June 14, 2009

I salute the heroic people of Iran. ALLAH-O AKBAR!!!

The future belongs to the young.

That includes Iranians too.


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Anonymous said...

What is really great here is I remember '79 when these Mullahs deposed the Shah of Iran.
Now the table is turning on the control of the Mullahs and eventually they will be overthrown. I heard that their own people were very tired of their religious leaders, now we know they are. Good luck Iranians! Get rid of those idiots.

Afterthought said...


The Government of Iran is what the Party of Nixon has in mind for America:

Same fault-lines: urban vs. rural, progressive vs. religious.

No freedom, economy in shambles...

In other words, Hell on Earth.

Fight the fascists where ever you find them, what ever their ethnicity!

Anonymous said...

Did you salute them in 1979 as well?

Just curious about that "respect for Democracy" thing.

We sure respected it in Gaza a few years ago.

Go Israel said...

Iran's future includes a mushroom cloud over Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Those bearer bonds are real.

Anonymous said...

God bless central banking and zionist media.

Congrats on the Victory!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, violence is the way. From where I stand, these people are just trouble makers. You can't be hypocrite enough to advocate democracy, and reject a result that doesn't fit your view.

To be more accurate, I'd say: Beware of the colors political party. Whether it's in Iran, Ukraine, or whatever ex-soviet country. They usually pop up out of nowhere, with massive funding from some NGOs. That is, usually, the CIA. Then you publish polls that put the party at a tie with the one in power. Sometimes, it's enough to win. But most of the time, they lose. Then there's massive fraud accusation and riots, and then it's a matter of how much people the elected government is willing to put in jail/kill. The key point here, is that ether way, the country has it's puppet in place, or gets a very bad image in the rest of the world.

You can check it out, it's happened several times these past few years.

That "Green" movement of the last few days, reeks of interventionism.

Ahmed said...

Message to the courages youth in Iran:

Don’t stop with your local brutal oppressors in Tehran

Take the fight to all the insane Jew envy conspirators, who actively support your oppression, your suffering and use you,
Just so they can hurt their imaginary, paranoid induced threat by a tiny struggling people = the children of Abraham.

Light up your world and raise the Israeli flag as a symbol of individual thinking!

Be the first Islamic country that embraces diversity.

Those who are now rightfully concerned about your nuclear ambitions will partner and share all advanced knowledge, skills and technologies with you and your children.

May there be sunshine in the Middle East and the darkness brought upon by fossil fuel a thing of the past.

Viva la freedom revolution!

Anonymous said...

So Persian nationalism is great, but American nationalism is bad? Or do you just like scenes of youthful anarchy?

WTF Keith, over?

Anonymous said...

Keefer AmadiNejad won 62% fairly (more or less) by gving handouts to people in poorer cities, yes he lost the chic capital city...and the spoiled wealthy students pictured..but won everywhere else..

Executive planner for Intergalactic Zionist mind and cosmic sphere control said...

Anon said:
‘So Persian nationalism is great, but American nationalism is bad? Or do you just like scenes of youthful anarchy?’

What your seeing here are young people sick and tired of crazy ‘Zionist conspiracy theories’ pumped and propaganda'd by narrow minded idiots, the likes of Ahmadinejad and old white Christian males, grasping on with their nails to their selfish retarded beliefs.

It is precisely the opposite; they are revolting against brain deads wrapped in the clothing of nationalism.

Anonymous said...

In '79, which I doubt if several people were old enough on this board, The Shah of Iran was the Dictator. He was overthrown by Muslim/Islamic revolutionaries who turned it into a Religious state, they exported their brand of revolution in a war against Iraq and held the USA as the great Satan.
nuff said.

Anonymous said...

dude, those are photos celebrating his win.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed, It is obvious you are an impostor. The root cause of all ills in today's modern world lies in an arcane declaration granting one set of people land that belonged to another by an arrogant, pompous conceited set of crooks that eventually lost the empire they thought they could sustain forever. Think 1917.

The policies of the zionist regime in Israel is akin to South Africa's racist white government during apartheid. It has to be dismantled and replaced by a one-man, one-vote policy for all the people living in the disputed land.

Oh, did I forget to mention that if the Europeans and the Americans feel sooo guilty for their despicable treatment of God's chosen people for centuries ( they killed our God, you know), why don't you carve out a chunk of Central Europe or the north East of the US and make up for it ?

gutless and lazy said...

Many protestors will be killed in 6 months.