June 5, 2009

Marcy Kaptur does what Ron Paul never thought to do - ask real questions of Ben Bernanke

I'm always disappointed when Ron Paul gets Bernanke in front of him. Because all he does is give speeches and pontificate.


Nice job Kaptur.

Nice job indeed.

This is how it should be done.

You can contact her here.


Supernintendo Chalmers said...


that's the sound of me donating to Marcy's re-election account.

vanilla ice said...

Bernanke sux

Anonymous said...

If that's the best grilling congress can do, we're in trouble. Someone needs to point out his lies and mismanagement, or a least throw a few shoes.

fat amelican said...

All bread and circuses. Ron Paul's proposed bill to actually audit the Fed's books only has 40% support in the House.

The "people's house", loaded with thieves, hypocrites, assholes. Did I repeat myself?

Jasen said...

paul's bill to "audit" the Fed's books is crap. The man has lived in DC how long? he has no concept of how to do or change anything.

Anonymous said...

Has she finally figured out which one is Bernanke and which one is Paulson?

Anonymous said...

paul's bill to "audit" the Fed's books is crap. The man has lived in DC how long? he has no concept of how to do or change anything..

Yeah, it's all Ron Paul's fault. What he needs to do is learn from the Master of Change, Barack H Obama.

Give me break.


Stu said...

Keith that was AWESOME!!!

Can you say "SQUIRM"... WOW!!!

She needs to get more involved because she is terrific. Where has she been in the last 10 years???

Go Get'em Kaptur!!!

frede said...

RON PAUL FOR PPRR hahahahaah... RON PAUL FOR... pshahahaah... RON PAUL FOR PRESSSSHHEHEHEEHEE..... I can't say it without cracking up! Then again, I've never tried to say "Bob Barr for President".

Anonymous said...

Bernanke the abject failure.

Frank Barney.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right Keith. As much as I love Ron Paul, the guy does spend too much time making speeches and pontificating. Marcy Kaptur's prosecution style questioning is what is needed. She did more damage to the Fed's and Bernanke's reputation in 5 minutes than Ron Paul has done in the last year. I love how she is connecting the dots for all to see. Imagine if we had congressman after congressman grilling Bernanke like this and exposing the cozy connections. I think her style is much more effective in exposing what is really happening. Maybe between Ron's bill and her grilling we will start to get somewhere before its too late.

Paul E. Math said...

We need Schiff in there, someone who really has his stuff buttoned down and who can go toe-to-toe with an egg-head like Bernanke.

Bernanke needs to have his feet held to the fire. And his balls.

Anonymous said...

I am uninformed about her other politics, but on her points raised to helicopter Ben - as they say in Oz "go you good thing"


Anonymous said...

"...Most of my questions will be yes/no..."


Where the Chimperor when we really need him?

Anonymous said...

I remember the good old days of the War On Terror/NSA surveillance.

If you weren't doing anything wrong, you shouldn't be worried about it; they CROWED and SHOUTED.

Is there some reason why the bankers needed secrecy about that $2Trillion?

Not doing anything wrong, right?

Anonymous said...


Did a far more direct job in questioning Bernanke than any of the other bought and paid for "representatives of the people", in that room.

Bernanke--Time to change your undies, huh??!!!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I just saw a snippet of Kaptur in the "Zeitgeist" movie, in which she appeared to be supporting the 9/11 Truthers' position. Perhaps cut from the same mould as Dennis Kucinich.

Anonymous said...

Bernanke needs to go or be removed, one way or another.

Begin today, Right Now.

Anonymous said...

You can hear the cracking in his voice , the country is in deep dodo!