April 7, 2010

Here's Jim Grant destroying Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand and by association the idiots who followed them while America burned

I despise Alan Greenspan.

I laugh at Ayn Rand and her greedy, self-centered, ignorant, as*hole followers.

I don't think it's possible for the two of them to be more discredited at this point. Now, and forever.

Being an Ayn Rand follower should disqualify anyone from the Fed, or any public office. They're a danger to America. Watch out for them. They'll screw you every time.


Anonymous said...

Keith do you really think Ayn Rand would support the Federal Reserve in it's current form?

Alan Greenspan was so far away from anything Ayn Rand would have supported.

If you actually listen to the interview, Grant never attacked Ayn Rand's philosophy, he said that Greenspan left completely different (a panderer of power) from what he came in as (an alcolyte of Ayn Rand).

Grant is saying that the pandering of power is the issue, not Ayn Rand.

keith said...

Uh, Alan Greenspan was one of Ayn Rand's biggest disciples. He is her. They hung out together. I'd put money that they slept together. He put her thoughts into action.

And they f*cked America.




Jacksprat said...

Don't be so hard on Greenie Keith, he hung out with Ayn Rand because of all the hot chicks. Seriously, back in those days the guy was chasing tail like nobody's business, and her crowd included a lot of loose babes who could put two sentences together - in addition to fucking like rabbits.

RipeDurian said...

A central banker who is a citizen of any country is by definition a traitor to that country.

String this guy up and sell tickets.

keith said...

I'm thinking I need a salon too.

They sound kinda neat.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. A real Randian would be shutting down the Fed, not running it.

Greenspan, and most other Fed officials are asked to do the impossible. They are asked to believe in econometric models and behave as if they were true. They are asked to hide the volatility, to insulate from the failures of bad ideas by keeping interest rates artificially low.

What's the alternative system to working towards your own self interest? Trusting the government to do so? Hahaha.

William said...

"Being an Ayn Rand follower should disqualify anyone from the Fed, or any public office."

I'm tempted to agree, but I think it would violate the Constitution's "no religious test" clause.

Anonymous said...

Greg Swan is an Ayn Rand follower

Anonymous said...

How much Ayn Rand have you read? If you've read anything longer than Anthem, I wonder how much you understood.

My father was a physician and once saw Ayn Rand speak to a large crowd of medical professionals. They applauded until she became annoyed and left the stage and sent a proxy to inform the crowd that if they didn't stop applauding she would leave. These people understood that one man does not own the labor of another. That is what slavery is.

Seems like you are defining Rand's work by her detractors, the same way you are defining the Tea Party movement by the accusations of those who are attempting to discredit it.

Get your information from the source, not the propagandaist hearsay.

And...Atlas will indeed shrug, as surely as the night follows the day.

The only thing the "healthcare" bill has accomplished is to destroy the supply side of talented, intelligent doctors.

This is what causes Socialism to fail. It destroys all human incentive and motivation to produce. Eventually, this extends to the survival instinct, itself, which is why Greece and the former Soviet Union have no babies, anymore. There is simply no future to it. They steal until there is nothing left, which takes about a generation.

Why bother to produce? The "state" will take care of it. Sit back while the world collapses around you.

You, sir, are a foolish, spoiled child with no stake in the future of the living breathing kind.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jim Grant

Pay Lay Ale said...

Since when did Ayn Rand or her followers support central banking or central economic planning?

If he was a true follower of Rand, he would have worked to abolish The Criminal Reserve.

How is flooding the markets with cheap fiat paper a libertarian idea?

This reminds me of a Peter Schiff quote.

"If a kindergarten school teacher leaves the classroom and gives the kids pixie sticks and soda pop and when the teacher comes back and sees the classroom wrecked and all the kids have gone wild, who are you going to blame?"

The solution is not to give the kids (markets) pixie sticks and soda pop (cheap fiat paper). Merely supervising the kids (regulation) doesn't really fundamentally change an untenable situation.

Furthermore, the corporate veil is too protective of the management of corporations. The corporate veil should be pierced when people act in bad faith and don't do their fidiciary duty.

How come Mozillo, Fuld, Fishman, Geithner, Bernanke, or Hank Paulson are still free men? I thought Soetor was supposed to be smart and uncorrupted?

Bukko Canukko said...

I like Bloomberg. They have a lot of rah-rah, although not as much as CNBC, and occasionally they let on people who tell the truth.

We pay extra for Bloomberg and MSNBC as part of our extra-cost news package on cable, and it's my second favourite channel. Right next to Fox on the channel list, so I can toggle occasionally to see what the screeching monkeys are saying. If I could get BBC World and al-Jazeera, life would be great!

The trouble with Ayn Rand "greed is good" selfish-worshippers is that they operate on the presumption that the system will be honest. Their philosophical world view does not take into account the fact that some humans are crooks and thugs. Crooks and thugs distort the economic system and ruin it. Randians are as stupid as people who would plan a city without building any jails or hiring a police force because they think humans will just naturally regulate their society and shun criminal types, so who needs cops?

I keep hearing people criticize Greedscam because he kept interest rates too low for too long, which caused a catastrophic bubble of speculation and malinvestment. HELLO!!!! What the fuck is happening now? How long has teh Fed been giving out free money, and exchanging real dollars for bad loans and CDS crap? What's going on with Bernskanky and Paulscum and Timmer is like the Greenspan's Greenspan.

You wonder why some of us are permabears? We can see the inevitable end result. This baby's gonna blow someday, and blow in a way that can't be papered over like the last time. Our perma-doom mindset does not get the timing right. Our gloom imposes opportunity costs on us. But we're risk averse. We don't want to stay in the water until the first swimmers start getting eaten by the shark swarm. We might get a bit hot and sandy from remaining on the beach too long, but at least we don't get our legs bit off.

brian t said...

Ayn Rand was an optimist: she thought that people, when given the freedom to do so, would act in their own best interests. If (for example) a mortgage broker offers you a mortgage, and the payments (after the introductory period) are larger than your income, it would be in your best interests to say "no freaking way" and walk. That would be the selfish thing to do, assuming some basic life skills and numeracy.

The concept was enlightened selfishness - but far too many commenters (and perhaps Greenspan) focused on the selfishness and forgot that it only makes sense if you are enlightened about the consequences of your actions. There's nothing enlightened about a huge sub-prime mortgage, whichever side of the broker's desk you may be on.

patrat said...

There are many criminals in the story. Low interest rates and easy money for too long made it possible, but it can't all be blamed on Greenspan. Many entities lying, over-leveraging and passing the risk off helped. Big banks shorting the "Triple A" securities in the shadow market while they pushed them in the public one finished us off.
Some of it may have been legal but it was all immoral and unethical.
Extreme capitalism. Greed was supposed to control greed. Selfishness at work, didn't work.

patrat said...

Not to mention 30 years of gutting the rules, blurring the lines and allowing banks to have a free for all. Globalization helped too. It really is criminal. Savings have been demolished, lives have been destroyed and many people will never recover.

GoldenSwan2010 said...

Keith, I agree with you on many points but I fear you have it wrong here. Capitalism doesn't now exist in America; what we have is a system of financial oligarchy crudely masquerading as capitalism. Greenspan, I think, actually saw this coming and helped engineer the collapse as the only path toward ultimate liberation. For half his life Greenspan was quite libertarian then did a 180 degree turn .. or did he? If you open "Atlas Shrugged" the first sentence reads "Who is John Galt?" I posit Greenspan never changed his stripes... but has labored secretely for years to stop the engines that turn the modern financial world, so that the machine can be destroyed and maybe one day, rebuilt upon sounder moral and practical principles.

science teacher said...


He's a sad old Mr. Magoo.

Leave him be.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of douchebags who read Atlas Shrugged without the intellect or education to comprehend the fact that the book espouses an intersting but hopelessly naive philosophy, whatever happened to Frank@Scottsdalesucks?

Every human can be king said...


Please do not take this personally.

Even though you are a very smart person,
You will never understand
Ayn Rand, it is an evolutionary thing
your grand children might.

Anonymous said...

Like all concepts ,people twist
them to suit the moment.

Regulated Capitalism and the rule of law is necessary because of what humankind will do given half the chance . Look at what happened when Moses went up to get the Laws on the
Mountain. The people partied hardy the minute Moses was gone .

If humankind had built in honor and ethics ,than we wouldn't need any laws ....but .

Anonymous said...

RipeDurian said...
"A central banker who is a citizen of any country is by definition a traitor to that country.
"String this guy up and sell tickets."


I thought you guys here were anti tea-partiers because they're violent?

why are you all OK with advocating
Murder for people you think may be hurting your pocketbook, but are always first to defend those in-your-face Islamo decapitators?


Banana Republicrat said...

Bukko: Pure poetry, my friend!

I don't understand why people don't get that technology changes the game. Modern corporations don't have to respect physical space or international borders. Massive global fraud can be perpetrated in fractions of a second. The invisible hand doesn't stand a f*cking chance!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have thought that maybe Greenspan (who originally was an ardent supporter of a gold standard), was secretly acting from a position of power to cause the utter and complete destruction of the current fiat based financial system.

It's kind of like what Obama and all you unknowing retarded psychophantic followers are doing to our current Constitutional Republic.

The differences being that fiat systems are generally bad and our Constitutional Republic is good. Also, Greenspan may have been doing it for the good of the people, whereas Obama, not so much.

But, alas, none of you really care because you are all getting free shit out of it in the short term or are just too retarded to see it with your very own eyes.