June 9, 2009

Now THIS is how it's done. Watch some courageous Brits egg their Nazi scum

Man, I love a good egging.

More eggs please.

Lots more eggs.


les said...

If the BNP are Nazis, what are the Swiss?

You and your family has to reside in Switzerland for over 3 generations before they consider granting you citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Europe is toast

Anonymous said...


So, these BNP people have a viewpoint, but are not free to publicly profess it without being persecuted and physically attacked?

Who exactly are the Nazis, Kieth?

Anonymous said...

hey, they have freedom of speech there just like we do here in the usa.

in the usa, you are free to speak your opinion as long as the liberals agree with you.

i find it ironic that the protest group used nazi tactics against the bnp.

liberal groups in the usa are using the same tactics.

Anonymous said...

Brown skinned Eurotards don’t have weapons?

Commie Mommy said...

Dang, they cleaned some house!
And whacked the cars with their signs!! I am impressed. Just when I think the Brits are just cheese-chasing wimps, they do something like this. Kudos to them! I would have loved to have seen that done to Bush/Cheney. Maybe we could have egged Cheney's wheelchair and pushed it out of town! LOL

Afterthought said...

If you are going to threaten someone's liberty, expect to get tarred and feathered.

Bully for the Brits.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous times my friends. Dark days. Hezbolla, BNP, Shin Fein. Democratically elected hate.

pure brown said...

The issue with these white bigots is not that they are ‘expressing opinions’
or creating a private ‘only white male club’ etc.

The problem is that their intent is to steal resources specifically the land they live on because they believe it belongs to them.

Without getting into the debate on how any piece of our planet can belong to an individual group, the territory they reside on equally belongs to all people who attained it thru the agreed upon method i.e. purchasing it from another person who claimed to own it.

The parcel of land called Britain equally belongs to people of any color shape or size, religion or race, gay, bi and try sexuals, as well as these racist bigots who feel threatened to share with others.

We all know that if they thought they can get away with it they would kill their fellow citizens whom they perceive as a threat, to calm their irrational fears.

Fact is that White Anglos have not contributed to Britains successes or failures any more then Indians, Jews, Romans, Persians, Mongolians, French, Russians, Arabs, Spaniards, woman and closet gays in all its history.

They are as evil, stupid and selfish as Nazis because they choose the lowest road to secure their sovereignty = the skin they happen to have been born into, rather then the common ideals of the people they share their land with.

They are total losers who blame others, do not have the courage to wake up in the morning do the hard work it takes to live a good life, so they resort to laziest excuse of them all = we naturally own this territory because we are special.

Anonymous said...

Keefer is right.

They are the scum of the earth

Tyrone said...

A job well done.

I love it!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Obammy -- gimme eggs!!!

(So I can throw them at Geithner...)

Daphne64 said...

Why are the non-nazis stooping to violence instead of embarassing them with the facts of how much better England is with so many immigrants?

How much safer it is now (especially for women), how much lower the taxes are, how much more affordable things are, how much greater the free exchange of information is (especially wrt to religious discussions)...

Oh, wait,... never mind

Anonymous said...

Use bullets next time or strangulation by windsor knot. .

Do the research in the US.

gutless and lazy said...

The protestors only have THEMSELVES to blame.

There are open political elections in England. If they don't want the BNP to get elected, they should run their own candiates.

Or maybe their first step would be to even bother to vote. I bet the vast majority of protestors did not even bother to vote.

Acting like street thugs is the last resort. Not the first. These are political children acting like jackasses.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, Now we need some egging here in the states!

Singular said...

No attack on freedom of speech. The BNP has got a legitimate platform. They want to preserve their ethnicity, their 'species' and achieving that politically is the way they are doing that. I do not see a problem with that. If the Zulus tried to act politically in the same way and tried to prevent Zululand from becoming full of another ethnicity if that ethnicity was threatening to take over, would we not support them?

Europe is for Europe, Africa is for Africans and so on. America and a couple of other British colonies are different because the original inhabitants, the aborigines/natives, are not in the majority.

I think the British have shown remarkable tolerance so far and am surprised they haven't 'awoken' to their ethnic destruction beforehand.

On the other hand, this might have been due to the guilt they might have felt about how their colonizing activities have destroyed other ethnicities.

The only times that ethnic homogeneity has been so thoroughly destroyed in nations in history has been times of invasion and conquest - see the Mongols, the Greeks under Alexander and so on.

Most native peoples of a land will resist the destruction of their ethnicity - it is a human instinct.

This time now, in the 20th and the 21st century, is the only time, ethnic destruction has occurred on such a wide scale without accompanying invasion.

If there are those who disagree, it should at least be acknowledged that it's time to have free and open debate on this topic. Throwing eggs and emotional hysteria of a similar kind hinder discussion (I suspect that is these people's exact aim), and retard the dialog process that must happen for a country to come to terms with this important issue.