June 12, 2009

HR1207 - Audit the Fed

And while we're at it, require the US government to submit audited GAAP annual financial statements.

Oh, that will shock the world, but best to know the problem then to keep on denying it.


Stu said...

HR 1207 could well be the single most important bill in our countries history based on how our country is being destroyed by the monkeys in Washington. Think about this for a minute... A bill that requires the Fed to be audited. Tax payers are the boss via votes and our Government (Congress) is supposed to represent us the tax payers and make sure our country is protected and our representatives are representing us. The Fed is a secret non elected entity reporting to us the tax payers through our representatives. So with this being said I ask you these questions:

1. Why on earth would the Fed and Treasury not be subjected to constant scrutiny?

2. Why would we not demand and quite frankly expect total transparency from our Government and those that control our money?

3. Why would we not force the rule of the constitution onto the Fed and all of our Government for that matter (ie. bond holders in the Chrysler deal)?

4. Where has the rule of law go, or did we just throw it out the window when it pertains to the Fed and Treasury?

5. Is anyone paying attention, demanding answers on behalf of the tax payers (you know representing us) and just plain fed up with the lack of controls, leadership, tranparency etc. of the Fed and Treasury?

This bill must pass and the country and its rightful owners, the tax payers, deserve answers and full knowledge of what the hell is going on behind the curtain. Pull it back and expose the ugly truth and then let's get on with the task of fixing the mess that they have secretly crested.

We are entering a time of massive Government build up with new programs, departments, Czars, control and we need to slow that down now. At a time when we are fiscally in dire straights to be growing the Government is insane. At a time when we should be reducing spending and downsizing Government we are doing the exact opposit. We are truly our own worst enemy and by auditing the Fed and Treasury we can as a people get control back of not only our reckless Government behavior, but more importantly the fiscal health and well being of our country.

How do you want to leave this country to our children's children? Better? Worse? In total corruption and decay? Where do you honestly see this country in 1year at the pace we are going and the directions that we are heading in?

HR 1207 must pass for the overall good of our country and our nations future!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Ron Paul gay?

J.G. Highlife said...

Transparency, transparency, transparency. I want the truth and am not afraid... for the sake of the legacy these generations will leave. Goldman Sachs no longer tells us to 'jump'.

Has your representative in Congress co-sponsored this bill yet? Govtrack.us http://tiny.cc/i1DZ7

Stu said...

We have now passsed the level of 50% support (222) for this bill in Washington. It appears as though this bill is going to pass and even though we are not going to like at all what we see once the curtain is pulled back, the sooner we understand how bad this situation is, the quicker we can get on with the healing process and revive our once great country!!!

HR 12107 is critical to the health and financial well being of our nation!!!

Anonymous said...

I just know the Federal Reserve parasites will resist this at every level. They will use every dirty trick imaginable.

Remember, this is the representative of the sole office responsible for "accountability" and "oversight" at the Fed.

Yeah, this is their so called oversight right here:

Federal Reserve Inspector General.

Clearly a con. This office is merely symbolic and has no power.

Bernanke loves to talk about how the Fed is independent from political forces (a lie) and even if it were true is a bald-faced scam (oh, we need to be private and secretive to protect monetary policy from political forces - you can trust us!).

So nobody is watching the fox in the hen house and never has been since 1913.

Oh, but you can trust a private central banking system devised by Wall Street bankers like JP Morgan, Chase Manhatten Rockefeller and international bankers Kuhn Loeb and Rothschild to take care of our money.


Anonymous said...

Go ahead, open the box Pandora...

Screw Thomas Jefferson said...

Another thing to question is Congresses right to outsource their power of currency issue to a private third party...but those that study JPM's original crusade already know that.

The greatest hoax this fiasco has spawned is the increasingly common belief that "free market capitalism" somehow failed. We currently face the same ultimatum that China's people did; allow government to return our growth and prosperity and in turn we agree to accept the oligarchy. Fine.

Angry Leprechaun said...

"Is Ron Paul gay?"


Second, this has been a huge effort from real Americans with real conservative values. HR1207 has 222 co-sponsors. While most have been Republican, the Dems are coming out to support this in ways that are quite impressive. Ron Paul who is a real, traditional conservative, unlike McCain, Graham, Palin, Bush, has shown that conservatism in line with the Constitution can work with both sides.

While I am not a fan of Barney Frank, he has shown support of this bill. I am more interested working together than closing communication and not getting anything done. Ron Paul’s leadership and his ability to address concerns without attacking people demonstrates that working together is more productive that bitching about each other. Obama has clearly shown, regardless of what he says, that he is not capable of doing this. Bush, Palin, Biden, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel (don’t get me started on this coked out little prick), McCain, Newsom, etc don’t have this ability. We need more guys and gals like Ron Paul. I am proud to support him, I am proud to be part of C4L and yes Keith I thank you for turning me on to him.

Anonymous said...

Second, this has been a huge effort from real Americans with real conservative values..

It's going to be interesting to see which Congress criminals will stand to defend the private Fed from HR1207.


Guberville Smack said...

The lack of common sense in our system scares me. I fear all that will come out of this is more of the same. We need representatives that actually have the KNOWLEDGE to run this country.

Think of the Stimulus package and the TARP. Trillions of dollars voted on within hours of the Bills creation.
How much of it did any of them read before voting?
How many understood any of it?
How many have any economic background at all?

These clowns AGREED not to have any oversight on TARP money, then a month later were crying the blues where the money went!

It's blind faith that the likes of Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke, Greenspan know what they are doing.

Blind Faith.

Anonymous said...

June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Japan is investigating reports two of its citizens were detained in Italy after allegedly attempting to take $134 billion worth of U.S. bonds over the border into Switzerland.


Ross said...

Why do I feel like this bill will never do what it's intended to?

And even that would be assuming that it passes the Senate.

alex3191 said...

the only way to admit that something has changed is to see HR1207 in place !

Anonymous said...

Time for Obama to step up and be counted on this. Otherwise, he'll just go on whoring for the banksters and their puppet-in-chief, Bernanke.

BuyerWillEPB said...

thank you ron paul.