April 2, 2010

From S&A: "Top 10 Ways You Know You're a Tea-Bagger"

1) You've conveniently forgotten who got us into this mess

2) You only watch Fox News, morning, noon and night

3) You call yourself a christian, but you hate poor people, and think if you're sick and uninsured you should just go ahead, suffer and die

4) You didn't go to college, and if you did your degree is of Sarah-Palin-quality

5) You hate science, you hate scientists, you don't understand evolution, you dismiss global warming, and you think dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth together

6) You have guns in your house. Lots of 'em.

7) You're in a dead-end career, or you've already lost your job

8) You enjoy your government benefits, but you don't want to pay taxes to the socialist US government

9) Tim McVeigh, the Branch Davidians, Eric Rudolph and Scott Roeder are heroes of yours

10) You're a sucker born every minute. Even if you don't know it.

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11) You're white

12) You're easily conned


Mad As H*** said...

Keith, I have been a loyal follower of your Blog for several years now. But I'm finding your tilt has become way too far Left. The Bush administration and Greenspan made some huge mistakes. But OBama is compounding our problems ten-fold.

The Tea Party Movement is not a bunch of anarchists like the Dems and MSM would have us believe. I have been to a rally and it's grandmothers, Little League coaches, housewives; just everyday Americans who finally are fed-up with a government "By the People, For the People" who is no longer listening to THE PEOPLE.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Mad As H*** said...

The Tea Party Movement is........just everyday Americans who finally are fed-up with a government "By the People, For the People" who is no longer listening to THE PEOPLE.

Fine! Well & good. But where were all these "concerned citizens" when Bushco was running this country into the ground?

I'm sorry, all I see is a bunch of "every-day," ignorant, middle aged or older or redneck white Republicans.

These people are filled with self hatred for themselves because their GOP (that's Grand OLD Party, Party Of God, or Gay Overdosed Pedophiles, take your pick)put this once great country in the toilet so thoroughly that a N#GGER (their words, not mine)could get elected president on the hated, "they deserve to burn in hell," Democratic Party ticket.

Now they desperately need an outside vent for that anger, because looking in the mirror for the true answer, is totally unacceptable.

Oh, and for the record, old, fiscally conservative Republican who voted for Ron Paul here.

Afterthought said...

Pretty much.

The Social Darwinist "Christians": Gotta Luv 'Em!

No, seriously. These people are just barely masking a hellish psychosis. They are a threat to the the rest of us.

Pay Lay Ale said...

Hmm, sounds like more strawman logical fallacies.

1. Yes, Bush helped get us into this mess. Until Obama, he was the worst president in the history of the US. Prior to that it was Jimmy Carter. Every one of our presidents since JFK has been a traitor.

2. I don't watch Faux News. They were shills for the Bush Regime.

3. I'm an atheist.

4. I have a degree in economics from a major university.

5. I love science, the scientific method, and empiricism. Dinosaurs predate humans by millions of years. It was the mass extinction of dinosaurs that allowed for mammals and humans to dominate. The Earth has had some very mild warming, but the warmers cooked the books to make their the results of their computer models look catastrophic.

6. Guilty as charged.

7. I'm in a great career and have doubled my earnings since 2007 and tripled them since 2005.

8. I've never taken a handout from the government and the only thing that even comes close are my (unsubsidized) student loans, which I am dutifully repaying.

9. Tim McVeigh killed non-combatants, including children. The Branch Davidians are a destructive mind control cult, like JWs, Mormons, Moonies, Heaven's Gate, and Scientology. Eric Rodolph targeted civilians who had nothing to do with the government. As for Scott Roeder, two wrongs don't make a right.

10. Keith, you're case in point. Just about everything you write gets refuted.

Anonymous said...

No arguments from me on this one.

The funny thing is that they "think", seriously, they think they are patriots. If it were up to them, they would kick all African Americans, Hispanics, and anyone who is not white out of this country. Their rants about the "new world order" is scary and should be something the government should address. Again, how can you guys listen to the people that got us into this mess? How can you trust Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, etc? Where are your damn brains?

The only thing that comes out of their mouth that makes sense is the fact that our government can create a better economy by cutting spending. And believe me, that is something that will happen whether the democrats/republicans want. Less tax revenues equals less spending. Period. They are against the wall right now.

But you know what I'm starting to believe Keith, and this is scary. I think Americans need another ass whipping. Maybe after this one, they will realize that it has nothing to do with voting for a particular party, you need to vote for the individual. Get to know them. Read about them. And if they are not in "your party", who cares. Vote for the best freaking candidate regardless of party. It should be simple!

Again, I grew up a democrat, and would vote for governor Christie of New Jersey anytime. He's a Republican with a brain. He's cutting spending, and he is doing it for the good of New Jersey. Even if unions don't see if as a good thing. Screw them, we are tired of bending our backs for them.

Great post Keith.


keith said...

Pay Lay Ale - congrats, you're not a Tea Bagger. Not even close.

If you're confused, and are calling yourself a Tea Party member, or a Tea Bagger, I'd suggest you think about your naming conventions.

Jeff said...

Actually, people who really understand "evolution" know it's just another religion based on dogmas and unprovable assumpitons.....

Natural selection is proven, but evolution extrapolates it to unreasonable lengths and fills in the voids with faith. Just another religion.

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about boogeymen, how about Bush/Obama appointee Bernanke?

"The Fed Admits To Breaking The Law"

keith said...

I hope it's sinking in with a lot of you who want to be Tea Party members, or think of yourself as a Tea Partier:


That said, I'd imagine there are LOT of us who WANT to protest against government corruption, government spending, the debt, the Fed, etc. BUT MY POINT IS THAT THE 'TEA PARTY' IS NOT WORTH OUR SUPPORT. IT HAS BEEN CO-OPTED BY FOX NEWS, THE GOP, FREEDOMWORKS, DICK ARMEY, SARAH PALIN, SEAN HANNITY, KARL ROVE, AND FOAMING-AT-THE-MOUTH IGNORANT IDIOTS.

Find a new way to get involved. Find a new way to protest. But man, don't associate yourself with the tea baggers. It's embarrassing.

Tempe Native said...


You know as well as the rest of us the definition of Tea Bagger. But just in case, here is what the urban dictionary has to say:

multiple meanings.
1) one who carries large bags of packaged tea for shipment.
2) a man that squats on top of a womens face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex, known as "teabagging"
3) one who has a job or talent that is low in social status
4) a person who is unaware that they have said or done something foolish, childlike, noobish, lame, or inconvenient.

I think we all know that definition 2 is the one being referred to here. This term is being applied to the Tea Party movement to discredit them. I always thought of you as a thinker. One that would use reason and logic to make their point, not one that would use name calling to persuade others.

If you want to dislike them, you just have to stick to the facts. They are a grassroots movement against the current leadership of the Republican Party from the 2008 election. They have been co-opted by those forces that they once opposed and are now being destroyed by the media. Period.

Keep It Real said...

12. You will be maniacally cheering for your favorite 'Final Four' basketball team this weekend, most (pretty much all) of whom are black. But you would deny those same kids health care benefits - or any rights whatsoever - if you had your way.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Keith, I do not understand your take on all this. Here is how stupid your arguments sound lately.
Note the next paragraph is sarcasm to show how lame you have been lately.
What if I said Liberals or your new coffee partiers were 1. Those who forgot that Clinton helped get us into this mess and it was all his fault, 2 Only watch CNN and MSNBC the rating losers, 3 A worthless scientist, 4 Think they are better because they have higher education and feel they are free to control the lives of poor people, 5 Eat only granola and drink kool-aid are stupid because they only eat plants and are week because they only eat plans those dumb vegan assholes, 6 believe that guns are evil even though there is no devil the devil sent them, 7 all drive BMW’s and a rich and they are assholes because of it they think they own the road, 8 not only enjoy their gov benefits but want Obama to take their temp with a rectal thermometer because they are all gay men those liberals,9 all worship Bill Ayers and Rev Wright because Obama does so they must all too right, 10 stupid, 11 worthless blacks and Mexicans and Keith’s mom is a lesbian.

Angry Leprechaun said...

1. Bush was an asshole, does not mean I like has come after.

2. I do not watch Fox news, nor do I watch Copper or Maddow. I can see that there are other news organizations just as bad.

3. I am not religious. I do believe in keeping my emotions stable and to do so I use tools to work on humility. I do not care what that is labeled as.

4. I have a BS from SDSU and I am currently working on an MBA online.
Oh and as I have expressed here before I can't stand Palin, but equally as much I can’t stand Obama.

5. I like scientist, but I do not propaganda from anyone, therefore I do not trust a shady scientist. I believe in global warming bit do not believe it to the degree of Al Gore.

6. I have two guns in my house.

7. My career is healthy. I know lots of dysfunctional people that have perfectly functioning careers. There is nothing wrong making an honest living and we should be thankful for the contributions from custodial workers and burger flippers to lawyers and doctors. That does not mean they should reap the same benefits in life.

8. People are too dependent on gov programs from both sides of the aisles. Aside from secure borders, sound money, and a reasonably sized (not the current) military is really the jist of what I want the Federal Gov involved in. CA roads are a joke and the education in the state sucks. Until CA gets those two things under control I don't really want them focusing on much either.

9. None of these assholes are my heroes. Bush and Co were as reckless as half of them and now Obama is following in their footsteps.

10. I do not believe I am a sucker.

11. I am white, oh fuck me.

I am not a tea bagger nor am I a tea baggee.

I am going to bring up some things that I have never brought up here before and it is to prove some sort of point. The point is people on of both sides of the political spectrum come from all walks of life.

1. I married into a family of highly educated, extremely wealthy organic farmers. I now work for my wife's father. While we may be labeled rednecks you would never know it by meeting us. We employ many people, trade produce all over the country. There are people in the organization who are on both sides of the political spectrum. Working in the organic side of agriculture, you would not believe how many of these rednecks are die hard liberals.

2. I am a recovering alcoholic. Through my recovery I moved away from being a republican and began to understand that laws will not affect people’s decisions. Drug laws, DUI laws, etc, are ineffective. It is through this process that I have gone through that I realized that people need to learn from their own mistakes. People are going to do what they are going to do regardless of the laws our gov pushes and regardless of how hard they fight the war on drugs.
3. And then there is this dreaded white thing that surely seals the deal on me being a tea bagger correct? Wrong. I am not a tea bagger and will not be.

If people like you Keith want liberty specifically civil liberties, then you may want to look at getting the government out of many issues instead of taking a stance on one side. This is specific to gay marriage, drug usage, abortion, the list goes on and on and now includes healthcare and please don’t forget monetary policy. Having the government take any side on these issues is a violation on civil liberties.
Am I a Tea Bagger, a racist, someone who has no decency for others and their own will? A redneck, asshole, sucker? Label me as you wish I really do not care. Oh I just wish I wasn’t white anymore, mother nature has been so unkind to me.

keith said...

Angry Lep, congrats, in no way, shape or form are you a tea bagger. Move on.

I'm trying to help here folks. I think some of you are getting it now. "Tea Party" and "Tea Bagger" are slurs. You do NOT want to be associated with this Fox News / Dick Armey / Karl Rove / GOP / Sarah Palin/ FreedomWorks disaster.

Not that you'll have much of a choice much longer. They're going the way of the Freedom Party or the Whig Party or the Know-Nothing Party soon. Very soon.

If you wanted to be a tea bagger, but see now what's happened to that "movement" then here's what I'd suggest.

Be an independent. Join up with other independents (hint - not Republicans masquerading as independents). And vote 100% anti-incumbent in 2010.

See. Wasn't that easy?

Angry Leprechaun said...

"Otherwise they'll win."
Who says? Cut you some slack? Fuck no. You were a Ron Paul supporter. You were an independent. Because you are taking this soooooo personal you have lowered yourself to their level. Not everything is about winning and losing Keith. They did win Keith, they got under your skin and made you compromise your position to play their game. That was what they wanted and that is what they got all while getting someone like you to compromise your stance on liberty and solid markets with solid money.

Higher Meth said...

You've come completely unhinged, Keith. Really.

AL is right - get off the Tea Party shit, pronto. Your own "foaming at the mouth" tirades and obsession with the Tea Party demonstrate the same degree of mental illness inherent in the people you disparage. Get a grip, and do it quickly. Palin et al will do themselves in in short order. Why are you so fixated on these people? I know you have apocalyptic visions of Tim McVeigh clones taking out city blocks, but I think you give them far too much credit. As the saying goes, if brains were dynamite, they wouldn't be able to blow their noses.

Otherwise, L'il Timmy and Ben have acknowledged pissing on the Constitution and this elicits a yawn from you, Maddow and the rest of the PC sycophants. But I guess as long as Democrats are committing treason, it's all good, right? Remind you of any other group of people you know?

keith said...

Like the Housing Scam, I'm simply trying to stop people from being conned.

Note to "tea party" sympathizers - you're being conned.

Join something else.

Do something else.

Let FreedomWorks and Karl Rove make their own bed.

In a few weeks or months, you'll want to be nowhere near the "Tea Party" name. Not only will you deny it, you'll be ashamed of yourself for being anywhere near it.

Trust me.

consultant said...

Everyone who is telling Keith to move on. Please. It's his blog. He gets to write what he wants.

Tea Party movement=KKK=White Citizens Councils=Loyalist (during the Revolution). We've always had them, probably always will.

I call them one digit in/one digit out people (groove for short). They can only process one thing at a time. Give them something else to think about and they lose the prior thought. They are easily deceived and manipulated. The groove people are in both major parties, but are heavily represented in the remains of the Republican Party. Which is why they march forward with such uniform rigidity.

Both "parties" no longer represent "the people".

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Keith's voice crying in the wilderness. He is shining a hot light on a growing cancer in our heartland, which, if allowed to spread will metastasize in the darkness. There are too many uneducated yet energetic and zealous people in this country who continuously seek a messiah, whether it be Jesus, Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck. They just want someone to rally around who 'understands' their pain and gives it a name: 'Democrats', 'Obama', 'foreigners'. Tim McVeigh didnt really know or care about who or what he blew up, he just felt a nameless pain and wanted to rage against it to make himself feel better. So do the teabaggers.

keith said...

Just when I was about to lose faith in the posters on this blog, two back-to-back voices of sanity

Thank you for your comments. I wish more would see the light on this.

I'm not sure if we can change one person's mind, but I still think it's worth the effort.

I simply hate to see people being conned.

Especially people who hang out here.

LT Harley said...


I have to agree that many republicans have tried to hijack the tea party movement. What I don't agree with is giving up protesting the current corrupt administration just because a few republicans have wormed their way into what started as an independent movement.
We are sinking further into the abyss and yet we continue to define ourselves in terms of one of two corrupt political parties.
You cannot keep falling back to how bad Bush was when in most ways Obama is a continuation of much of the same. Still bailing out banks, still at war in the middle east, still manipulating markets, still supporting the fed. What the heck is different under Obama. Even health-care is beginning to look like just another political gift to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

keith said...

Protest, but do NOT do it under Fox News' and Dick Armey's Tea Party banner.

Kill the "Tea Party". And for the next "movement" accept no corporate or media sponsors.

(meanwhile, where were the protesters in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008? You know, when it would have mattered)

Anonymous said...

Judging from the comments, I think Keiffer hit the mark on this one. Teabaggers are morons. Sorry. There it is.

Dogcrap said...


I love it when you wacos speak out.

You are a source of shame to real Democrats. You and your type will shame the real Democrats away from the election booth.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Note to "tea party" sympathizers - you're being conned.

If you are saying I am being conned or in any way sympathize with the the tea partiers I don't. But once again being a tribal idiot at their level does no good for your sanity or your character perception.

JaneZ was pretty clear as to why you have lost the majority of the good posters around here. Sure wish Andrew Hoc would return but I understand why he left.

Pay Lay Ale said...

"If you're confused, and are calling yourself a Tea Party member, or a Tea Bagger, I'd suggest you think about your naming conventions."

I sympathize with most of the people and its stated ideology, but it's been infiltrated by the neocons like Beck and Stupid Palin.

"(meanwhile, where were the protesters in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008? You know, when it would have mattered)"

There were protesters (leftists), but they didn't matter. People can't see past their own ideology. They find it difficult to criticize their own, but the blinders are off when other people are in power.

The people that should have been the most angry at Bush should have been his own party. He and the leadership betrayed every principle that his party once stood for. Not only did he nearly destroy the country, but he nearly destroyed his own party. We got Soetoro because of Bush.

The same shit is happening with Soetoroand the dem leadership. The dems, independents, and even some republicans want us OUT OF IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN NOW!!!!!! Hardly anyone supported the bailouts. He supports the Patriot Act, FISA, and other big brother schemes. That G20 meeting with martial law in Pittsburg is a preview to what Soetoro wants to do to the rest of the country. He broke many campaign promises already like transparency and no tax hikes on the middle class and poor.

Soetoro is also destroying his party. If the GOP gives united opposition to Soetoro's amnesty bill, the dems will lose the house and senate. If health care costs continue to go up in 2012, 2014 and beyond the dems will go the way of the whigs. They bet the farm on this pig of a bill.

The US going bankrupt will also be a wild card. I don't know how much longer we can behave like Greece with impunity. What happens when the dollar crashes and we can't import oil and shit from China?

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but a cheap, smutty, vulgar smear.

Nothing to see--or learn--here, people. Move along.

And please protect the children from being corrupted by the incessant perverted allusions by Obama supporters.

Nothing but a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Lets see the on this one blog post the Tea-Party has been called

all I see is a bunch of "every-day," ignorant, middle aged or older or redneck white Republicans.

GOP (that's Grand OLD Party, Party Of God, or Gay Overdosed Pedophiles, take your pick

These people are just barely masking a hellish psychosis

If it were up to them, they would kick all African Americans, Hispanics, and anyone who is not white out of this country


"Tea Party" and "Tea Bagger" are slurs


anyone falling for this garbage needs to be mocked

Tea Party movement=KKK=White Citizens

Seems as though a little mirror looking is needed.

LOL said...

Tea-Baggers are morons.

But so is anyone who Watches FOX news or CNN.

So is anyone who Trusts and believes anything any politician says ever.

It’s all the same.

The leaders and those who put them there all profit some way or another off idiots who follow them. There is always an angle.

Anonymous said...


I am going to share the same concern you have. I can't believe how stupid these tea-republican idiots are. I mean, they destroy the country and here they are complaining at Obama.

Let's recap:
1) lowered interest rates
2) flooded markets with easy credit
3) Home ownership policies
4) Didn't know what to do on 911
5) Took us to a non-supported war in which we had no business in getting into
6) Destroyed international relations
7) took us to another war
8) housing crash - see 1 and 2 above for reasons
9) stock market crash - see all above for reasons
10) bailed out irresponsible institutions
11) cut taxes for the rich while slapping the poor in the face

1) Bailed out irresponsible institutions
2) Passed expensive health care bill

What am I missing here guys? What is it? Am I retarded, or are you retarded. Do you have anything to refute, than put it right on this chain of responses. Stop being a pack of irresponsible shit heads!


Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,
You have become extremely left tilted haven't you. Before you lean too far, you might want to consider what STUPID people are waiting for you over there. Check out Hank Johnson D-Georgia's video on being afraid Guam Will "Tip Over and Capsize" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsFsn8ekyhw He makes Sara Palin look like a genius!! This is the CRAP that is governing our country.. Heaven help us! This used to be a very good blog with some quality content. It is now just another hate filled P.O.S.

Bukko Canukko said...

I agree with Keith that the Teabagger movement needs continuing attention and ridicule. The best way to make something nasty disappear is make a joke out of it. When you get enough people laughing at a movement, eventually the people INSIDE that movement realize they're a joke, and they slink away.

This is one way to defeat Muslim terrorism -- the death of a thousand punchlines. Even if the hard-core insiders still adhere to the violent philosophy -- I'm talking to you, al-Zawahri! -- enough of their potential recruits will be turned off at the prospect of joining the laughable losers, and the movement will wither.

But why should the Teabaggers be laughed out of existence? Partly because they're dupes, as Keith notes. They are mainly working class people who have been conned into serving the interests of the rich class. A movement of Wall Street bankmaggots with diamond pinky rings and worker-firing corporate execs isn't going to get much sympathy. But grannies and small-business owners are great cover for protecting the rich bastards who want to steal more money and sell America out to corpo interests.

Sadly, the non-professional Teabaggers are well-meaning but uninformed. (The pros are slick as snake shit and smarter than owl turds.) But most of them don't seem to grasp the deep evil of The Fed, or see how corporate schemes get America into useless wars. They can sing only one or two notes: "Less taxes!" and "Deficits bad!" Oh yeah -- and "Socialism! Socialism! Socialism!"

One of the left-wing talk radio hosts I listen to interviews Teabaggers from time to time. He's generally sympathetic, because he has many of the same gripes they do. Only, when he tries to see if they dislike corporate control of politics, or America having a warlike empire that's drenched in blood, their little brains can't extend that far. They collapse back on the talking points: "Taxes! Deficits! Socialism!"

What makes me ponder is why the 'baggers get so much attention. The mainstream meeja is just all over them, hyping them way more than the larger, more intelligent (and more justified) anti-war movement.

Is it because they make a good spectacle? (Anti-war people are funny to look at too, as are pro-gay demonstrators, Mexican immigration marchers, etc.) Is it because they're white? Is it because they might get violent?

I think the latter has a lot to do with it, only not for the reasons Teabaggers might think. You see, if they're painted as the main Rightwing opposition to the power structure, but they're also painted as violent lunatics, they can be pigeonholed and dismissed. REAL anti-authority movements, like the Ron Paul types and corporate-hating leftists, can be ignored while the 'baggers suck all the publicity O2 out of the room.

So yeah, Teabaggers, you're getting more than 15 minutes of fame. It's been close to 15 months. But I think you're being played -- by both your Astroturfing paymasters and the corporate media forces who want to marginalize any real opposition to the power structure.

Mike Hunt said...

The reason Palin will win the next election... check out the subliminal advertising going on here:


Too funny but a total Karl Rove fantasy.


keith said...

bukko, they get attention because they have a corporate media sponsor - Fox News.

And then the media echo chamber takes it from there - since Fox is reporting it 24x7, then msnbc and cnn feel they have to report it too.

And then of course you have the marriage between fox and drudge, and the print media feel they have to take anything on drudge and go with it

It's pretty sick and twisted, but there it is.

And as I've said, Roger Ailes is a genius.

My lingering question though is - when a Tea Party member tries to assassinate the president, then what will Fox, Beck and the GOP do? They'll say they abhor violence, they'll try to distance themselves from inciting it, but I think that'll be the end of it. At that point 'tea party' members will come to understand that they've associated themselves with devious gop and corporate interests, and the guy from Taxi Driver, and they'll drop out.

The tea party will eventually implode. It's not a real party anyway. But this will come to pass.

Mike Hunt said...

My answers:

1. Yes, Bush and the previous admins got us to where we are today but Obama is making things much worse.

2. Can't get Fox news where I live, only see references via clips on You Tube.

3. I'm a Buddhist, usually try and help the poor but abhor the gov't taking income from my by force and watching it get wasted.

4. Got a Bachelors & Masters.

5. Like and study science as much as possible but I think anthromorphically caused global warming may well be a hoax.

6. No guns, never owned them.

7. Am CEO of a small company.

8. Don't get any benefits at all, don't pay Social Security as an American working abroad (thank God) but I do file and pay federal taxs or at least track this vs foreign taxes paid.

9. No heroes of mine. But I do like the concept of civil disobedience.

10. Am skeptical of many of the tea bag jackasses.

11. Aren't white.

12. I'm easily conned to file US taxes as I've done this every year unlike Irwin Schiff. Guess that makes me a sucker.

The Tea Party needs a reinvention and then I'm in. Right now there is nowhere to make a stand besides voting out the incumbents.


Anonymous said...

Angry Leprechaun said...

JaneZ was pretty clear as to why you have lost the majority of the good posters around here. Sure wish Andrew Hoc would return but I understand why he left.

I don't think Keith has ever NOT published any of my nasty comments. Gotta respect him for that.

I miss Nick.

(Must have finally got his condo foreclosure papers.)


i've had it said...


you've lost it.

I've been involved with the Tea Party since the very beginning, Feb 2009, when we held our first rally in NYC. We are a great bunch of Americans. We are nothing like the militant and vicious Lefties of the 60s and 70s. If you don't know understand that, go read history and you'll understand.

The people associated with this movement are your average, everyday folks of all ages who want America to get back to its constitutional roots. That's basically it. We don't want Socialism and we will do what we can to stop it thru the political process.

The Tea Party can't be stopped. People like myself have tapped into core American values and people are responding. They get it.

They want Americanism, not Socialism. The two are completely incompatible.

Big deal that some news outlets view the Tea Party favorably. What about the myriad of news outlets that have looked upon socialism, liberalism, feminism, and homosexualism favorably for the past 50 years? What about them?

Your characterization of Tea Partiers as Tea Baggers is atrocious. Anderson Cooper, the gay anchor on CNN, applied this homosexual term to decent Americans to discredit them in the most obscene way. He should have been fired for that comment but CNN is one of the outlets that's a shill for the gays, so they kept him...and perhaps even gave him a raise.

That you use the term shows how much you've been brainwashed by him and the Left. For those of you who don't know, Anderson Cooper let the world know what homosexuals do with each other: one gay guy crams his scrotum down another gay man's throat..that's what the gays call Tea Bagging. I mean, what kind of infantile and grotesque culture could create such a term?

Keith, you did a great job with the housing crisis and many people , I included, owe you a lot of gratitude for your vision. You simply do not understand that your ideals are with the Tea Party because we are against the bailouts to Wall Street and home debtors. We are pissed off at Bush/Paulson's TARP and Bam's Stimulus. You should be standing with us since that is what you blogged about for years on Housingpanic.

Instead, you have allowed yourself to devolve into a blubbering idiot with these rants against the very people who want to make your dream of accountable government a reality.

What the F*** is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

i've had it said...

You know what. I am pissed at all the bailouts and all the other irresponsible actions that have put our country in times of crisis. But you know what is the first question that comes out of my mouth when I see these news outlets and “tea partiers”. Where were you before Obama took office?

There is a problem with the tea partiers, or what ever you want to call them. That problem is your leadership. Who are my leaders? is the question you should be asking before going out and bashing Obama / Democrats and making complete fools of yourselves. If you don't ask that question, than corrupt Republicans will be again in power by the time you and your buddies wake up.

I think Keith has been pretty clear that he is not against people that want to organize, promote peaceful demonstrations and demand change (correct me if I'm wrong!). I may personally join you if you do. The problem I see with you tea partiers is that these stupid idiots like Glenn Beck come out in TV and use their stupid black board to make it all "click". Not to mention Alex Jones, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc…

By the end of their show it's all a government conspiracy to take freedom from American and make us all slaves. Not only that, but the government is making mass graves for us. Keith's point (correct me again), is that we should be rallying against these idiots (Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly) as they are the ones creating hate and dividing the American people. And they use these great movements, like the tea party, to create that hate, and promoting violence. No wonder we see planes crashing against government buildings and Christian Militias all over the place. This is very dangerous shit guys. This is not a game.

You tea partiers should be asking for a change in leadership and should show up in the Fox headquarters and demand that you are no longer associated with racist bastards like them or the Republican party TOMORROW.

I didn’t want to say this, but you do seem like a self centered bitch. You speak about some news outlets speaking favorably about socialism, liberalism, feminism, homosexuality and you say how Americanism is incompatible. All of a sudden the first amendment is out the door, as it doesn’t matter to a freaking Tea Party “patriot”. How is all of that not Americanism? Let me guess, Americanism is only what you believe it is, right? Go back and re-read your comment, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

There is a huge difference between Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck my friends. When has Jon Stewart attempted to promote violence through his show? He bashes everyone, of course more so the Republicans, but he does it on a healthy manner. He doesn’t plant these stupid doubts in the minds of Americans about mass graves and turning into Russia and China.

If that is what gays call Tea Bagging, than that is exactly what the Republicans are doing to tea partiers. You will be viewed as Republicans or a tool of the Republicans until you do.

Again.. You are being used to get the corrupt REPUBLICANS back in power. Fools… Where were these bastards when Bush was in office? Where?


Anonymous said...

Keefer these Tea Bagging Christians support Israel.. you are against them...doesn't that make you an anti Semite?

keith said...

Here's Fox News, doing what they do best.



Creating an alternative reality.

Notice they don't expose FreedomWorks as behind the "Tea Party Express"

Notice the face they're trying to paint of who's behind the movement.

Notice no mention of the disaster caused by Bush/Cheney.

Man, you wonder if anyone believes their bullsh*t anymore. How truly stupid would you have to be?


Faces of the Tea Party: Meet the Activists Behind the Conservative Surge

From conservative talk show hosts and small business owners to an ex-Reagan aide and former Delta flight attendant, the members of the Tea Party coalition are a mixed group of activists who share the same political battle cry: smaller government and less spending. But each has a unique story. FoxNews.com spent time with the activists aboard the Tea Party Express, a cross-country bus tour that's on its third run, to profile some of the faces behind the movement.

Anonymous said...

"...The Tea Party Movement is...just everyday Americans..."

That was a good one.

tom12008 said...

Then there's the "coffee party movement", which seems to define itself in terms of rationality and civility. Imagine that!


paid off said...

you hit the nail on the head

Anonymous said...

HEY don't forget, Jesus HATED poor people, sick people, ecology, and LOVED weapons of violence. Gotta follow Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Tea baggers:

someone "pulled one over" on them.

Anonymous said...

Teabaggers Suck Balls.