June 7, 2009

Time for some (previously banned) Bill Hicks


Paul E. Math said...

It wouldn't run for me but I think I found the right one on youtube.

Enter 'bill hicks letterman' - it starts with letterman talking bill hicks' mom.

It is quite interesting how long ago this was and that he trashes billy ray cyrus, a guy who continues to earn the contempt of millions to this day.

keith said...

Takes a few seconds to load after you hit play...

Bottom line is - on TV you can't upset the fundamentalist wingnut crazies, otherwise they'll go after the advertisers

On blogs, that ain't the case.

Anonymous said...

Look at the latest disgusting act perpetrated by the criminal government. Whether it's Bush or Obama it doesn't matter - they are both following the same agenda.

Why oh why are they so intent on disposing of these Guantanamo inmates without any kind of public trial?

Obama Wants Death Penalty for Guilty Pleas without Trial.

This is NOT America.


mimi said...

"This video is not available in your country or domain" - didn't have the patience to search you tube - did find some references to the fact that it was censored. I guess big brother IS watching.

Wind Farmer said...

I'd like to know why Obama studied law. He seems not to have any fundamental understanding of justice, due process or our constitution. I guess Harvard creates sh%tty lawyers AND sh%tty MBA's.

Also strange...he grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, yet he ends up in Chicago. Chicago! I can see moving from cold climates to warm cliamates, but Hawaii to Illinois? Would never be my choice.

Couldn't load the video, either.

Anonymous said...

I got "This video is not available in your country or domain."

But, then again, why would you think we'd be allowed to see it anyway. We're allowed to watch what "Big Brother" let's us watch. Can't wait for American Idol...yeahhhhh!

P.S. I always wanted a big brother...

-Silly Monkey

Anonymous said...

Both parties are screwing up this country. They have been bought by the banks via "K" Street.

Anonymous said...

I guess Harvard creates sh%tty lawyers AND sh%tty MBA's.

Harvard creates the finest white collar criminals on the planet. It's a big club, and you ain't in it.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the clip. He was awesome, that's all I could say. First time in a while that I actually laughed watching a stand-up.

One thing I wanted to share was this video clip that I also found while searching for "Bill Hicks Letterman".


Don't know if its all b/s advertisement or real, but its funny as hell and a bit scary if true.

Gotta watch it.

-Silly Monkey

keith said...

I got a bunch of you into Ron Paul. I'm hoping to get a bunch of you into Bill Hicks.

The two go together so nicely.

Anonymous said...

"I'm hoping to get a bunch of you into Bill Hicks."

been listening to bill hicks for awhile.

Tool got me into him along time ago.