June 5, 2009

Don't forget, Mozilo had help. And "friends" in high places.


Lost Cause said...

Lol lol lol.

Anonymous said...

luv the orange border!

Obaaammmyyy, gimme Mozilo's head!

yoski said...

It's a start! Now ship that scum off to Gitmo. Hopefully they go after Dodd as well but I doubt they have the integrity it would take.

Stu said...

Keith I love your relentless attacks on the Orange one, but this also will ensure Dodd goes down in 2010. He is a dead man walking. Have you noticed how the party has pulled away from him about as far as they possibly could without throwing him to the wolves themselves? Something the Democrats rarely do to there own.

I would expect charges to be levied on the Orange one soon, but this will be a very long drawn out trial that last for years. If and / or when he gets found guilty (which I believe he is) it will be 2012 at the earliest. He has money, connections and knows powerful people in Washington. Short of rolling over (which he may do) he stands no chance of getting away with what he has done. I am sure there are some people very afraid of what he might do or say when push comes to shove. This is part of the reason, in my opinion, that he has been like Teflon up until now.

Should be a very interesting trial and may be full of the unexpected… one can hope anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

Mozilo created a mortgage scheme that he was aware of to pump up his stock.
The crimes Mozilo committed go way beyond just insider trading or insider influence . Every loan that he allowed on the books that he knew was high risk changed the market for the area because of the appraisal comps .CountryWide was a big enough Company that it would have a far-reaching influence .

Mozilo just got caught holding the bag on a shit-load of bad and fraudulent paper,and that is when he started screaming "bail out ",and in walks the Senator friends with bail out talk on the Senate floor .

This is a classic case of committing fraud with the intend to unload stock and claim retirement and leave the mess for
others to take the loss on . Yes ,
Mozilo was no better than a thug on the street that cares not about how they leave the victim they have just robbed in the alley to die . Think of how many people this creep affected with his self-serving criminal acts .I am sure if you traced it ,some deaths were indirectly caused by Mozilo's bad faith criminal acts .

What a joke to witness the early throes of the crash when all the greedy pigs in power were obstructing justice with the bail-outs to insure their piece of the boom .We have all felt that this has been wrong from day one . Mozilo will not be charged with the full weight of the damage he has inflicted because of the bail-outs . Like all criminals ,did Mozilo think that his employees would take this lying down that they lose ,but he wins ? I predict that Mozilos employees will seek revenge and be some of the greatest witnesses to his crimes .

borkafatty aka the pig said...

Hopefully they're creating a new wing at Fort Leavenworth for Angelo's friends, anticipating whats to come.

I'd prefer Gitmo, but thats just for the turrrrrists. And OoooooBaaammy's gonna close it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Time to find some new "front-men" for the gang.......

Anonymous said...

"...What a joke to witness the early throes of the crash when all the greedy pigs in power were obstructing justice..."

Thank goodness those days are long gone.


Everyone acts in their own/friends' interests, but who speaks for all the AAA securities fraud victims?

General Holder? Chairmans Cox and Leavitt?

You cunts are traitors for allowing this.

vanilla ice said...

Why are you showing two photos of monkeys?

Anonymous said...

Is that last picture the Spice Girls?


JAWS said...

Since '06, I've been reading HP and S&A about Mozilo getting arrested, laughing at the funny quotes and the photos, and watching the daily count rise till it finally happened.

You must be very proud.

This snowball is just starting to roll.