February 23, 2010

Glenn Beck 2012.

I like Glenn Beck.

He entertains me.

But I'm twisted. I like watching people trip on the sidewalk. I like the failblog. So yes, in a sick and twisted way, I like Glenn Beck. He entertains me.

He's our P.T. Barnum. He's our Eugene McCarthy. He's our Barry Goldwater. He's our Chuck Barris. He's our Ginsu Knives guy. And he's a genius at what he does. Just like when he was doing AM radio slapstick. He's a genius at what he does.

So, since the GOP is going to implode (again) in 2012, before it splits into two parties, let's go out with a bang.

Beck 2012.

(god help us all. isn't democracy fun?)


Anonymous said...

Guy's got my vote; a President is just a spokesman for his true employers after all.

We're well past redemption, so we might as well cheer on as big a cratering as possible.

Palin/Beck 2012; the TRIFECTA:

-horny GOP
-the pissed off at government

That oughta cover about 80% right there.

supernintendo chalmers said...

whoa, is Keith back? when did that happen?

yoski said...

Keith, I can't say that I share your love for Beck. He's ill informed and a bit of a demagogue. He gets hung up on the word "progressive" without making much sense. In the progress he even manages to insult Teddy Roosevelt. It's kind of embarassing to listen to that drivel. I don't even find him entertaining, like Palin or Pat Robertson back in his days. I remember seeing some show with Robertson, one minute he was praying to the lord, the next minute he wanted to nuke China. Now that was entertaining in some scary sort of way.

Bukko Canukko said...

Beck-Palin 2012. As a liberal, I'm hoping for that as the Repube ticket. YOU GO, GIRLS!

Charles said...

Hey! Whatever appened to "Dopes!"???

That guy was the Glen Beck of our little blogging world.

Now he entertained me!

Anonymous said...

The Republicans could make substantial gains in 2010 and have a fighting chance in 2012 if they weren't so politically obtuse.

In '08, there was McCain yapping endlessly about the war and supporting the neocons to his last dying political breath. As well, he went all "mavericky" to suspend his campaign to lobby for the TARP bailout.

If McCain had opposed TARP just like 80% of the country did, the election would have been a lot closer than it had been.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Got Housing Panic?


I am going to call all this so called "recover" the bullshit it is.

Dammerung said...

Paul/Kucinich v. Obama/Palin 2012.

Best. Contest. Ever.

Stuck in So Pa said...

"The demon will lie to you!

It will also tell you the truth.

It will also mix truth with lies to confuse you.

Therefore, do NOT listen to ANYTHING it says!"

Father Merrin in "The Exorcist"(1973)

Damn! It does make good TV though. I especially liked the tear-filled, choked-up reading of the original(?) verses that were supposed(?) to go on the Statue of Liberty.

Had me all choked up,too.

No wait, that was that damned potato chip that went down the wrong way!


Beck is an entertainer, a radio jock. Why do we put so much faith in people who have celebrity status versus competence? A bunch of 20-somethings elected Obama, not because the man knew anything about governing, but because he hit all the right buttons for their media-immersed demographic. Now they sit there and scratch their asses wondering why Obama is such a frikken' loser when it comes to governing.

Clue: elect people who have demonstrated some competence at the tasks you expect them to perform once they are seated in office.

Tyrone said...

Obama said he was gunna gits me a check. But I never gots it. Is Beck gonna gits me a check?

Anonymous said...

McCain took a dive just like he was supposed to.

Did we really think our GOP wanted to be left holding the bag for 8 years of Bush? THAT was a master stroke right there.

There's still plenty of Ugly left to come in the 2 1/2 years left before election.

We could put up Foley/Haggard in 2012 and still win.

Apt604 said...


I'm always amazed that you can help me find the humor in things that are so demented and sad. I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a tool for Big Business

Anonymous said...

Yep Keith is a master at finding the humor in this mess .