April 8, 2010

Taking advantage of dummies for money 101. Realtors and phishers? Of course. Glenn Beck? Dude conned America to the tune of $30 million in '09.

I gotta give it to Glenn Beck, he knows his history.

His P.T. Barnum.

His Father Coughlin.

His Rush Limbaugh.

His Joseph McCarthy.

Back when he was doing pie-in-the-face radio gags, I wonder in his wildest dreams if he thought he could create a character that would eventually go on to make $30 million a year. But so he has, and the money will keep pouring in. TV show, books, radio, speeches, merchandise, gold advertisements, you name it, he's his own industry. And Fox News is his pusher.

I like Glenn Beck. He entertains me.

But I worry about America. I'm not sure they're in on the gag?

Glenn Beck Earned $32 Million In 2009

Just how handsomely does it pay to be one of the most controversial men in America? For Glenn Beck, $32 million.

Beck, who became a household name in 2009, pulled in the shocking sum through a revenue stream that includes books, radio, TV, digital media, and speaking fees.

Interestingly, Forbes reports that Beck's Fox News contract is the least lucrative of all his ventures.

According to the Forbes analysis, Beck earned $12 million from book sales thanks to his "profit participation co-venture with Simon & Schuster typically reserved for authors like Stephen King." He has a five-year, $50 million contract with Premiere Radio Networks that netted $10 million for the year. His website, supported by both ads and an "Insider" subscription service as well as retail merchandise sales, brought in another $4 million. Speaking fees and events like his "Bold Fresh Tour" with Bill O'Reilly earned him $3 million, and his Fox News contract brought in $2 million. Add in a final $1 million from his Fusion magazine, and Beck had a $32 million year.


Anonymous said...

Can you cite where he has his facts wrong?

That's an argument.

You're clearly jealous. That's simply childish.

Anonymous said...

The right place + the right time + the right character = GOLD, BABY, GOLD.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the American way?

At least he didn't rape the taxpayers and their children, grand children, great grand children, great great grand children, great great great grand children... for it like all the money changers. Again and again and again...

Next cycle comes along and it could be Maddow or Olberman you are complaining about making an assload of cash...then again maybe not.

RobertM said...

And that's the thing about Beck. I don't think he believes his own crap. He's a clown (his words) and a cynic that is laughing all the way to the bank. Remember when Gretchen Carlson said she had to google the words "ignoramus" and "czar". Pure BS. She's a college grad who plays the dumb blonde for big bucks to an audience that really IS that stupid.

On another note, I'm glad to see my fellow pharyngulites 'fixed' your god poll. If PZ had actually made it in a post, instead of me just mentioning it in the comments section, it would have been in the thousands.

Frau Schmidt said...

Hello, it is capitalism.

Be scared, be very scared...

And the children and grandchildren will be burdened...

come to think of it, it is all monopoly money....

got to go to the bank....to deposit some fake money the government just printed....

Anonymous said...

It's nice that he earned $30,000,000 per year. I could care less what someone else earns, I only care about my own life situations and predicaments.

But make no mistake about it, people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, etc... are all entertainers. They are not analysts, objective, etc... Rush Limbaugh tried so many radio gigs before he found the conservative religion. They are all the same- entertainers.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Anon 5:32 PM..

Let's see how you look like this.

George Bush senior was part of a secret society, skull and bones. Same Junior was. Senior was the head of the CIA when Kennedy was shot. As a matter of fact, senior was in Dallas when Kennedy got shot. Junior was also a drunk.

I believe you can track Bush senior back to Hitler, and that they want to do the same as they did in Germany.

Secret society, CIA, Kennedy assasination, drunk = evil cult.

Let's see if you find anything wrong with my statement.

There are many people that instead of analyzing the meaning of things, they look at the color of the skin first. For some reason, white Americans think that if you are not white than you must be dumb, socialist, communist, stupid, etc, etc.

I bet you wouldn't be saying shit if Obama was white. Think before you speak. Which man is perfect? You? You are the childish one.

Beck is a racist asshole. He couldn't find anything wrong with Bush and Republicans and now he comes after Obama.

Obama is a good man, and quite honestly, Bush was also a good man (even though not too bright and his Republican buddies screwed him).

Give Obama a freaking chance you freaking Tea Party idiots. The man hasn't done shit other than pass the stupid health care bill. What else has he done?

If the health care bill sucks, than be it, he will pay for it.


Anonymous said...

Ah more envy. The power hungry Democrat Party's favorite emotion.

Bukko Canukko said...

How many of the people who hate Al Gore because he's rich are the same ones who applaud Beckkk for his outrageous salary?

He doesn't amuse me because I get to see enough REAL crazy people at work. The ones who are literally mentally ill are more entertaining because they're not faking it like Beckkk is.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who has wondered where the Republicans would take America if they regain control of Congress and the White House could learn much from what has been happening lately in Virginia and West Virginia. The answer is backward, toward a time when mine owners let their workers perish as a normal cost of doing business -- and government firmly endorsed the white supremacy of the Old South."
Joe Conason, Salon.com

Any questions? Class dismissed.

allweeweedup said...

Beck earns $30M a year, and his show employs dozens of professionals and tradespeople. He also has to give back about half of what he makes in taxes. Just think Keith, he pays more taxes in one year than most people earn in an entire lifetime of work. Wow, Beck sure is a selfish, evil bastard!

Let's follow Obama's social justice train down the tracks and spread that wealth around. Maybe we should confiscate 98% of Beck's earnings ($60K/yr is plenty for anyone), fire all those people who work on the show, and instead give that money to "poor" people so a million of them can buy a pack of smokes or some cheap vino. Happy happy, just like Cuba!

Anonymous said...

You Assholes have no problem when Bill (slick Willie) Clinton or AL (snakeoil) Gore makes millions on book deals or speaking engagements now do ya?

You Pompous, arrogant, Hypocritical F**k ups!

Anonymous said...

None of your business what a person earns. I and many others think he earns it legitimately, by being smart, working hard, and being in the right place at the right time. Only people of the weakest character begrudge success like this. Oh, and thanks for posting the clip; I missed that segment, and it was a good one. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Joseph McCarthy was right. There were plenty of communist infiltrators in elected, non-elected, and staff positions in the government. Then there were many democrats who believed in the communism, but weren't officially communists.

At least many of the European leftists are somewhat honest and label themselves as socialists.

aloha19 said...

Beck is a Mormon douchebag (I am an ex-Mormon) so I can speak from experience. He sells outrage and hatred to the dumbed-down masses of American hillbillies - which seems to be at least 50% or more of the country. I hope he is having fun giving 10% of his GROSS to the MORON church.

And yes - we should be outraged when clowns like this can make this kind of cash.

allweeweedup said...

Bukko, they don't "hate" Al Gore because he's wealthy, they hate him because he's a hypocritical idiot. Unlike Beck and other highly-paid entertainers, Gore gamed his wealth through connections and back-room deals.

If they allow it to cross the border up there in Canuckistan, check out the South Park episode ManBearPig, it explains Al Gore completely in 22 minutes.

Anonymous said...

From the WSJ:
'Wal-Mart expects to expand the number of price cuts in coming months with help from suppliers. Wal-Mart is encouraging them to reduce what they charge the chain in exchange for having it spotlight their products as part of its price "rollback."'

Ok, sooooo, Walmart gets its suppliers to cut their prices, so that Walmart can cut ITS prices, and thus hang on to its huge share of the Middle American consumers, without hurting its own bottom line. Brilliant, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is onto something here. Apparently, from what he is saying, they have uncovered evidence that Barack Obama comes from a family of intellectual, open-minded, free thinkers who reject racism, fundamentalism and ignorance. OMG! And to think I VOTED FOR HIM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:45 AM,

It's not about making fucking books you stupid retard. He is making our PRESIDENT look like the fucking devil. You get it now?? retard...

When has Billy Clinton done that?

As a matter of fact, even Jon Stewart doesn't make Bush look like a tyrant. Not that Bush was a bad man, but with all his fuck ups, there is now doubt he could be portrait as Lucifer himself.

Stop talking crap dude.


Anonymous said...


You know what,

F**K you!
Bill Clinton was one of the Biggest A**hole to come (litterally) down the pike,

He was a sell out to the Chinese

He was a sleaze and represented America to the rest of the world as such

That SOB has no problem raking in Big bucks...

yet he "feels our pain"

My ass he does

He is in it for all he can get!

Just like the rest of you Libs

You talk a Big line but when it comes right down to it, your a bunch of power and money grubbin whores

Him and that C**T wife

So Drop dead you Whiney Liberal Ass kissin piece of S**T