June 20, 2009

This is how morally corrupt and ruthless totalitarian dictatorships treat their women

Put bags on them, treat them like dogs, and beat 'em.

The men of Iran who are not with the regime should take matters into their own hands.

The world is watching.


Afterthought said...

Thank you for standing on the side of right.

Anonymous said...

And Obama wants to sit and have tea with these tyrants? What is Obama thinking?

moretroops said...

Yeah, it's Obama's fault! He wants to have tea with them. Death to Isreal's enemies!

Back in the real world...

Keith, stop posting anons. They are uniformly idiots.

Btw, the man in the video is yelling at the police to stop beating old women -- he calls them shameless and says he will take a shit on their parents.

Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Green Shoots?