January 2, 2010


Banana Republicrat said...

There it is! Thanks Keith!

ContraryRiches said...

My 2nd favorite post of yours after "CFC", with Angelo Mozillo looking like the Colonel! Remember the fun days of war on Casey, Orangelo, Greg Swann, that ponytailed realtor who debated Peter Schiff, and other douchebags??

So Keith, I'm hoping one of your resolutions for this year is to do a daily post!

MissedApproachMN said...

Keith- Glad you are back. Thank you!

Apples success new threat said...


Did Kilogg’s get approval from the central union of centralized last-name and global sustainable oversight, under sight and sideways-sight Eurotatrd bio-dialog-compost regulated unconditional-always-blame-Jews organizational committee for the protection of rare and endangered Dentists.
To offer
non-competitive ‘free trial offer’?

I think not!

Heavy EU fines to be discussed *immediately, in the international court for the protection of the centralized OPPL (Other Peoples Pocket Liners) AKA – get paid for farting around.

*immediately = very open ended..

Disclosure: as always, our commitment to unconditional-always-blame-Jews, remain steadfast

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I've been surprised at how many heroin junkies there are in Vancouver. There's a section of town called "the downtown east side" next to Chinatown that is essentially "Junkietown." I've had more IV drug users as patients in four weeks working at the hospital here than I had in four years working in a big-city hospital in Australia. And they're all full of hepatitis, HIV, blood-borne diseases that could kill me. Canada has a dark underbelly.

I say legalize smack and coke. Let the government give it away to addicts. Let 'em kill themselves with it. They're gonna die anyway. Let 'em die happy, and without the cost of their crime and medical care.

Charles said...

Keith I hope you stick around for a while. I think the fun's gonna get started again soon...

The failed flippers and investors, who end up with no one to sell or rent to respectively in 2010, should give us a whole new batch of pessimism. Just in time for the 2010 elections.

I think the last of the greater fools started their lemming march in 2009.

Anonymous said...

I get it...


Printed money is the drug that eliminates the pain and perpetuates the hamster wheel of marginalized pseudo-slave like existence.

Government has learned to tow the line of printing money while controlling inflation and the work force through taxes. Under this system there is no real ownership. If there were Americans could have a tax free home that could be handed down to generations in perpetuity.

The problem that people have is not with the cause and effect of inflation and taxation practices as much as the nature and denial of the truth. Small regulations simply exacerbate a problem in a system that is inherently broken. Outside of the jungle, social freedom does not seam to work.

Can't fight city hall...

speedingpullet said...

Keith me old china!

Nice to see you and your bad attitude back on the interwebs!

Now I'll have to salvage your url from archive, and re-bookmark it for daily enjoyment...

Anonymous said...

Try to do one a day , Keith. Good stuff. Crazy world.

casey said...

Is that the fed giving the people a wall street a good injection of cash?

I just bought another house to flip.Keep renting peons.

keith said...

Meanwhile, check out the drunken Brits


Make them stop. Please. Make them stop.

And if they won't, then please keep them from leaving the island.

Budvar said...

Not defending pissed up Brits Keith, but the words glass houses and throwing stones spring to mind here.

Do the words "spring break" and "girls gone wild" ring any bells?

Does their behavior mean that the entire population of the good ole USofA are a bunch of drunks and sluts? By your way of thinking it does, or does it only count when you're slagging off the Brits?

Not only is this in the sun, a tabloid not fit to wipe your arse with, but it's a holiday edition with nothing newsworthy happening, they run a front page with drunks on it. 2 comatose drunks, 2 falling about in the snow and a woman being sick from up and down the land of a population of over 60 million.

It's a non story, the world is on the brink of financial destruction, The Lisbon treaty came into force 1/1/10 our sovereignty has been sold down the river and this is the morning front page. FFS Keith get a grip!!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Keith said:

Meanwhile, check out the drunken Brits


Couple of thoughts on that link:

First, the bimbo that was pictured a couple times... Was that a bit of cooze peeking out from the miniskirt on the top pic?

But seriously, I reckon the two of THAT babe were set-ups, not reality pix. The way she was sprawled out in different poses in separate locations, with hair carefully arranged to cover her face, long bare legs artfully crossed... I say "posed." It was from The Sun, after all, a rag that's no stranger to fakery.

The debauched slags in that link were way better-looking that the British birds I've seen. All the ones I encountered Down Under were chunky monkeys, more like the one pictured publicly spewing in that article. If you ever see an English girl who's thin or has good teeth, she's probably a model or someone who has a professional reason to look good, because most UK chicks are PUG-UKGLY.

Secondly, in Australia, "booze bus" has a different meaning to the ones in England. In the UK, that video clip shows booze buses that help hopeless drunks by offering them medical treatment and protection from the cold. In Oz, "booze buses" are there to bust you.

It's common in the state of Victoria to have major streets roadblocked in all directions by cops. They pull out hundreds of drivers at random, breathalyze you and also swab the inside of your mouth with a chemical tester than can detect marijuana and amphetamines. If you test positive, you're marched onto a converted Greyhound-sized bus for blood-taking and other arrest procedures.

While I'm not in favour of drunken/drugged driving IF YOU'RE SO FUCKED UP YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOUR CAR I say that police dragnets that harrass you IF THERE'S NO PROBABLE CAUSE like weaving or other crappy driving are an authoritariand imposition on our freedom to be left the hell alone. I'm not much of an economic libertarian, but I do believe in libertarian principles when it comes to personal behaviour that does not harm other people. And I want to be free from being smacked around by the hairy arm of the law.

This is not a widespread opinion in Australia, though. A certain person in my household who shall remain nameless likes to indulge in the evil weed multiple times a day. Tobacco, too. She was friends with a number of Greatful Deadheads (who are hard to locate in Australia.) You would think that people who like the music of a band that's known for tripping and being stoned would be deadset against oppressive police drug checks.

But before we left, this unnamed person who wasn't me got into a nasty stoush (Aussie slang for "argument") with her music mates over the propriety of booze buses. She took the libertarian position, but most of the others in this merry band of Deadheads -- most of whom were stoners and drinker themselves -- were foursquare in favour of widespread police sweeps of innocent people.

"It's done to keep us safe, so we don't care" was their attitude, and they got narky with the other person, (who is not necessarily Mrs. Bukko), accusing her of supporting drink-drivers. If you're raised in America, you might think that people naturally have a desire for liberty and freedom from police intrusion, but you'd be surprised how many societies are just fine with cops sticking their nose in their business.

corny flakes said...

ooh yeah,

The civilized Eurotards..

But but they wove our pwesident and us now.

They don’t wike cowboys.

Keeping them on the island is a good idea.

Or how bout Ahmadinutihad the mighty queen of Iran captures them then releases them as a great gift from the peaceful Muslims..

Nahh, prolly not a good idea to release them unless you’re heavily invested in Diageo (ticker – DEO)..

Anonymous said...

Ewww Cellulite heaven
No thanks Keith
I’ll stick with American woman

Anonymous said...

What is needed to stop a new speculative investment bubbles from forming.

So Uncle Benny thinks that stronger regulations are needed to prevent another financial speculation from getting out of hand and throwing the economy in a new crisis,but isn't 2010 going to be an election year.


If Congress can not act to form new regulation, then don't Uncle Benny only have one weapon left that is higher interest rates.

In a Dollar Carry Trade environment that Uncle Benny created, CAN Uncle Benny raise interest rate.

If so shouldn't foreign companies better hurry if they want to buy up US Assets with those cheaper US dollars to eliminate their competition.

At what point will the Dollar Carry Trade stop and the Yen Carry Trade begin again.

As part of BOJ new growth plan, will BOJ start allowing their domestic businesses and investors to borrow the yen at the ultra low rate so that Japan can get out of BOJ own created artificial economical depression that is needed to support the Yen Carry Trade.

Didn't PBC and ECB both expressed at one time that the US Dollar is to weak to be the reserve currency of the world.

What are the three most important things that support the US Dollar as the Reserve Currency of the World.

Can it be the following:

1. A Strong Military that can back the reserve currency.

2. A trusted currency that is used as the preferred trading currency.

3. The Assets that backs the reserve currency.

Lastly when is inflation going to high enough where Gold Carry Trade can begin.

speedingpullet said...


Awww, bless ;-)

Still, I wouldn't feel too sorry for her - she's from Newcastle and everyone knows that Geordies have no nerve endings...

Anonymous said...

Awesome. There's nothing better than packing a fresh bowl and then finding new posts on S&A. Shine on in 2010, you crazy diamonds.

casey said...

Anyone got the balls to invest in real estate anymore?Seems like the real investors are back scooping up so called bargains in s. california.How long can the feds keep rates so low?Who in the hell is dumb enough to loan us money at4%?I have another house to sell to a sucker in california.

Ross said...

Speaking of, cash strapped housing bubble central thought they could fix their budget mismanagement with issuing 700,000 photo radar tickets this year.

They thought wrong.



Banana Republicrat said...

Hell Keith the UK is in hock to the point that they make us look good. I'd say drink your swill until that 4 is a 10 and have a good time --while you can still keep your heat on!

Bukko: Yes, a totally staged photo. Personally, I like her friend's Lance Armstrong bracelet.

Anonymous said...

Getting in more practice now huh Keith. Are you going to do 3 or 4 posts a day once Obamageddon resumes later this year? You are camped out in the UK. Do you think they will revalue the pound overnight anytime soon? Do you think they will do this with the Euro or dollar anytime soon? It feels like there is a black swan coming that no one is expecting.