June 6, 2009

Want to see the very definition of a "Fraud", "Fake" or "Poser"? Read this expose on Lenny Dykstra, would-be financial guru. And one big fraud.

Some people have it in their DNA.




Compulsive gamblers.




Put that all together, and with a little luck and lots of leverage, you can be successful or have the appearance of success, for awhile. Like mortgage brokers in Scottsdale. Or Donald Trump.

But put that all together, and combine it with stupidity and a recession, and you get the likes of Bernie Madoff, David Crisp, Dick Fuld, Nick Leeson, Jerome Kerviel, Allen Stanford and Lenny Dykstra.

Take 10 minutes and read the whole article. Yet another sign of the times.

One word - gross.

Dykstra's business: a bed of 'Nails'


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Is nobody honest in this world? Sounds like a glorified cheque-kiting scheme, playing on the con angle he can get away with because of past fame. Add Dykstra's photo to the ones illustrating the word "grifter" in the dictionary. From his jitteriness, shaking hands and other erratic behaviour, I'm thinking cocaine, too...

P.S. You read this in 10 minutes? I'm a quick read, but I'm only 2/3 through after 20...

Tyrone said...

Wow, he creates a magazine to help pro athletes 'keep living the dream.'

They're being paid to play a g*d d*mn game and they need a magazine to assist in living the dream. This guy is totally whacked.

Anonymous said...

I followed Lenny when I was a kid. I was a fan of his, but he as always as dumb as they get. I couldn't understand how he was all of a sudden a successful business man. I knew something wasn't right. Another scammer. Not a surprise. And not a surprise he is in bed with Crammer.

Crammer has to be one of the all time biggest scam artists in Wall Street history. Put him right up there with Hank Paulson, Bernie Madeoff and the Enron boys. His days are limited as well.

Anonymous said...

People need to learn how to make an honest buck!

never_forget_y2k said...

This is even more infuriating than when Doc Gooden sold me those fake gold krugerrands!

Anonymous said...

So far we discover two,no,actually three horrific omens that should have woke him up to the disasters headed his way....

An inscribed eagle bust from W.

Praise from Jim Cramer.

Annuity dealings with AIG?

As a health care provider, Dykstra is showing signs of lethal high blood pressure,very puffy and edematous in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Asking the pilot to put the fuel on his credit card...

Are you SHITTING ME???

Paul E. Math said...

I also suspect the blow or some other drug that has seriously impaired dykstra's contact with reality.

But I agree with Keith's larger point that Dystra is representative and symptomatic of a pervasive fraudulence.

They say that it is hard to fool an honest man. I think it is also hard to fool an honest system.

So it makes sense that Cramer was fooled by dykstra, hook, line and sinker.

It makes sense that a scam artist like lenny dykstra can achieve the outward trappings of success because ours is not an honest economy.

Ours is not an honest culture.

Ours is not an honest world.

borkafatty aka the pig said...

Yet another example of proof that indeed, money does not buy class.

Anonymous said...

SOME people have it in their DNA???

No, we've bred a whole generation of people in this country who have figured out that cheating (cheating the rules, cheating other unaware people) is the best, easiest, coolest, and quickest way to get ahead. And it's really their only option, because they haven't been give an adequate education to be able to think things through enough to get ahead while following the rules. And they've been given ROTTEN parenting, too.

And now they are breeding children themselves, so the problem is now metasticized, never to be solvable.

And now they are competing against two dozen other nations who still DO get an adequate education.

U.S. is doomed as a failed experiment in favoring war profit and big business over a strong, healthy, smart middle class.

The first man on Mars will be Chinese. They'll also be the winner of the next world war.

FC John said...

Oh my....I see so much of Lenny in young Casey Serin.