March 17, 2010

Flash: Realtors Care!!! They're Superheroes!!! Here's proof: "Realtors Care Nevada Foreclosure Councelling"

Realtors care?

Uh, then can we have all those commissions back?

And what's their angle? They want the foreclosure listing no doubt. And they want people who got foreclosed to be able to buy houses again ASAP. Gotta make that commission!

Bloodsuckers. Leeches. Cockroaches. Realtors.
Made money lying to people on the way up, made money screwing people on the way down, making money hand-over-fist off the very people they screwed on the way back up. Giving that "comprehensive and unbiased advice" you know.

Every day is a good day to make a commission!


Anonymous said...


Thanks Keith!


fedup said...

hey keith, check this out:
hopefully they'll be more to come!

Anonymous said...

Do you feel for these people who are facing foreclosure on multiple homes.