June 8, 2009

So let's recap. Mexico has a crashed economy, corrupt cops and politicans, and now shootouts in Acapulco. !Hay carumba!

They also have dwindling oil revenues, a wave of jobless illegals streaming back over the border from the US, a potential flu pandemic this fall, a destroyed tourism industry, and raging drug wars at the border.

Serious question - why can't Mexicans get it together? Is it because of America's failed war on drugs, and failed immigration policies?

Shootout kills 16 in Mexico's Acapulco resort

ACAPULCO, Mexico – Mexican soldiers fought a two-hour battle with heavily armed men holed up at a house in an Acapulco hotel zone, killing 15 of the gunmen as Mexican tourist cowered in their rooms nearby.

One soldier was killed and the wounded included three soldiers and three bystanders. Several Mexican tourists were evacuated from small hotels in a faded neighborhood once frequented by Hollywood stars.


Afterthought said...

All subsidized by the American Middle Class.

It's time to close the safety valve (the wide open border) and let the Mexican people get their own house in order.

PS: Nigel Farage's UKIP comes in second in Britain, BNP gets a seat; a good wake-up slap to the arrogant "Left".

Anonymous said...



the dude said...

I agree with Afterthought.
Close the border and aid their police force. Legalize Mary Jane in the US so that drug doesnt need to go through Mexico.

Anonymous said...

NAFTA Rules!

Ross said...

If anyone out there can explain why we haven't just built a huge wall between the US and Mexico, I'd really like to hear it.

"If we build a 50 foot wall, they'll just build a 51 foot ladder." Janet Napolitano(Idiot)

Anonymous said...

And we'll just go on with our idiotic open borders policy so the Obama crowd gets more stupid voters they can jerk around and the corporations get more cheap labor they can screw over. All in the name of "diversity", of course.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, legalize the shit here. Then we can have shootouts between American gangs to decide who's crop gets to market. Or do you think they'll all hold hands in a circle and sing Kum Bay Ya?

You pot heads are hilarious.

gutless and lazy said...

Sounds like East L.A.

gutless and lazy said...

If walls and fences don't work, then let's save some money maintaining fences that already exist.

We should tear down every wall, every fence, every barracade used to protect state and federal politicians in their offices and homes.

After all, fences and walls don't work, right?

And while we're at it, let's take away every police detail used to protect them.

Guards don't work either, right?

Mammoth said...

Gutless and Lazy,

Best damn post I've seen here in a long time.

Thank you sir.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

Amazing how all the "small government" loonies here all get chubbies when it comes to a MASSIVE EXPANSION of government that fortifying our borders would create.

Or doesn't your thinking get that far?

To build & maintain a massive wall across a frontier is a losing game.

As the Chinese - their wall against the Mongols was an utter failure. A monument to man's stupidity and waste of resources. The wall on the border with Mexico would be similar.

The toxic mix of religion (Oh yeah-the hypocritical Catholic church wants lots more bodies in the pews, no matter how poor and ragged they are), and rapacious Big Agra policies (destroying the possiblity of subsistence farming in Mexico & the rest of LatAm) are far more potent a mix than any construct of concrete and steel.

It ain't the weed and drugs that brings people across the border. It's short-sighted Yanqui policies that drive them across the border.

gutless and lazy said...

Poster "Prisoner No. 6" doesn't like fixed fortifications. Fine.

How about undocumented landmines in the dessert, sniper towers every 1/2 mile and orbiting drones with Hellfire missles to blast the f*cking crap out of illegals, drug runners, gang members and all the other assorted rift raft??

Very cost effective compared to a wall. For the remotely piloted aircraft, it's only about 12 million, plus the cost of the Hellfire missles.

Anyone know what a Hellfire missle goes for??? (Bought in bulk by the U.S. Military).

Or we could go with "Green" technology. We could let loose, on the favorite trails used by illegals, wild rabid coyotes, millions of rattlesnakes and billions of scorpions.

Even the landmines could be somewhat "Green". We could dig up all the old war landmines we've planted around the world, and rebury them in the dessert. You could consider them "recyclced".

I kinda like the "Green" approach better myself.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about this guy but he is correct about the Iraq war. Ron Paul is a light weight on foreign policy. Why is he like that? Because he wants to be. He believes America should not be involved in foreign policy at all, for any reason. So, his foreign policy is to have none at all. And he's is totally wrong that America caused his countrymen to die in the Twin Towers. That is outrageous and borderline treasonous since words like that give aid to the enemy in reinforcing their cause against us.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

A 1-second Google search turned up the stat on Redstone.army.mil - a Hellfire missile goes for about $58,000. The cost of the Predator spy drones to cover 2,000 miles of frontier, assuming each can cover +/- 50 miles at a time (airspeed at 200 mph, assuming a 1/2 hour constant circuit) - $25 million per ground control station and 4 aircraft (figuring 1 in the air, 3 being fueled/repaired). Personnel needed to man each station: about 30, total, assuming rotating shifts of control personnel and support staff. Average salary of high-level trained combat specialists: $100k.

So let's work the numbers.

40 stations x 30 personnel x $100k = $120 million/year personnel costs.

40 stations x $25 million in fixed hardware costs = $1 billion.

The problem with the Hellfires is that they are very inaccurate. In Army tests before deployment, they far from lived up to their "fire and forget" billing from the crooked defense contractor. Rather than zero in on tanks, they attack such threatening targets as telephone poles. Barbed wire fences. Big rocks. Cacti.

And, of course, as we've proved in Afghanistan, the missiles tend to zoom off course and hit innocent civilian targets.

So we're going to pay billions per year (you can bet the price tag for this is going to go way, way up once Halliburton and the other bloodsuckers get wind of this) for a system that shoots missiles that are just as likely to veer off course and hit housing developments in San Antonio and Brownsville?

Meanwhile, the billions wasted on propping up Big Agra to win votes in the Farm Belt states should be added to the cost.

Oh yeah - and that whole posse comitatus thing about not using the Army to enforce the law on U.S. soil? Gonna hafta get around that one. Maybe once that's breached, Obama will also maybe re-task some of the Special Forces hit squads to eliminate domestic terrorists, such as the anti-abortion groups that commit murder on American soil, eh?

Lost Cause said...

Many Americans travel to Mexico seeking medication and elective surgeries, because even though it is a third-world country, people can get in Mexico what is not available in the Uniter States: cheap, affordable health care.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Pris. #6, you're not going to get far by arguing logically with a "Kill 'em all!" type. Such people have no sense of reality. They are powerless in their own lives, but it makes them feel stronger when they can imagine they're part of a team that will murder even weaker people.

You could be logical and point out that many illegal immigrants don't walk across desert borders -- they come via car, or as legal tourists, then they just don't go home. You could point out the fact that if American bosses didn't hire illegals because they work cheap, then the Mexicans (and lots of other foreigners, including Asians and Europeans) would stop coming. A few Hellfire missiles into the executive offices of big meat-packing plants would be a better ROI (Return on Incineration) than shooting at wetbacks. It might scare those bosses into hiring Americans, and paying them decent money.

But there's no point in talking facts when it comes to those brown people that scare the crap out of big, brave Americans. Oh my God, Martha -- there's a Mexican under the bed!

Anonymous said...

Prisoner No. 6,
Now that guy is right on! Finally an intelligent poster who an think things thru!!

Anonymous said...

bukko, another great point. i get so horrified by these yahoos that are all gung ho for the military to blow up women & children looking for a better life, not unlike probably their own ancestors coming to America from a bad place in europe. Of course, this points to something obvious, people are pissed. This gutless_n_lazy poster is pissed, and I even say rightly so. He has seen so much crap the last 8 years and he is confused, hurt and angry. Of course he wants to lash out!
The backlash though is going to be against the weaker populations, this is all very human and, from what I recall of my history books, similar to pre WWII Germany. The sad part is he probably voted for this, unknowingly, the last 8 years and doesn't realize the true culprits. He probably has some romanticized vision of a john wayne movie where the 'good guys' with guns ablazing are blowing up "the bad guys". I would urge him to think about this a little more thoroughly. Maybe google some images of modern warfare, the dead children, the innocent as pris #6 pointed out who routinely get whacked and are thereafter termed 'collateral damage.
Truly it was even a surprise to me to learn that our weapons are really not that accurate as the military PR people would have us believe and further, the vast majority of ordinance in use by the military today are 'dumb bombs', not the 'smart' weapons we see on cable glorifying the military.