February 21, 2010

I think I've found the Tea Party's 2012 candidate. Or Sarah Palin's running mate. Epic Beard Man.

Yup, he fits the bill.

He'd be a great write-in candidate in the 2010 races too, if you're looking to throw your vote away.

(you can check out the big fight here)


keith said...

Sorry folks, but this one is just cracking me up something fierce for some reason


(gotta sign in to youtube to see)

I hope epic beard man guy makes $1 million off this. That would be the great american dream realized, fur shure

Anonymous said...

"I don't deserve all this attention"

STOP right there. You nailed it on the head.

That's just like the Bill of Rights. "Congress shall make no law". PERFECT.

Charles said...

To Funny Keith...

But I want to get on record with a prediction. Former New Mexico Gov Gary Johnson is the Tea Party and Paulite pick for 2012. He's a Libertarian Republican and has the chops for a presidential run that Paul lacked. Plus since he's not as extreme as Paul he can appeal to moderate Republicans.

He may not win the nom but that's the role he'll play. Bet you he outlasts the empty skirt from Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Guy's got my vote.

For being sensitive enough to cry...just like that drunk/narcotics addict Glenn Beck!

I bet he was really crying after they tasered the living shit out of him.

Nice restraint by the cops. Oh well.

Seems like about a wash; belligerent taunts authority, authority abuses it because they can.

Lawsuit hands us the bill. :^(

Anonymous said...

New Hollywood Hit: "Reversal Of Fortune II; Oakland Edition"

Female Ebonics speaker @ {1:17}: "...beat his white ayass; fuck his ayass up...

{1:47}...aooo oh lawd stop it...lawd have mercy..."

Whitey is a lyin' sack o' shit sayin the guy hit him in the face. He clearly didn't in the vid.

Now I'm glad they lit his ayass up at the baseball game.

Mr. ELawshea recaps it all for us.

Anonymous said...

Well well well,

I guess this guy is not groomed enough to riot at soccer games.

If only we can have a president thats snotty enough to be wiked by the Eurotatrds.

borkafatty aka the pig said...

epic beard man ftw!

Bukko Canukko said...

Thanks for providing me another reminder why I read your blog, Keith. Not for the economic analysis -- there are other sites that do that in more depth -- but because you tip me off to cultural oddities that I wouldn't glom otherwise. (And some of your commenters provide an interesting insight into the worm-infested brains of the insane right wing...)

Did you know that the Epic Beard Man has gone meta? He has become a meme! What a weird world we live in, where a couple surly people on a bus can become larger than life, world-wide fame.

I'm glad to see that the old guy bloodied the punk-ass con. Not because Beard Man is white, or because he's an old guy whupping a younger one, but just because he knocked back an unjustified aggressor. If you can't carry the fight, asshole, don't be pushing people around.

Too bad that idiotic escapades and bad behaviour like that are what typifies public transit in the U.S., though. The system in Melbourne was far from perfect, especially the trains to outlying "bogan" suburbs, but it's not nearly the psychoville that American buses are. The buses here a run-down, stinky and have a good percentage of derelicts, but they're not as bad as in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Epic Beard Man is like a lot of patients I see in hospital. They're polite when they're not aggravated, as he was in the cafe-front interview. But they're damaged inside, and it doesn't take much to set them off. I get assigned to care for these types a lot, because the female nurses are scared of them. They're powder kegs.

And I can't just put a Taser to them like the jerkoff security at the baseball game did. However, two properly trained male nurses could have physically escorted a disagreeable old drunk out of the stadium, using the "aggression control technique" holds we're taught, without having to electrocute the sad bastard. What's the matter, burly security guards -- you're not strong and smart enough to manhandle a boozed-up geezer? Gotta use your weapons instead of your hands? Who's REALLY the man there?