December 18, 2009

Incompetence and Corruption, In Full Bloom


borkafatty aka the pig said...

Which one is which?

Anonymous said...

Put your man Obama in the picture, and the quote will be complete.

Ready to admit what a disaster he is?

Angry Leprechaun said...

Keith my question is, why did Obama go to Vegas with Reid a few months back to help him campaign for re-election? If Reid is the devil as you point out then why is Obama such a god? They may as well be twins? I still don’t get the Schiff endorsements while praising Obama? You have yet to address any of these questions. Many have asked?

Fairy Tales said...

NY TIMES - Poll Reveals Trauma of Joblessness in U.S. Dec 14, 2009

"More than half of the nation’s unemployed workers have borrowed money from friends or relatives since losing their jobs. An equal number have cut back on doctor visits or medical treatments because they are out of work."

Read "comments section"
at the end of this NY Times article:
(Excellent material):

cut and paste


Angry Leprechaun said...

BTW Keith, and for those looking for another great site if you leave again and a great site I think you will like:

Anonymous said...

Someone reversed the picture. Here's how it should be:

Charles said...

I don't think Keith ever said Obammy was a saint so I don't see the need to rehash...

If I remember Keith you called it something like "I agree with Paul 90% and Obama 60%"

And considering Obama hasnt lived up to 60% of his campaign platform I'm sure you're disappointed as well...

Luckily this UNCONSTITUTIONAL insurance mandate should go down in flames. If not, thank Buddha for Roberts and Alito I'd only worry about Kennedy going rouge like he did on the Kelo decision.

casey said...

What a bunch of baffoons.

Anonymous said...

"More of the same you can believe in!"

"Yes we can!"

I disagree with the statement on a technicality. If their objective is corruption, special interests, and robbing the American taxpayer blind, than they are certainly not incompetent. They are very competent. It is all a matter of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Will the resetting of option arm and Alt-A loans couple with unemployment in the U.S. help drive foreclosures.

The record numbers of foreclosures and repossessions have swamped lender’s ability to process properties for sale in many markets, delaying their entry into the market.

While visible supply has decrease pending supply has increase.

Pending supply is sometimes referred to as "shadow" inventory.

Shadow inventory estimates real estate owned (REO) by banks and mortgage companies as a result of foreclosures and other actions, such as deeds in lieu, as well as real estate that is at least 90 days delinquent.

Normally shadow inventory would not be included in the official measures of unsold inventory, but there are potentially millions of homes yet to undergo the foreclosure process. When these homes are put back on the market it will cause a rapidly growing shadow inventory.

According to Lender Processing Services (LPS) as of October 2009, 30% of properties that have been in foreclosure for 12 months and have not reached the market.

Mean while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said they would suspend foreclosure evictions to January 3, 2010, and Citigroup Inc said it would suspend foreclosure evictions to January 17, 2010.

The following are from First American CoreLogi

Current UNITs of inventory for the month of Sept 2009 is

Visible 3.8 million unit for Sept 2009
Shadow 1.7 million unit for Sept 2009

Total UNITs of inventory of Visible and shadow is 5.5 in Sept 2009

UNITs of inventory for the month of Sept 2008 is

Visible 4.6 to 4.7 million unit for Sept 2008
Shadow 1.1 million unit for Sept 2008

Total UNITs of inventory of Visible and shadow is 5.7 in Sept 2008

Total months' supply for 2009

Visible 7.8 months in September 2009
Shadow 3.3 months in September 2009

Total month’s supply of Visible and shadow is 11.1 in Sept 2009

Total months' supply for 2008

Visible 10.1 months in September 2008
Shadow 2.4 to 2.6 months in September 2008

Total month’s supply of Visible and shadow is 12.7 in Sept 2008

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Something I can agree with your right-wing readers on -- all of 'em disgust me!

Lost Cause said...

I recently read someone say that since we are no longer workers, and we are now consumers, boycotts will work where strikes were once used.

Jane in Australia said...

Thank you so much for coming back Keith! The world makes so much more sense when you are around. I heard a great comment the other day about the bail outs - why fix up a system which could crash so spectacularly in the first place? People are just so blindly stupid.

Ross said...

The pictures of Obama, Fuld, Bernanke, Chris Cox, Geithner, etc etc are missing.

Oh well.

Went2puke said...

Those same ugly faces will come back to their seats after the next round of elections. They work so hard to please their corporate benefactors in order to secure the money they need to brainwash the voters and crush any meaningful opposition in future contests.

Thanks to campaign ads backed by big corporate money, voters' collective memory will simply be erased and the focus will no longer be on the real issues affecting their future and that of their progeny, like healthcare, Social Security, corruption, war and peace, the environment, housing, the fleecing of America and all the Ponzi schemes, but on the sideshows that divide people and allow politicians to keep on conquering, like abortion, gay marriage, race and religious differences, etc...

Wake up people!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

To comment further, I reckon you put up these incompetents' pictures as a commentary on what happened with "health care reform." Two perspectives:

If the current version of "health care reform" passes, the Dimwitcrats will have given the Repiglickins the loaded gun which the Repigs will use to kill the Dims with. The thrust of the legislation will now FORCE people to pay money to the health "insurance" maggots, or the government will impose a fine on the people. The government is telling people "Hand your money over to a ripoff corporation, or we will punish you." And the government will use tax money to subsidize "insurance" companies so they can supposedly provide health care to poor people.

How fascist is THAT? Government using its power to help PRIVATE CORPORATIONS! The Repigs will be able to portray this as "big government Dims taking your money for nothing." Harry Reid has given his opponents the perfect means to attack him.

They'll have to tread carefully, because the 'Pigs are as beholden to the "insurance" companies as the Dims are. Don't want to use rhetoric that attacks your corporate masters. OTOH, politics is so cynical that I can envision Repiglickins running on a platform that bashes "insurance" companies, then turning around and doing whatever the companies want when the Repigs regain power. All with a wink and a nod to say "Sure, boys, we'll attack you in the campaign but then we'll help you out. Now give us some money so we can buy TV commercials to fool the sheeple."

And my second point is how pointless and sham-like the whole "health care" hoo-hah is. Americans are getting sick and living shitty lives because they can't get health care. If you have diabetes or a heart condition or cancer and you're not rich, you can just go die, motherfucker. You might have something called a "health insurance policy" but chances are high that it won't do squat for you. And if you're unemployed, or one of the working poor with no policy, you're not much better off than somebody in an African country.

But what are politicians and the idiot media yammering about? Joe Liarman's ego, and Ben Nelson's abortion obsession, etc. Americans are living in unnecessary pain, but the focus is on the sideshow.

I've now had the privilege to live in two other countries that have socialized medicine. And the systems work pretty damn good! Not perfect, but Aussies and Canucks don't have to worry that they're going to DIE. These people aren't German-style geniuses (although Canadians are smarter and better-behaved than Americans. More boring, though.) Yet they are honest and competent enough to make socialized medicine function. They take care of their fellow citizens. While America debates bullshit.

It's too bad that America is so scared of socialism, and so owned by corporations, and so dishonest that it can't run a national healthcare system without massive fraud. Americans will continue to die needlessly. Your country is doomed, just fucking doomed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

...your man Obama...

Nothing gets by this guy.

Except maybe 8 years of Bush; I bet that nightmare snuck right on by him.

Implicit in the "your guy" theme is the belief that the right guy would represent us.

Sure thing, Rube. Nothing wrong with the system other than poor choices, right?

Mark in San Diego said...

Just business as usual since likely the Harding administration - maybe earlier. . .what does one expect, Democrat, Republican. . .Wall Street runs everything - always has, always will. . .Healthcare???. . .yes - more money for big Pharma and Big Health Insurance Co's. Green initiatives?. . yes, more money for GE and ConEd (has anyone seen all the money given to US utilities lately?)...

What to do? nothing - just go out and play with the kids in the snow (if you live on the East Coast) or play at the beach if you live here in SoCal or FLA. . .

Anonymous said...

Lieberman As Two Face starting in Batman!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi. What a continuing source of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of corruption, Keith, what are your thoughts on the global warming fraud? Very ironic that we have huge amounts of snowfall in the US and Copenhagen during the summit huh? I guess that's why they changed the buzz word from "global warming" to "climate change". Now we are supposed to believe that any change is man caused despite millions of years of scientific evidence to the contrary. I am a Constitutionalist so I have no use for either of the political parties being that neither follows the Constitution. However, you have to admit as kooky as it is to hear Bush denounce evolution, it is equally kooky to ignore the fluctuations in temperature throughout the eons of Earth's existence. I predict that this will be the straw that breaks the American people's back when they have to pay even more money for some bullshit tax schemed up by Al Gore, Ken Lay, and Goldman Sachs. I believe that this will be the primary cause of the Great American Revolution that is coming within the next 5-10 years. The corrupt politicians and world leaders have not covered up their lies adequately, which is why there will be a big movement toward truth and understanding. This will cause deeper investigation into 911, Climte change, The Fed and fractional reserve banking, the shameful healthcare bill they are about to ram down our throats, the propaganda that has replaced journalists, the military industrial complex and all the other scams of the past. This is also why they are trying to regulate the internet, to "protect" the citizens from assembling or knowing the truth. Let's face it, the internet is the Zapruter film they did not anticipate falling into the hands of the public that will wake them from their slumber.

Imprison Casey Serin said...

Next Golden Age in America: when the vast majority of Boomers are mercifully out of the workforce and the halls of power.

What a catastrophic failure and colossal disgrace they have been. In the near future, these people will be embarrassed to admit that they were born in the 1940's/1950's.

Just wait. The Boomers' kids have generally had to work 100 times harder, for far less, than their idiot parents. It will be nice to have people with a lick of common sense in leadership positions. But we'll still have to wait; for the most part, there's hardly anyone born after 1970 in gov't.

williamter said...

i said it a year ago the sitcom is on its going to be #1 in the ratings and it has been and i thank all of the obama voters for putting this right out front including this blog for its support of this fraud from the beginning but liberals always screw up when given complete control almost like teenagers although just a little more dangerous so thanks again the circus is back and we cant wait for 2010 and i know you have to leave soon

Anonymous said...


Good grief!

Harry Reid, 'The cadaver'!

Anonymous said...

i hate americans

Anonymous said...

Is corruption an interpretation of the numbers.

Look at the difference from Sept 2008 to Sept 2009 total UNITs of inventory of Visible and shadow is

5.7 - 5.5 = 0.2

or 200,000 units

Look at the difference from Sept 2008 to Sept 2009 total month’s supply of Visible and shadow

12.7 - 11.1 = 1.6 total month’s supply was taken out of the inventory.

Afterthought said...


You know that they just made it worse, so you'll have to come back and man your post.

New name for the site. "Bouncing Rubble"?

Anonymous said...


You know Pelosi smells like stale cigarettes, Doritos and Vagisil!


Mike Hunt said...

Anon 8:13pm.

It actually makes no logical sense to continue dumping more CO2 into an already unstable climate system.

Even if we were to drop all emissions to zero (impossible of course) the unstable climate system would have to play itself out.

Moreover I don't think we can meaningfully cut emissions- all cap & trade does is create a huge wealth transfer to the politically connected. There will not be a reducing effect on emissions.

We have a conundrum with no good solution- with what we have today I think it's best to do nothing.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great to punch Nancy Pelosi square in the face and watch the botox squirt out?

Paid Off said...

You are back! :)