June 19, 2009

Uprisings are messy. Beautiful. But messy.

Play both of these videos at the same time to get the full effect

Of course, the tyrants could have planned this whole thing out - fix the elections, allow the opposition to protest and identify themselves, then kill them.

Machiavelli (and Stalin and Hitler and Mao) would be proud.

In the meantime, this is the beautiful Prague Spring. This is Tiananmen before the crackdown. This is Hungary 1956.

Which way will history turn this time?

We'll soon find out.


Anonymous said...

it was paid for by the Tennessee Republican Party


keith said...

And the Ayatollah chooses the Tiananmen option.

They'll start killing protesters soon.

And I hope after the protesters fight back, that they kill the Ayatollah. And his henchmen.

He had his chance.


BitterLaidOffHero said...

Mousavi was a founder of Hizballah and participated in the creation of Iran's intelligence service. Thus, it matters little whether he or that Ahma-whatever wackjob is in power. The nukes will still be built, and the West will still be threatened. I was hopeful when I first saw this, but if you dig deeper you realize that these protests have nothing to do with any sort of peace movement and that Iran will remain anti-Western. Jihadism is imperative in Muslim culture, and it is a matter of time before the Muslims ignite WWIII.

Sam said...

We Americans don't care about this so called "revolution" any more than we cared a wit about Tienanmen square. We don't care. Understood? Let's get back to what this site is supposed to be about. Remember - "Soot and Ashes: The World After the Crash." This Iranian event has nothing to do with "The World After the Crash."

keith said...

Sam, this blog is what I care about and what I think is relevant.


And this is the world after the crash, and the Iranian Revolution 2.0 is a direct result of the crash.

People protest and overthrow their governments when they're economically pissed.

Your input has been received. And disregarded.


Anonymous said...

In regard to the relevance issue in the last two posts---I say very much relevant. These powder-keg countries are mandatory for us to watch. Have we forgotten WWII? We wanted no part of that either! Had it not been in the cards for us, we may all be typing our posts in German today. We better watch all the nut-cases on the scene today. North Korea, Chavez and his South American crime gang, all of them!!
And not to forget, nobody gave a rats ass in August, 1990, when Saddam's army converged on the Kuwait border. YES, we gotta stand guard on all of it.

Constance said...

The Ayatollah looks like a evil wizard, not a holy man .