June 20, 2009

I wish the Iranian revolutionaries had guns


This is not the time for peaceful protest, as the Ayatollah's thugs shoot people in the streets like dogs.

This is a revolution. This is war.

And revolutionaries, when being fired upon by despots, need guns. Not slogans. Not chants. Not rocks.

They need to decapitate this evil regime.


Anonymous said...

More threads, Keith.

You're drowning yourself.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they?

Never bring a knife to a gunfight?


The boys in the hood in Detroit and Cleveland will know better...

The results will be much different.

Think Bush, Cheney, Geithner, Greedspan, Paulson, etc.

Anonymous said...

well, if the dems have their way here in the usa they will take our guns away so that it will be easier to control us.

Singular said...

Yes, it's not like that Jewish-occupied Palestine, is it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could use a good old "gunshow loophole" and arm themselves.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty in Iraq.

I'm worried about the hot young women getting hurt.

Why don't we send those Iranians demonstrating in Washington, to fight alongside their Iranian compatriots.

I'm sure they would want to kick some riot police asses.

Go for it, you armchair heroes.

Anonymous said...

wow and Obama wants to have tea with the Supreme Leader? WTF?