June 10, 2009

At GM, we're not surprised we're obsolete. We planned for it.

I love the internets.


Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Go into more debt and buy that poorly-made GM Shit.

You're Broke anyway so what does it matter? Autoworkers will be killing each other soon for food.

Dead America. Stupid Idiot Broke and destitute Americanos.

Help Me Andrew Hac. Keith has jumped the rails and gone mad. We need wisdom, and Snapper Turtles.

Come out of retirement Andrew. Your public awaits...

Snap, crackle and sizzle.

American Enema Channel. Insert here and squeeze hard... I'll tell you when you

GM Mark of Excellence. Bwa ha ha ha UAW: Pure Comedy Genius.

Anonymous said...

UAW Brothers and Sisters:

Howzit Going? Thinking of striking or next cntracts COLA?

What are you doing today? Planting a garden? Giving blood plasma for cash. Now is a Great Time to buy a car. Shopping for Hondas is really Fun.

What will you do for money once your phony-made up unemployment package is over?

Looks to be a cold, brutual winter with plenty of heating costs.

Why not raise bunnies for Pets or Meat? Chrysler to be stripped and liquidated by of all people FIAT! GM next. Have you morons No Shame.


Roger & Me,no make that Barack & Me