June 16, 2009

These scenes from Iran are the most uplifting and inspirational I've seen since Tiananmen Square. Let's hope this time history is kind.

I salute you, young heroes of Iran.

The world is falling in love with you.

Fight the power.

With everything you've got.

I want to be there so bad I can taste it.

If only Americans could be so brave.


Anonymous said...

what? they are already fed up with the government they just had a revolution for 30 years ago?

keith said...

The Iranian Revolution 2.0 will end up being the biggest story of 2009.

30 years from now, you'll remember this more than the housing crash.

Anonymous said...

John McCain's new album is coming out today with his chart-topping RENDITION of "Bomb-bomb-bomb bomb-bomb-bomb Iran".


McCain's Tribute to the People of Iran.

Why do we have murderous psychotic scumbags like Bush, McCain, Cheney etc at the highest levels of government?

This talk analyzes why politics attracts psychopaths and rewards psychopathic behavior.

Our Leaders Are Psychopaths.

Afterthought said...

For two reasons we are not sure-footed enough to strike a blow for freedom in Iran:

1) Iraq.

2) The dollar.

Isn't it stunning how the neocons were not only perfidious in there objectives (a New World Despotism), but blundering in their execution?

Fortunately, time is on our side and against the regime in Iran. We can just lean on them and eventually they will fold.

Randy said...

GO People of Iran!!!!

Go all the way!

The world is behind you!

Anonymous said...

Keith you're awesome!!

Out at the peak said...

This is what happens when you don't have Iranian Idol.

gutless and lazy said...

The Iranian Revolution 2.0 will end up being yet another tiny blimp on the radar screen.

This is more media masterbation. It's a made for media, super hyped, but non story. It's smaller than the Swine Flu, smaller than the West Nile virus.

Even smaller than David Carradine hanging himself by his neck and nads. A tiny, tiny story.

gutless and lazy said...

I salute you, young heroes of Iran.

The world is falling in love with you.

Fight the power.

With everything you've got.

I want to be there so bad I can taste it.

If only Americans could be so brave.

Somebody talk Keith down.

keith said...

You know getting a visa into Iran doesn't look too tough

Getting out, that may be a different sotry

Hawver said...

Yes, lets all get excited about the possibility that "Possibly slightly less evil figurehead that was vetted by the fundamentalist mullahs who really rule the country" might overturn the election results! Dopes.

Anonymous said...

Hey keith, this is off topic but someone is stealing your idea about the 4%/40 year mortgage


Keep up the good work!

consultant said...

"Anon said:
It's great to see the Iranians rising up to throw out their corrupt power hungry tyrants.
Now when will Americans do the same?"

Too busy blogging, sending tweets and watching American Idol.

I was a student activist while in college in the 60's. Most people today are too scared to do anything. Most people are not committed to something bigger than themselves. They don't care about larger issues. Most people lack the discipline (at least for the stuff I was involved in) to stay nonviolent in the face of intense provocation. Most people are not willing to make the sacrifice.

We had a saying back then: "..people make the times".

Social activism changes you. It stays with you the rest of your life. It alters your career path and changes your friends.

We've become a country that wants the other guy to take a stand. But not me! Change the country the way I want, but leave me out of it.

I'd suggest, work for the greater good, be open, stay nonviolent, keep active. Not a bad way to live.

les said...

Iranians should be very proud of themselves.

We, Americans, should be ashamed.

gutless and lazy said...

"Fight the power."

And here's a powerful Federal Judge one can fight :
Sonia Sotomayor.
She's not only racist, but sexist as well!!

AND she's violated the Judicial Code of Conduct by joining an elitist, woman only, club.

No men allowed.

(Unless of course it's OK for Augusta National to have mem only members. Oopsie, women already protested THAT!!!)


Let's have a thread on sexist Sotomayor!

Anonymous said...

Because Tiananmen changed China into a haven for personal freedom and rights? This too will result in more death than liberty.

Anonymous said...


What we are witnessing here is a direct result of the Bush and Cheney policies.

Can you guys atleast admit that in areas of foreign policy they were on the ball.

Anonymous said...

30 years from now, you'll remember this more than the housing crash.


i hope so but kind of doubt it as I was in high school when the last one happened.

i am skeptical that all the protesting rich kids have the balls to pull it off. It will take violence and killing since the hard liners are armed and willing to shoot.

Anonymous said...

For two reasons we are not sure-footed enough to strike a blow for freedom in Iran:

1) Iraq.

2) The dollar.

ha! one could argue that it is what we have done in iraq and to the dollar that has caused iraq to get to this point.

Anonymous said...

clearly they need more bread and circuses

Anonymous said...

"...you'll remember this more than the housing crash..."

"...Somebody talk Keith down..."

Soothing tones; no sudden movements.

Markus Arelius said...

Do not get your hopes up.

This rebellion will be utterly crushed in the end. The Iranian President is only a megaphone for a far more powerful and pervasive religious supreme leadership. Islam is not an idealogy. It's a way of living your life.
This is not the Soviet Union. Americans and the West are incredibly naive to believe that these clerics will bow down to anyone, ever. Why would they? They believe fervently that Allah is on their side and anyone and anything that opposes their might must be aligned with Satan.

This will not end well.

yoski said...

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin

Ahmadinedschad won, Mussawi lost. That's that. End of story.
Both are Ajatollah approved jerks, same turd different wrapper. Similar to the system in the US.

Lost Cause said...

If Americans did the same in 2000, we could have avoided eight more years of the Bush/CIA dynasty, along with all the looting and bloodshed involved.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian Revolution 2.0 will end up being the biggest story of 2009.

30 years from now, you'll remember this more than the housing crash.

Love to pick on you Keith, but damn, I hope you are right about this. Hell, it might even inspire a few of us here in the states. Doubt it. Not if it's up against American Idle.

Lost Cause said...

Burning cars, looters and rioting people. Just another night in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Do you think after this counter revolution they will stop calling us "The Great Satan"?

Alan Static said...

Yeah, fuck yeah, kick their asses.

Maybe we should go in and help them.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... It's always important to analyze things from different perspectives, Keith.

Are You Ready For War With Demonized Iran?.

There's always "More Than Meets The Eye" when it comes to geopolitics. With an inane and compromised corporate media we never get the truth. Ever since Operation Mockingbird the US intelligence apparatus uses psychological warfare on the population of the US and the world to achieve it's objectives and it has become ever more sophisticated.

This "Iranian Revolution" looks like another US backed by non-government organization "color revolution" that the likes of George Soros excel in.

The US just had it's "color revolution" backed by George Soros and MoveOn.org etc. Where is MoveOn regarding the "Global War on Terror" now that Obama is in? Clearly it was simply used to co-opt the anti-war movement to bring Obama to power.

So is this "Iranian Revolution" a real organic revolution or a sophisticated psychological operation used to destabilize Iran?

I have no love for Iran's leaders but why do you equate Almadinnerjacket to Hitler? That makes absolutely no sense and the so called quotes about Almadinnerjacket supposedly saying he wanted to wipe Israel off the map have been taken completely out of context and misrepresented. That is propaganda.

It is the US and Israel that have been aggressive towards Iran. Any time you promote this idea of Almadinnerhitler you are simply parroting the propaganda of the Neocons and Zionists who wouldn't blink an eyelid over millions of dead Iranians as long as they could achieve their goals of dominance in the Middle East.


Ross said...

More proof that the MSM is dead:

I am getting more news from Twitter about the Iran Election right now than all the major networks combing. You have to sift through it to get to the real stuff, but the way it's playing out right now on social networking is incredible.

I am not making this up to be dramatic. Sign up and see for yourself.

i've had it said...

i think it's great you're posting these videos. however, why do i get that feeling that if this had happened under bush you wouldn't have paid it any attention?...

no matter what you may think of bush/cheney, they were right with the axis of evil tag for iran, north korea, and iraq.

now that NK has two liberal journalist employees of the global warming cult leader, al gore, the liberal press is all over that country. hmmm...who said they were part of the axis of evil in the first place, and who got roasted by the libs for saying so?

Anonymous said...

waves of protestors in China that time lined up and were shot by the army and came back again and again and again

speedingpullet said...

Been following the twitter feeds all day, and wearing a green t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Sorta funny your Obama guy wants to give the fed more power. Thats a load of change. Nice to slip that through during this Iran crisis....

Anonymous said...

"...this budgetary problem unfortunately is one that they're going to have to solve," Gibbs said..."

Thank goodness that's exactly what we told all the private financial shareholders when they fucked up.

Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"The Iranian Revolution 2.0 will end up being the biggest story of 2009."



Wadda you know about Islamic democracy ?

Thats right !


The Grand Ayatollah has declared it was "DIVINE ASSESSMENT" that President Ahmadinejoker was re-elected WITH 67% OF THE TOTAL VOTES.

ANYONE who questions this "DIVINE ASSESSMENT" is IN FACT questioning the assessment of the Almighty.

Therefore, the only people demonstrating in the streets of Teheran can ONLY be Christians in disguise.

Wait a minute, NO, it must be the JEWS !!!!

Sound the alarm, send out the basiji and the riot squads, the JEWS have infiltrated the blessed homeland of Iran.

This is WHY civilized countries understand the necessity to separate religion FROM politics.

Otherwise, we would have the clergy who claim to speak for God, DOING what is HAPPENING IN IRAN.

BUT nonetheless, this democratic process and structure (such as it is) IS what Muslims everywhere believe in, that the CLERGY should be paramount in ALL matters.


Isn't it hypocritical and also BLASPHEMOUS TO question or deny "DIVINE ASSESSMENT" now ?

msNJ said...

You know Keith, I love you, but I find it a little annoying that you are over there posting these taunting threads about "if only americans could be so brave". why don't you come back and help organize if you want to see some action in the US?

keith said...

I was referring to Bush, Bush, Harris and Rehnquist stealing the election in 2000, and yet there were very few protests.

msNJ said...

Oh, everyone was too hungover from their Y2K parties to protest that year... or something...

It's true, Americans are lazy sheeple who have no clue what is up half the time. I think the most pressing thing on my mind in 2000 was what was happening on Buffy that week and beating my co-workers at multi-player wargames. You know, everyone had their soma. I don't even think I voted that year..

Anonymous said...

clearly the religious leadership has been too easy on them.

they need to make the women wear full on burkas and not allow them to drive or go to school.

they also don't have the higher education system under their control either. they need something like the system here in the US where the professors are basically political agents of the far left that work to brainwash they impressionable young they teach.

Anonymous said...

and just like that, the rich, soft, Mousavi supports went back to their comfortable lives.

i bet the mullahs start cracking down on internet access in iran.

Anonymous said...

"...we never get the truth. Ever since Operation Mockingbird...

...is this "Iranian Revolution" a real organic revolution or a sophisticated psychological operation used to destabilize..."

Heh. What was the result the last time we were "on the ball?"

Witness the widespread credulity.

I don't believe a fucking thing I see. The only conclusion I can draw is that, yes; something big is going on.

What that might be I'm somewhat reluctant to join the crowing crowds on.

kIcK thEm's eViL lIbRuLS' ASs!

Funny our conservatives don't embrace their conservatives; isn't it?

A more cynical person might think we're rooting for football teams with no underlying principle; just Hoo RAH! for us.

Anonymous said...

they will not win by violence. they need to financially shut the country down. stop work on everything.

Anonymous said...

Why are all the protest signs in English? What's up with the green borders?

The mullah are evil, just like Saddam Hussein . . . and they are threatening to trade oil in something other than the US$, just like Saddam Hussein . . . Shall we really wreck Obama presidency on an IrAfPak war?

Anonymous said...

Those scenes are what we should have seen in America on Dec. 13, 2000. But we are too lazy, stupid and complacent to put up any real resistance anymore.

Singular said...

These people are not to be admired. They are sore losers who cannot take defeat. These people go on and on about democracy and when they have democratic elections just as they demanded but deliver a result they don't like, they're still not happy. They have to spit the dummy and throw a tantrum. These people will always behave in this way wherever they are - in the Middle East, the west, doesn't matter where they are. It is a particular personality/mindset/upbringing they all share. They expect the government to do everything for them. Give them 'freedoms'. Like the freedom to take drugs. These Iranians are no different to the liberal fascists in the west. The ones who demand free health care for all, free this and that ad nauseum, creating a slave class AKA the taxpayer, to fulfill their whims. At the same time, they don't want to take responsibility for their behavior and expect the state to pay for everything that happens as a consequence for their behavior. Or for the consequence for their children's behavior. They want to act like spoiled children which is exactly they are. And any nation that indulges these people is a stupid nation. And as the saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted." Well, there you have the story of America in the 20th and 21st century.