March 21, 2010

I know I've seen these angry ignorant racist white teabagger mobs before...

I saw them here...

I saw them here...

I saw them here...

I saw them here...

And, of course, I see them here...

If you're a "Tea Party" member, you're associating yourself with right wing racist ignorant intolerant thugs, sponsored by Fox News, the GOP and FreedomWorks.

The "Tea Party" is now a Republican/Fox News/FreedomWorks/Corporate-Sponsored movement of paranoids, racists, ignoramuses, fringe right wingers and thugs.

You know, just like the ones we've seen time after time, bringing shame to America.

History, again, will not be kind.


Pay Lay Ale said...

Where's your pictures of angry illegal alien Aztlan mobs?

Where's your pictures of angry black panthers that want a white genocide?

Where's your pictures of angry Islamists that want a white genocide?

Oh that's right. Keith is just a white Uncle Tom.

Anonymous said...

So many angry people.

Anonymous said...



Everyone else rides off on our Taxes

(i.e. welfare, acorn, planned parenthood...)

Lost Cause said...

Yup. Nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

The comparisons are ridiculous. An arguement could be made that past demonstrations orginally had racist motives, but to associate isolated incidents of teabaggers with those of the 50s or 60s is a bit of a stretch.

Mr. Happy said...

Oh bullshit Keith. You worry about some skinheads exercising their First Amendment rights while the whole fucking economy collapses. Good ol' Karl D has penned a piece that should be read by every idiot in Congress and the White House.

The actions of the Obama administration are 180 degrees opposite of the actions needed to avert this disaster. Piling more taxes on the remaining 25% of workers who support the entire economy is not only foolish, when coupled with their huge deficit spending it will hasten the point of no return.

Charles said...

If I remember Keith you are quite the angry one yourself. You have called for Lereah's proverbial head on a stick in the past...

Kinda the pot calling the kettle black huh???

Just because some tea party folks are racist you can't condemn them all. And seeing as how the Fderal Gov has bailed out Wall Street twice and now Big Pharma with this HC bill I think they've got a right to be pissed. Th average tea partier is a stay out of y life and my pocket type voter.

What's you beef with that constituency?

Ultimately I refuse to buy their insurance and with the state challenges underway I don't think I'll have to. So today, while sad, wont rock my boat to much...

The bigger question is why do you and the other nanny staters have this burning need to involve yourself with the intimates of other peoples lives?

Public roads. I'm good. Taxes to pay for a non intervtionalist national defense. Check. Utilities and the like being public (if privately managed to strict guidelines). Definitely. Other than child labor laws, a perfect example of Gov protecting the rights of those who can't protect themselves, what else do you REALLY need from government, especially at the federal level?

You can'y make an honest argument that it's NECESSARY only that you think it would do good. But you and I disagree. And in a true republic with senators that were not whores that wold be the end of it. But you and your ilk want to force your will upon the rest of us.

We're not talking about violation/protection of rights. We're arguing over what you THINK someone deserves. No one has a RIGHT to HCare. If you FEEL people deserve it, by all means start a charity hospital (which BTW this new bill would make damn near impossible) but leave me and mine out of it.

It's an ethical question of the use of coercion. If you can't answer the question correctly the foundation of ALL liberty falls.

Charles said...

And please everyone look at this HC Bill summary from a liberal website firedoglake

Tell me again how this will help those already struggling???

Charles said...

Keith if you'll permit me one more link. Once again from a LIBERAL site, that details the ridiculousness of this mandate

Prisoner No. 6 said...

BTW, Keith - take a look at this story from today's LA Times - definitely worth a piece in S&A:,0,7144708.story

Reminds me of the Casey Serin saga that first brought me to good ol' Housing Panic. Yeah, these folks are about to go into the shitter, but jeezus - buying THREE HOUSES when your only income is social security disability payments? Someone track down that loan officer and shoot them right in the face.

They bought into the lie that housing prices only go up.

Kinda like the stupes here in the comment section buy into the whole teabagger rant that the government is gonna come and take their guns away and lock them into internment camps. So in the last year, they've bought guns and gold and ammo, just waiting for the Rapture to come. And a year later, what has it got them...?

A basement fulla guns and a lost opportunity (check out the 117% I made by investing the money instead into tech and LatAm markets). The dimwits that buy into the Teabagger shuck'n'jive are fattening the wallets of goldbugs, Olin-America and the various gun manufacturers. And accomplishing nothing - other than to shoot each other while patrolling their increasingly vacant subdivisions in white flight states like Utah...

Anonymous said...

The best laugh is to go Google up what all those "Florida voters" err GOP staffers do nowadays.

Saw (#6)Matt Schlappin' his pud on Fox a few weeks ago.

One's an oil lobbyist now; another for Big Pharma.

Anonymous said...

Caution: No Swimming!
Keith is Chumming the water

long beach, ca said...

dumb fuck white trailer trash who think they are better than dumb fuck nigger trash. dumb fucks come in all colors, yellow, brown, whatever.

Anonymous said...

hey keefer I also saw them in the occupied West Bank beating women and children of color,,,sig heil!

Bukko Canukko said...


God DAMN those dirty short-haired 60s protesters, anyway.

Anonymous said...




keith said...

Side story - but look at that first picture, the girl #10

Her name is Lanya McConkey (Peltier). She was a GOP DC hack and lobbyist who in 2000 that was sent to Florida to pretend to be a local outraged at the recount.

Well, now (of course) she's at health care lobbying firm Capitol Health Group. They get paid to bribe congressmen to vote for the interests of health insurance companies.

Tea bagger? Nah. Just another one getting rich conning people for a living. You know, like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dick Armey, Roger Ailes and realtors.

Most of us have legit concerns about America and our government. HP'ers. Ron Paul supporters. But do not support the 'tea party'. It's been stolen. It's been co-opted. It's a fraud. And if you support them, you're a fool.

Total Lobbying Income: $1,225,000
Groups That Have Retained Capitol Health Group
America's Health Insurance Plans $10,000 - Insurance
CardioNet $60,000 - Pharm/Health Prod
Express Scripts $200,000 - Health Services
Healthcare Leadership Council $200,000 - Misc Health
Intuitive Surgical $50,000 - Misc Health
Invacare Corp $120,000 - Pharm/Health Prod
Kindred Healthcare $120,000 - Hospitals/Nurs Homes
Lifeline Vascular Access $120,000 - Unknown Business
MedAssets Inc $15,000 - Health Services
Natl Assn of Psychiatric Health Systems $200,000 - Hospitals/Nurs Homes
Northwestern Memorial Hospital $40,000 - Hospitals/Nurs Homes
Tenet Healthcare $30,000 - Hospitals/Nurs Homes
Vanguard Health Systems $60,000 - Hospitals/Nurs Homes

keith said...

The really sick thing this time, the truly perverse thing, is to watch a supposed "news network" sponsor and promote these idiots.

Orwell would be proud.

And you know who else would be proud? Especially of the "Fair and Balanced" mantra, combined with the screen spashed with red white and blue, and 'news' on the massive tea party movement delivered by hot women in short skirts?


Ross said...

I'm telling everyone here that this bill is complete trash and what's in it is a disgrace to our country. It's worse than the Patriot Act and the Bailout combined.

We will all be sorry. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

BTW stay tuned for it to be overturned by the SCOTUS. I am calling their shot.

Anonymous said...


First time poster. I'm sorry, I've thought you rational and insightful until your demonization of individuals that are in the tea party. While I am of European ancestry, I work as an attorney in NYC. While I am not a member of the tea party, I strongly support their movement and aims and attended several rallies. I have close friends of a number of races and a sister-in-law who is of hispanic origin.

I just wanted to give you some background before I tell you how disgusted I am that you would equate me with the KKK. How dare you sir. How dare you.

Because there are a small number of racists that happen to be racists you paint everyone with such a broad brush. Shame on you.

Because you support healthcare, you consider O to be "good" and opponents of healthcare to be "evil." I thought that the whole point of living in a free society was that there are numerous different perspectives and opinions. However, it is obvious that those in office and you sir do not care about popular opinion. When legislators ignore the will of 73% of the population who did not want government-run healthcare, what does that say...

I'll tell you - it means that those in power believe that they somehow know better than the people that they represent. Imposing this from above. And you believe this to be a benefit. I weep for my country...

keith said...

Last anon - I understand your position, as many here and from HP were "tea partiers" - i.e. gave money and time to Ron Paul, including the tea party money bomb.

However, that's now morphed into a Fox News / FreedomWorks / Karl Rove co-opted pro-GOP, pro-corporation debacle. It should be called out for what it is, and it should not be supported.

Remember who got us into this mess - Bush/Rove/Armey/Fox News. So to see the people who caused this mess brilliantly redirecting the rage at the people trying to get us out of this mess is frankly sickening.

They got drunk and crashed their car into pedestrians on the sidewalk, and now they're hypnotizing the pedestrians through propaganda to beat up the ambulance driver. It's so sick and twisted I don't know where to start.

The "tea party" should die. And if something replaces it, I hope their first violent overthrow is at the Fox News headquarters. Followed by the GOP offices. And I hope it's not just a bunch of racist bitter white guys.

Anonymous said...

I just find it interesting that the "tea party" was non existent when bush was shitting all over this country, but now that there's a black guy as president, they are suddenly very upset that poor people might get health care.

Anonymous said...

How dare you, indeed.

Extraordinary charges demand extraordinary proof:

Anonymous said...

Man, you have got things ass-backwards.

One salient point, though: hasn't Obama turned out to be such a great uniter of people? The country hasn't been this polarized and divided since the civil war.

Great job.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the least bit surprised you would see the same people protesting the "dangling chad" fiasco as you see here, because it's the same problem: trashing the rules of democracy.

Vital, constitutional principles are at stake, and we still believe in the constitution. Those who trample it are despots and must be opposed on principle. The constitution is what holds this country together, not individual presidents (or candidates) who think they are above it.

You can't count some votes more or differently than others. And the rules of congress have to be followed in a democracy. Otherwise, we are nothing more than a banana republic, which is what we officially became last night.

Yes, we can destroy the constitution. I weep for my country.

Anonymous said...

1. 2008-2009-Cause crisis and consolidate Fed's banking power even more. Nationalize industries that affect the majority. Check.
2. 2009-2010,Completely takeover healthcare. Check
3. 2010-2011-Create terrorist threat or false flag attack to warrant implemention of domestic police force.
4. 2011-2012-Pass Cap & Trade, put finishing touches on the North American Union Plan, replace US Constitution with North American Constitution and issue a new world reserve currency.

casey said...

Do i have to buy health insurance from the criminal health insurance companies now?

Charles said...

Remember who got us into this mess - Bush/Rove/Armey/Fox News. - Keith

And Bill Clinton for repealing Glass-Stegal, and Reagan for reckless defense spending (the USSR was headed for collapse since the late 70s, it was gonna happen anyway)

Keith if Obama was the "good" in this why not offer the public option? That's the only ethical and legal way to do it. You don't buy insurance? Okay we tax you and you get basic government plan. They could still introduce that now during reconciliation and only require a majority vote.

But PrezBo wouldn't want to upset his insurance Co masters now would he???

Anonymous said...


I guess it all depends on where you take the photo

Just take a pic of the court during any NBA game,

RAP concert (well mostly dumb white kids now)?

ACORN office?


Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed for that guy in the bottom photo...

It's spelled N I G G E R !

keith said...

BTW, this is why I have to moderate comments.

You'd be surprised, maybe, at some of the sick sh*t I see posted here.

Conservative Blogger Calls For Obama's Assassination On Twitter (Updated)

Anonymous said...

Man that dude is lucky to be in Texas. I can assure you that he would take a beatdown up here for sure. I would be the first one to bitch slap in. Take him down, and just pop him like a punching bag. Fu*cking racist asshole.


Anonymous said...

"...hasn't Obama turned out to be such a great uniter of people? The country hasn't been this polarized and divided since the civil war..."

How true. After 8 years of blissful harmony under Bush, the contrast is all the more shocking.


Anonymous said...

4. 2011-2012-Pass Cap & Trade, put finishing touches on the North American Union Plan, replace US Constitution with North American Constitution and issue a new world reserve currency.

Holey shit. What is that gonna look like?

Great reading lately Keith, glad you are back.

PS - do you forward the homicidal wingnuts to .gov?

Anonymous said...

Conservative bloggers that also happen to be black.

But I guess they are racist too.

Anonymous said...

I love Fox they are the best

Fox loveing fuckwit said...

I love Fox they are the best

I is a semi-literate fuckwit who cant punctuate and I are loving Fox too

Anonymous said...



Rocco said...

It's mathematically true that we're Taxed Enough Already. If I have to be labeled as "racist" or "fascist" in order to get that point across, then fine.

Over the last several months, I've been watching the Democrat and Liberal fools like Keith essentially implode under the weight of supporting one of the worst Presidents and Congresses ever. So it's like 2002 all over again, except the Certified Enemy is now on the left instead of on the right. I can see now that this will never end, and in fact will only grow worse.

Hence, we really need a new paradigm to focus our attentions on how his nation is REALLY divided:

Statist vs. Individualist

Naturally, the Individualist is keeping with the design of the American Republic, whereas the Statist is only supporting whatever the Fascists in the 1930s dreamed up.

Once the nation actually Balkanizes, I'll be sure to leave my property behind and take all my movable stuff to the place where individuals have the rights, not government agencies and corporations. Leaving my property will sting, but it will be loads better than being turned into an actual slave by all levels of government that only want a larger share of my wealth with each passing decade.

Anonymous said...


Wait until the run up to the elections this fall, as full legalization of marijuana is now on the ballot as an initiative in California.

This issue is super problematic for the tea baggers. On one end, they are against government control and want libertarian style free markets. On the other end, are the racists who hate Obama and love their guns/church/alcohol.

Mark my words, the marijuana issue will fractionalize the tea part movement. It will pit the true libertarians in the party against the true racists. And it will make it evident to both those in the party and many Americans, how much of the party is just a bunch of angry racist rednecks.

Anonymous said...


Believe it or not, Americans enjoy some of the lowest income tax rates in the world.

Should the US "Balkanize", you'll be left with great choices of where to live, like Kentucky, Alabama, Missisippi, etc. And it will be even worse in these red states because those poor rednecks won't get any of windfall of federal assistance they currently get from blue states!!

Anonymous said...

keith said...

BTW, this is why I have to moderate comments.

You'd be surprised, maybe, at some of the sick sh*t I see posted here.

idiots on the left were calling for death to bush. there are idiots on both sides.

problem is, the msm doesn't report on the leftist idiots.

Anonymous said...

this is just wrong, nearly 50% of all households do not pay federal income taxes.

hows that for paying their fair share?