E. Math said...

Sorry, I'm a little too jaded to get stirred up by a few protests.

Hey, maybe they succeed in Iran and manage to overthrow the government.

Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss.

I'm reminded of orwell's animal farm.

Even here it the states, Obama has done nothing but make some friendly speeches and print money.

This is not leadership. This is not 'tough choices'.

Anonymous said...

i love how you throw in the obama election to negate any credit to the bush doctrine.

something we do every 4 years is a revolution.


swannster river said...

Gotta love Friedman.


BitterLaidOffHero said...

Oh, I get it. These people, both young and old, that have been shouting DEATH TO AMERICA every day since the SEVENTIES, were all just angry because of events related to 9/11 ? Is that why they blew up our Marines in Beirut in 1983? These media liberals are so warped in their thinking, it boggles the mind. There is NO relationship between these events and 9/11, so why put them in the same sentence?

Anonymous said...

You're 19/20 Iran threads, Keith. Any idea when the old edition might be coming back?

It's not that a crooked foreign election/unrest isn't newsworthy, but rather that our country is in very Serious trouble as well.

Maybe we should stick to our knitting.

"...I am not condoning Von Brunn in any shape or form..."

I wasn't either, until I read the child porn thing.

Reaction #1: How terrible!

Reaction #2: Considering how many times I've been lied to, does it sound likely that a very elderly man is coincidentally reprehensible along with opposing the banksters?


"...Israel's...pressed for time...Once the US, their benefactor, collapses, Israel will be in a bad place..."

Ain't that the truth.

Blogger USA said...

ENGLISH please; ee cummings...

Anonymous said...

This has been a CIA sponsored "color revolution" guys. You can read all about it here:

Are the Iranian protests another US orchestrated color revolution?


keith said...

Yes, this would be called "flooding the zone" as a blogger. Overkill. But 20 years from now, if you want to feel what was going on when the Iranians overthrew their government, it'll be good reading.

I wish blogs has existed in 1989, when the Soviet Union was falling apart. Or 2001, when the towers came down.

The historical context would have been so much more interesting. Real-time history and reaction.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I'm enjoying your coverage of this historic and uplifting event.


GT Charlie

"Banker, noose, lamppost... any questions?"

That's funny!!

keith said...

Check out this video, from around the year 1534


Oh, no, wait, that was today.

Anonymous said...

Leading us to this?

Divide and conquer is the new way to govern. Take the rights away slowly and no one will care.

Anonymous said...

"...20 years from now, if you want to feel what was going on when the Iranians overthrew their government, it'll be good reading..."

All right. Good point.

I've learned from experience that when I see something interesting/noteworthy, to snag a complete copy along with the url.

Stuff disappears quick; especially that which portrays wealthy/powerful in a dim light.

Anonymous said...

"green shoots"
"irrational exuberance"

Despite how true and applicable, I'm gonna scream if I hear these overused phrases again.

Anonymous said...

yep...our government should encourage Irans street protestors to shoot back at government people and forces...er..............

Anonymous said...

"...yep...our government should encourage Irans street protestors to shoot back at government people and forces...er....."


Either that or round-up some of the chest-thumpers posting here for some gainful employment.

gutless and lazy said...

I've heard Andrew Sullivan many times.

In plain language, he's a nut job.