June 18, 2009

Did you ever think you'd live to see the day that Americans would view the Iranian people as heroes, as brothers, as friends? Well, welcome to today.

Things have changed.

Who knows, it's a crazy thought, but maybe world peace is at hand.

It has been a strange year.


Randy said...


It is truly a unique and opportunistic time.

thinker said...

Very unsettling news to our Alex Jones nuts here, it does not yet fit into their complex web of insanity.

But have no worries, new dots will be created then interconnected and next thing ya know Gonzo has a link to a Utube flic.

Anonymous said...

So Keith, when does the Israeli embassy open?

A coworker spent two weeks in Iran back in the '80s. He was a skinny, dorky, nerd with a pocket protector. He wound up hitched to a smokin'-hot Iranian babe and they got married a couple of months later. Seems the young women over there like it so much they will literally do anything to get out of that hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Very unsettling news to our Alex Jones nuts here, it does not yet fit into their complex web of insanity..

You really are an idiot.

Here are some mainstream news sources that say that the CIA has been destabilizing Iran in recent years:

ABC News: Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran.

Telegraph UK: Bush sanctions 'black ops' against Iran.

Trojan Horse:
The National Endowment for Democracy

Seymour Hersh (The New Yorker): The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran..

John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

You can criticize Alex Jones all you want but you're only displaying your own ignorance and naivete. Alex Jones' work is backed up by references like those above. As crazy as it may sound to you - the US is an empire which uses covert operations to maintain global hegemony. This isn't make believe or secret. This is openly discussed between those at the highest levels power. The media is their public relations.

What does good PR do? It presents it's subject in a good light. It is intentionally biased and misrepresenting.

Anonymous said...

- IranPANIC - elections upcoming, growing unemployment, oil revenues dry: 1.0

update, please.

Hope said...

Anonymous said...
'So Keith, when does the Israeli embassy open?'

It may surprise us all that in the very near future Iran will have full normalized relations with Israel and the next generation of Iranians will outshine the Arab countries by a thousand miles.

Anonymous said...

As this video shows:

The CIA's Iranian Plan.

This was very much a CIA operation.

Now whether it's a good thing or not that's for you to decide.

But keep in mind, the CIA excels at installing puppet regimes which benefit the financial elite and big corporations not the people of Iran or the people of America.

And the last time the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran and installed the Shah thousands were killed by the Shah's secret police SAVAK and the population enslaved under a tyrant.

The US military and the US intelligence agencies have been used for empire building and securing the natural resources of the world for at least 100 years.

Read about General Smedley Butler:

General Smedley Butler - War is a Racket.

"In War Is A Racket, Butler points to a variety of examples, mostly from World War I, where industrialists whose operations were subsidised by public funding were able to generate substantial profits essentially from mass human suffering.

The work is divided into five chapters:

1. War is a racket
2. Who makes the profits?
3. Who pays the bills?
4. How to smash this racket!
5. To hell with war!


Anonymous said...

world peace? you can't handle world peace!

seriously though. i think by "world" peace you are referring to, perhaps, 40% of the worlds countries? the other 60% will never be in peace

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gonzo!

Andrew from Russia said...

So Keith, when does the Israeli embassy open?

Hell no, item one on the agenda is getting a "modern" copyright law written. Ask Iraq and Afghanistan! :)

...AndTheCircusLeavesTown said...

Well, my hat's off to them. May they have good fortune with their regime change!

Anonymous said...

Grow a pair of balls America.

The people of Iran are putting us to shame.


Hawver said...

"after Iran’s rigged elections last week, with hundreds of thousands of protesters taking to the streets, it looked as if a new revolution was in the offing. Five days later, the uprising is little more than a symbolic protest, crushed by the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Meanwhile, the real revolution has gone unnoticed: the guard has effected a silent coup d’état."


You have to be crazy to think that there is going to be any real change in Iran. Change for the better that is.

Anonymous said...


I would argue that you are the idiot, if you ask crazy questions you get crazy answers.

My point is that if the Iranian people succeed in overthrowing their dictator regime, a lot your conspiracy theories get blown right out of the water and Alex Jones would need to create new content for you to point to.

You see, things are not really so complex, fact is life for the average person today is a thousand times better then it ever was in the history of mankind, most of the world is moving forward while the people of Iran just sit and watch thru iron bars put in place by their tyrant rulers.

They can’t stand it anymore and are rising up.

No links
And no complicated secret underground invisible masters to be afraid of.

The people of Iran simply wish to have the choices we have here in your so called ‘global elitist banker controlled’ America.

There is no better place on our planet then ‘global elitist banker controlled’ America.

And 100 years ago life sucked!

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, Keith:

Did you ever think you would live to see the day the private Federal Reserve banking cartel would claim the power to seize any business in the USA?

Obama Regulatory Reform Plan Officially Establishes Banking Dictatorship.


yoski said...

Keith, damn it, get a hold of yourself!
Same crap happend in the Ukraine several years back. Some alleged election fraud, mass protests and in the end one power hungry and corrupt despot was replaced by another power hungry and corrupt despot. Only difference was that the new despot was more sympathetic to our foreign policies. For the people in Ukraine exactly nothing has changed.
Same shit, different day.

Anonymous said...

We'd view our mother's rapist as a saint if we were told to.

Anybody here awake in 1979? 1953?

Best Smedley EVER: "...I might have given Al Capone a few hints..."

How terribly unfair of them to hold that "journalist."

We've never been known to game that; have we?

-Iran's Mousavi: now political rock star

-TIME:Joe Klein's 10 days in Tehran: What I saw at the Iranian revolution

-Obama...carefully calibrating...to avoid...portray[ing] the demonstrators as pro-American

Anonymous said...


you ought to dig a little deeper into the report, what, about a week ago, of the guys caught at the swiss boarder with a 134 BILLION in undeclared US bonds. yes, that is right, 134 billion!

who would have access to that much? not individual investors.

Randy said...

Maybe we’re not getting something here

How is pointing to other peoples made-up stories prove anything other then; there are other people who also think they are permo victims of a greater conspiracy?

I mean pointing to someone’s book proves nothing,
Matter of fact it only proves that you need support to argue such twisted illogical concepts

Anonymous said...

Thank you Neo-cons!

It will soon be obvious to the whole world that you were right all along..

Anonymous said...

Well, just remember, Mousavi, until he is in power, if he is, is an unkown. Regardless of his past.

I read somewhere that Israel might actually prefer to keep Ahmadinajad in power, since it is better to deal with the devil you know, etc. Though, you could also argue this particular devil might be hard to top, I think, it could always be worse.

Mousavi does seem a reasonable bloke, more so than the former terrorist in charge now, I'll give you that.

Though, your point about it being amazing to watch democracy in action is well taken.

All in all , the change will be good, I think, and hope, if it goes through. The younger generation wants this change, and if not now, someday they will have it.

Afterthought said...

Hear, hear!

Paul E. Math said...

To me, this shows that the average, ordinary person on the street, in the US, in France, in Israel, in Iran, everywhere, just wants an honest government.

But that doesn't mean that's what we have here in the US.

And that doesn't mean that's what they'll get in Iran.

Singular said...

At least in Iran you don't go to jail for FIFTEEN YEARS like Horst Mahler has, for saying the Holocaust is a hoax. Or be on trial and looking at least five years for having a website about social issues that upset some people like the Heretical Two are looking at. The Heretical Two sought asylum in America for freedom from political persecution and the American government has sent them right back to the UK to be prosecuted.

I don't see certain types that harp on and on about Iran and other "Axis of Evil" countries talk about the suppression of speech in Europe, Canada and Australia and now America (the criminalization of speech with the hate laws - backdoor way to get around that pesky First Amendment). I don't think I've even heard it mentioned once by them.

Case of the pot calling the kettle black. I suggest Americans and other westerners stop obsessing about lack of rights in Iran and worry about loss of freedoms right there at home.

Singular said...

Every time something like this happens around the world, the Central Bankers rub their hands together with glee.

Singular said...

"So Keith, when does the Israeli embassy open?"

... Yeah, when does a Rothschild bank move in?

doug said...

Does anybody remember a few years ago when 190,00 weapons disappeared en route to Iraq? And why were they AK47's?

Anonymous said...

So, I take it these people are all protesting the results of American Idol?

If not, why would you suggest Americans can even comprehend what these people are doing?

Anonymous said...


sorry for the long link...
this is the WAR_NERD speaking... and for my money he is hands down the best military/political analyst going... those of you who have never read him should get acquainted fast...
and read back in his archive - he has been online for several years and see how well his writings stand up...
he is to mil/political stuff what schiff/mish are to economic issues...

Anonymous said...

Yes Keith

As soon as the US gets its own Grand Ayatollah, a ruling Council of Elders, Revolutionary army etc,
I believe you can join other American volunteers for the Basiji.

Its truly an adventurous lifestyle.

How many careers teach you crowd control, shooting at unarmed civilians and walking thru minefields ?

BTW, the Shia version of Islam in Iran is very very tolerant as compared to the Wahhabbi version.

Yes, the Iraninan people chased out the Shah (who was a despot) and begged the Ayatollah Khomenei back from exile in France.

And now they are living in the divinely-created Paradise on earth,

Would you like the US to be another 'divinely-created Paradise' on earth ?

Anonymous said...

"...Mousavi does seem a reasonable bloke..."

But how is he at blocking shoes?

We're gonna need a leader with real skills once we get our boy in there.

Singular said...

Iran already had its revolution -- when they threw out the Central Bankers - in the 1970s. Ever since then, the Central Bankers have been trying to get back into Iran. The demonstrations that have been happening give the Central Bankers some hope. When are the American people going to have THEIR revolution and throw out the Central Bankers?

Anonymous said...

Ok Randy, let's just live in your reality where Fox News is the paragon of unbiased hard-hitting news.

There is no CIA. Bush was the greatest president ever. Al Qaeda is everywhere and Muslims hate us for our freedom and prosperity

Am I getting it right?


Prisoner No. 6 said...

The gap of understanding on the part of the average uneducated, Fox News-watching dimwit is truly staggering.

Fox has spent the last eight years portraying everyone in Iran as screeching anti-Americans, lusting to blow up the US. To see millions taking to the streets, carrying signs in English, demanding fair and democratic elections must be creating short-circuits in the brains of the drooling masses. Hard to reconcile that with the image of the ululating terrorist, eh?

The real tragedy here: after 9/11, Iran was ready to become our ally. Al Quaeda wants to kill them too; they are Shiites and hated even worse than Americans. But Bush is and was, owned & operated by the Saudi Royal Family. The Saudis hate & fear the Iranians, who are their only real competition for regional dominance.

So the Saudis played Bush, and the US, for fools.

Despite the fact that the hijackers & Al Quaeda are and were, mainly Saudis; despite the fact that 9/11 was financed by Saudi money ... somehow, the Saudis were able to convince Bush that the real threat was Iran.

Greatest bait-and-switch in history.

Just after 9/11, the Iranians were trying to help the US out against Al Quaeda. When Bush lumped them into the "Axis of Evil," such help stopped.