February 26, 2010

Got Monkey?

(have I mentioned that I can't stand stupid and ignorant people?)


Angry Leprechaun said...

I have a better plan for today. Assemblyman Anthony Portantino in CA, has set a resolution in the state assmebly to have the frist week of March be a no cursing week. He wants evryone to act like they are at Grandma's house. I say we call him and tell him to shut the fuck up and get onto some real issues.

Bukko Canukko said...

(have I mentioned that I can't stand stupid and ignorant people?)

To look at your comment section, I'd say they're attracted to you, though!

Anonymous said...

Palin, Romney and all the other tards in this party are merely a smoke screen.

DeMint/Paul in 2012.

You heard it here first.

lampunderbasket said...

The phase four candidate would be better than anyone we've got now, Republican or Democrat. You've given me hope!

Anonymous said...

You used to say insightful things. It gets lamer and lamer. Kind of like the evolution poster you just put up.

Anonymous said...


I would vote for Any one of those to any Democrat!

1) Republicans lie...but not as well

2) Tired of being taxed to death

3) Worn out from being bent over and having the elastic limits of my anus tested daily by the Dems


Anonymous said...

Dan Quayle spells potato with an 'E'

and it is never forgotten.

Joe Biden says, "I have a three letter word for you, J-O-B-S!"

But yet not a word about it!

F**K you Hypocrites!


Anonymous said...

'Potatoe' with an 'e' is often acceptable when done with plural inflection

Kent said...

Phase IV offers the most hope.

Dogcrap said...

You are a true moron. So you were wrong about Obama. Millions were dupe by the lies of "liberalisiem" of course there is nothing liberal about a Communist, but I digress.

The Republicans are all we got to keep Obama from destroying the world. May be you should lighten up on them.

can you imagine the horrors we would be seeing if Michele Bachmann wasn't elected? Your man-boy would have killed us all already.

Anonymous said...

"...you were wrong about Obama..."

Nothing gets by this poster.

Anonymous said...

OK done here. I sure miss HP. It pretty much stayed on subject. I won't let the door hit me...

Good luck everyone.

keith said...

SWEET! Got rid of another one!

SAWB said...

Yeah Keith, it's troubling when "stupid, ignorant people" are elected to public office.

The fact that Obama still willingly shares this story says a lot about the man. Apparently they didn't teach the difference between liability and collision coverage, or the importance of actually reading the contract when Mr. Obama attended Harvard Law School.

Oh well, with Obama, the ignorance is just so darned eloquent - LOL

SquippY said...


I'm still with you however, your blog is a black hole for ignorant close minded unrealistic extremists, they can't resist the gravitational pull of an original idea that didn't come from the Limbaugh or the Beck/Tea Party galaxy. Meanwhile the rest of us are stuck with reality on earth. How can one accuse this administration of being ineffectual and in the same breath they've also destroyed America, which is it? We gave the last administration a fake war and eight years and thousands of American deaths before we passed judgment. They still haven't owned up to their mistakes, no matter how obvious, no matter how many Americans die in some desolate muslim shithole, no matter how many Americans lose their jobs, homes, health insurance, or faith in their government. I am convinced that conservatives have got the memory capabilities of a goldfish. Just cause you don't acknowledge fuckups doesn't make them any less of a fuckup. And for the record I was born a white, conservative christian, middle class male and voted republican for 18 years,I'm not proud but at least I'm honest. I got sick of worshiping our corporate masters at the expense of my fellow Americans. Did we learn nothing these last couple of years? We the people of the United States of America hold this truth to be self evident, big business doesn't give a fuck about us or our country.
If you're anon you words are worthless, unaccountable cowards.

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

This board has become lame and childish.

Anonymous said...

If you're anon you words are worthless, unaccountable cowards.


Unlike "SquippY", who screams out proudly, without an alias, to be held fully accountable for his words.

Banana Republicrat said...

I've got it, #4 is the one that doesn't belong!


yoski said...

Looks like increased activity from netvocates. Fact is that the Republicans own the lion share of setting the economic down turn into motion plus 2 wars for good measure. The problem with Obama and his crew is that they simply stepped on the accelerator where Bush left off. Anybody that still votes Republican or Democrat deserves everything they've coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you angry lep!!! Everyone in CA should tell there reps "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS!"

No budget again and there worried about this shit???

- Charles, from my mobile

Anonymous said...

lame is the republiscams and the democraps.....

Anonymous said...

Love,Love these four in this picture especially the one on the bottom right.

Ross said...

Ok but what happens when you are the stupid/ignorant and you don't realize it?

Don't be so smug because it will happen one day, maybe sooner than you realize.

keith said...

Ross - if you constantly read, and seek out new sources of information and viewpoints that differ from your own you will never be ignorant.

Wrong, yes, from time to time. Ignorant, no.

Ignorance comes from closed minds. And those that reject any information that disagrees with their world view.

You know, like Fox News viewers.

Ross said...

My sources tell me that the Republican Party is shifting more towards true conservatism like that of Ron Paul's and the CPAC bore that out.

What sources are you using to base your judgment on them? I'd say they are in a lot better shape than the democrats and are getting closer to the will of the people. Let's see what happens in November. Forget about who is in there now, I'm talking about the upcoming "draft class," if that makes sense.

Palin is just a side show, somewhat like Hillary Clinton - completely unelectable to an executive office. She's like the Paris Hilton of politics. You want to see what she does next, but don't take her seriously.

Oh and by the way, she got crushed in the CPAC poll. Mitt Romney beat her by a lot too, so I don't see how she is the new leader of this party. She's not even holding office right now, so who is holding her up as some kind of savior? She's pretty hot, I'll give her that, but how many kids has she had??? I won't go any further on that take.

I was a lifetime independent until last year when I registered Republican when my sources told me that Campaign For Liberty had infiltrated the party in Arizona and were planning a hostile take-over.

I don't agree with your take on Palin at all if you are saying that she's what the party has in mind for their future. Look at her poll numbers, they're terrible.

That's why I am saying not to be so smug. You may spend all the time seeking out new blogs and internet news sources, but nothing beats hitting the streets and seeing the action first hand.

AZ might be unique in the fact that it fosters the Libertarian spirit more than most, if not all states, but it has been a trend setter before.

I know the Republicans were completely wrecked by the neo-cons, whom I have much hatred for, but honestly I see them changing for the better faster than the democrats.

As a matter of fact, I'd say they're being taken over by Libertarian-leaning people right under our noses.

Almost 50% of the attendees at CPAC were college students who were not sponsored by the Republican party to be there. That's powerful - Berkley in the 60's Powerful. But of course the MSM continues to ignore this trend.

You can call the current version of the elected Republican legislators a bunch of Palin-ites and monkeys, but in my opinion, you're missing what's really happening.

Campaign for Liberty is taking over college campuses. YAL is gaining membership much quicker than Young Republicans. These people are also registering Republican just like I did because they know they can blend in for a short time before they kick all the idiot Neo-cons to the curb. But, there's absolutely no place for YAL (Young Americans For Liberty) members on the democrat side. They would not blend in at all.

Libertarianism in its base form doesn't work in federal or state government but at a time when our government has completely over-reached its intended boundaries, it may be viable and is definitely needed for a while as an alternative to the fascism that the two party system has created. Libertarians will just have to pose as Republicans (like Ron Paul does) in order to get elected. But what happens when there are more of them than there are "neo-cons?" It's happening quicker than you realize.

This may be just one person's opinion, but it looks like a few agree with me.


Anonymous said...


You do realize that is Obama in the lower right corner don't you?


Angry Leprechaun said...

Obama gonna gits me a check.

SeattleMoose said...

Are we not men????!!!!!



Bukko Canukko said...

Ross, I admire your optimism about young people and a libertarian takeover of the Repugs, but why do you think they'll have any more success than the optimistic (and free-thinking) young people who got behind Hopey's 2008 campaign and got sold out by the corporate Dims?

The big money is behind the two-sides-of-the-same-coin two-party system. Young people might go to meetings, but their voices will be easily drowned out by a million dollars worth of TV ads for pro-corpo politicians.

And as far as those young people at CPAC, how many of them do you think are libertarian enough to say "It's your choice to smoke pot, have gay sex or get an abortion"? How many of them booed Bob Barr when he said that torturing prisoners of war is a bad thing? Government torture/murder is as anti-libertarian as it gets, but Barr was hooted down because he spoke ill of it.

I don't see a "do what you want, don't torture people" ideology taking over the Republican Party in my lifetime. What would the Christianbase say?!?

I say "Go Green or Go Libertarian, but go to hell, Republicans and Democrats."

Anonymous said...

That picture appears to assume that Palin will eventually be part of the U.S. executive branch, perhaps president, and that a monkey president will succeed Palin.

I agree with the first part--the ignorant uneducated stupid fool idiots will band together and elect Palin president.

But who is to say, after Palin is done being president that there ever will be another president AT ALL?????

I highly doubt it. I would have bet against it if McCain got in too.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The phase 4 candidate is by far the most qualified. I bet you that he will do everything in his power to make sure banana's are free.

Free banana's for all!!!