June 1, 2009

Google CEO: "We're exactly on schedule. A classic recovery of a very hard and long recession"

Right on schedule.

And the debt will be monetized.

It hath been foretold.


vanilla ice said...

Schmidt is the same type of guy that would have missed the housing bubble. F anything he says.

Anonymous said...

It hath been foretold by a bunch of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Damn that player sucks...

"...more than $10 Trillion dollars of capital guaranteed or generated; literally out of thin air...what's next?..."{snicker}

Gentlemen start your compressors!

Anonymous said...

Remind me again why their opinions matter...

Miss Goldbug said...

Wow. Is one year considered a long time for a recession?

I must have been out of my mind thinking this recession/GD2 would continue its downward trend for 8 more years. What was I thinking?!

more recession folks, everythings coming up daisies from now on...just sprinkle the economy with some fairy dust...presto chango everything will be back to normal.

If you believe them, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Paul E. Math said...

Confidence based on what?

I wish we would just ignore 'confidence', it's based primarily on emotion and emotion is the enemy of rational thought.

If we took half the energy we waste on bogus 'confidence' building and spent it on improving the fundamentals we would be a lot better off.

That's how you know you are involved in a scam, when the importance of confidence outweighs all other factors.

Sh*t, a ponzi scheme would be absolutely fine as long as the participants have confidence.

Ever heard the expression 'con man' or 'con job'? What do you think the word 'con' is referring to? Answer: confidence.

Enough with the 'confidence' already!

Anonymous said...

Exactly...Confidence based on NOTHING but air and printed money is WORTHLESS!!

I can't believe what a bunch of sheep the American people are sometimes...

There should be all-out RIOTS in every street across America at the DAYLIGHT ROBBERY of the Taxpayers that has occurred!!!!