April 10, 2010

The Worst Town in America? "UNLV survey reveals 40 percent of Las Vegans would leave Nevada if they could"

I was actually surprised by this poll.

Only 40%?

Man, thought that number would be higher.

Life's too short to live in a realtor-infested-suburban-nightmare-morally-and-culturally-bankrupt-soon-to-be-out-of-water-hell-hole like Las Vegas.

Get out, people of Las Vegas. Get out. Now.

[If Las Vegas isn't America's Worst City, what is?]

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas was once the fastest growing city in the nation, but the recession hit, and now a record number of people want to move out of the valley. A UNLV survey reveals 40 percent of Las Vegans would leave Nevada if they could. The question is why are these people leaving Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has grown from a gambling outpost to the entertainment capital of the world. It was just a few years ago, Las Vegas was a thriving town... A symbol of growth, a Mecca for opportunity. But then the housing market crashed, gaming was down on its luck, and unemployment skyrocketed.


Anonymous said...

Why was Las Vegas ever appealing to begin with?

I truly never understood that. Can anyone explain it to me?

I went there once...didn't get it.

keith said...

Because home prices were going up, and easy money was to be made by realtors, mortgage brokers, title agents, illegal immigrant builders, bartenders, club owners, drug dealers, hookers, tiger woods dates, strippers and other assorted conmen and get-rich-quick artists.

And then the big con ended. and now all that's left is the hellhole of las vegas.

I love going to vegas, for 48 hours. In and out. But damn, ever drive around outside the strip? America's surburban hellhole. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live there, especially the kids.

A soulless place for soulless people.

Just like The Stand.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the market collapsed because Tiger Woods got caught!

Alan Static said...

We do a really bad job of making cities in this country.

Charles said...

The problem isn't Vegas but what a few people tried to turn Vegas into.

It's a city designed for a certain lifestyle and their is work for those who support said lifestyle.

If the city was left to the Casinos and their workers and the manufacturing and distribution centers that take advantage of Nevada's business friendly climate it would have been fine.

But to try and transform a self sustaining desert community into a ridiculously overbuilt urban sprawl was folly.

Keith get off the high horse dude. I know many swell residents of Vegas. They didn't indulge during the boom and they are doing okay. They are not soulless. You make yourself sound like an ass...

And if you figure the growth in Vegas over the last decade that 40% is probably all the new arrivals who lost everything trying to escape CA. The surplus property will be liquidated the gaming interests will preserve water rights one way or the other and life will go on.

And plenty of people will be quite happy moving into Vegas, buying a house cash and having the freedom to sustain themselves on minimal income. I expect quite a few seniors to seek out homes there soon.

keith said...

Vegas is soulless.

Tell me, where is downtown las vegas? With the fortune 500 firms?

Tell me, where is the central market?

Tell me, where do the acclaimed symphony and opera play?

Tell me, where is the great urban park, where families picnic on weekends?

Tell me about the great schools. Tell me about the great weather. Tell me about the urban transit system. Tell me about the historic neighborhoods.

Tell me, is Vegas a great place to raise a family?

Tell me

You can't.

Vegas is a hellhole.

Get out, if you can.

Charles said...

Keith stop with the liberal hippie bullshit. Just because your PC definition of culture is not represented doesn't mean a place doesn't have soul. Vegas is the home of Sinatra, great shows and a rebellious gambling culture.

I guess you've always been a condescending person, it just bothered less when the targets were realtors. In typical progressive statist fashion you mock and deride anything that goes against your sensibilities and world view. Some people like a lifestyle like that available in Vegas. If you don't.... well don't live there.

You've gone from speaking truth to power, to being a tool for progressive asshat theory. I could give a shit if Vegas has an opera. If however that is important 2U by all means seek your ideal elsewhere.

Typed from my Google phone. Fuck the Ipad :-)

Anonymous said...

LV isn't even close to being the worst town in america. i don't think it would make the "bottom 50"

Anonymous said...

What a hideous shithole.

Gracious Wealth it is not.

Anonymous said...

There is no "there" there.

Anonymous said...


An city with mostly liberals, environmentalists, Obamaites, peace-niks and pro-choicers, that's the worse place to be...

so in other words Any medium,large city USA


Guberville Smack said...

"I guess you've always been a condescending person, it just bothered less when the targets were realtors. In typical progressive statist fashion you mock and deride anything that goes against your sensibilities and world view".

That just about sums it up...

Anonymous said...

There is an old old story about what happened to a couple other towns like Vegas-------.

But NAH!! many say that old Book is just a myth.

Guess time will tell, huh?

Anonymous said...

keefer what US city has all the things you listed?

at least vegas you can get whores, and do lots of gambling,
if that's what your into its the place for you

keith said...

I've been to Vegas over 100 times. My rule is 2 days, then it's time to leave.

The sad thing about new towns like Phoenix and Vegas is that they could have been wonderful places, with urban planning. Blank canvasses that with vision could have led to world-class cities.

Instead realtors and developers got a hold of the government, and ruined them.

too bad. Only had one chance.

Pay Lay Ale said...

"Tell me, where is downtown las vegas?"

The Strip.

"With the fortune 500 firms?"

Harrah's Entertainment and MGM Mirage

"Tell me, where is the central market?"

The casino buffet.

"Tell me, where do the acclaimed symphony and opera play?"

Are you a gay hippy? IF you want that shit, go to San Fransicko.

"Tell me, where is the great urban park, where families picnic on weekends?"

120* is just too damned hot to picnic in. People would rather go to the air conditioned casino and eat at the buffet.

"Tell me about the great schools."

UNLV is a respected university.

"Tell me about the great weather."

Tell me about the great weather in seattle, where it rains 11 months out of the year.

"Tell me about the urban transit system."

Beats the hell out of San Fransicko, LA, or Seattle traffic. It took me 6 hours of driving to travel 250 miles round trip in the Puget Sound area today, a SATURDAY.

"Tell me about the historic neighborhoods."

What's so great about "historic" neighborhoods? Are you gay, keith?

"Tell me, is Vegas a great place to raise a family?"

It was, before the realt-whores fucked the economy. The economy was one of the fastest growing economies in the country. It was a place of opportunity. It was one of the easiest places to start a business.

keith said...

Yeah, pay-lay, only fags like neighborhoods with character, and only the gays like classical music.

How sad. Looks like you deserve to stay in Vegas. Please never leave.

Charles said...

Has anyone noticed that Keith no longer even tries to rebutt the most serious arguments???

And "Urban Planning" Keith??? Sounds a lot like central planning socialist bullshit. Realtors fucked up. The free markets coming in for the fix. Vegas will be better than ever as more CA businesses migrate there.

And Pay lay dropped your arguments like a bad habit son. And if you read his quote it seems he lives in Seattle.

And its not about "fags" liking symphony. It's about asshat progressives wanting my tax money to pay for it. If limousine liberals want symphony let them pay for it. The national endowment for the arts is a Fucking joke.

Keith its cool that your a progressive liberal and all but own up to it. Let us disagree on open terms. The faux libertarianisim you used to show on housing panic is long gone brother. Come out of the progressive closet and be honest about your political leanings.

Anonymous said...

dont mean to be cruewl but ive wished to be away from a lot nicer places sooner or later, er.. ive wanted to be away from a lot worse places to...viva der good meal tho! how much is the all you can eat buffet tables now a days...breakfast? supper? dinner?....i remember the 99 cent breakfast thought id found paradise with all the fruits sausage and scrambled eggs, all the stuff heart health has put a stopper to.......enjoy it while you can......

Robert said...

Keith, you are right on... I've been there for conferences and can't wait to get out. When I drive up the I-75 my foot hits the accelerator as we approach LV. I can't believe you have so many %$*!^#s on this site. In a recent IQ survey LV is there with the lowest.

Budvar said...

Keith said...
"Tell me about the historic neighborhoods."

USA, historic??? Give me a break, I've got socks older than your friggin country.

Guberville Smack said...

"Tell me, where is the great urban park, where families picnic on weekends?"

My favorite memories from Vegas is playing sand volleyball every Sunday morning at Sunset Park. Awesome!

"120* is just too damned hot to picnic in."

Frickin Pussy. Try 2v2 sand volleyball at 120 degrees. It rocks! Chicks are out in bikinis playing too.

"A soulless place for soulless people."

Thanks Mr.Conservative Right Wing Nut. Give me some more of your righteous spiritual BS. Typical liberal, only thinks they are sooo tolerant and open minded.

matt said...

Anonymous Matt said...

Belongs in the other thread about America.

The worse place in America is by far better then the best place in Europe.

Sure we have Honcia Jewinskis here, but in Europe majority are Honica Jewinskis.

And what is it about your obsession with the republicans?

They may have not been perfect but they must have done something right, there is a reason all murdering dictators and the disgusting UN types hated them.

doesn't this in itself tell you they were on the right path?

Isn't there something very stinky when our current administration is loved by the lowest of man kind?

Nothing made me more proud to call myself an American, when the Eurotards didn't like us.

I knew for sure we had unlimited potential.

keith said...

Yeah, Matt, I'll take Newark and Detroit over Prague and Paris any day.

Yup, you're so right. Brilliant.

(haven't traveled much have ya?)

Anonymous said...

Take away the casinos and you have described Phoenix spot on! That's why I got out of that hellhole.

Anonymous said...

Keith- For the most part you can include West Palm Beach to the towns that fuckin suck and people are walking souless zombies! There are parks and historic neighborhoods but then there are the people who live here! Please read below :)

For everyone else on S&A here:

I just went to take a picture (for my work)of a large 5000 GLA home and the new owner was out doing trimming on the landscaping and he saw me take the picture and starting talking to me. This house is in a "historic neighborhood" and after about 10 seconds of speaking to him it was obvious but then he had to mention his "partner" he was gay!!! LOL!! I just read the blog before I left! LOL!

Its really funny when people live up to the common stereotypes! I almost laughed in front of him thinking of the blog!!

rich in fl

JAWS said...

This is the second time I've lived in Las Vegas. Last time was in the 70's and I considered myself lucky to pull out and go back to CA. There was nothing here to do for someone who hated The Strip.

You're right though. Most folks who come here looking for work are down on their luck someplace else and they've heard there's work here.

Those leaving are either returning to CA because they realized it was the best there is anyway, or they're going to Houston for jobs.

The U-Hauls are going to TX. None are coming here from TX. The only people coming to LV right now are the dumb-shit Johnny-come-lately's who consider themselves "INVESTORS!!!"", blah, blah, blah. They're coming from California, Canada, DC, "El Paso".
They're competing to buy any house they can get their hands on because they actually believe they can get a good tenant and then they will be a landlord, dream on loser. They're all assholes. You can't stop them. They consider themselves "INVESTORS". Canadians are the stupidest and they're almost as cheeeep as the tight-ass dirt-bag Chinese.

There are also a lot of Viet Nam vets moving here. Cheap house for zero down. That's a plus for the area.

Lots of Chinese paying cash for crappy condos and multi-unit complexes, renting them to Section 8, and the whole area loses grass, trees, bushes, any sign of life. Might as well be another planet. People hanging out of windows and doors with nothing to do. Tons of laundry hanging on chainlink fences up and down the streets. That's what you can expect close to The Strip, and from the wonderful Chinese INVESTORS!

LV is NOT America's worst city by far. The West side is a great place to hang out and wait for the economy to hit the "real" bottom - not your bullshit greenshoots are coming new economy that I couldn't believe I read.
I'm still reeling over that call in '09.

Home prices are still going down, down, down. These Canadian/Chinese/CA INVESTORS are going to lose once again. Just like in the late 80's when the Japanese came over here and bought up everything in sight, then real estate prices took a dump and they lost their asses. This will happen AGAIN!

I intend to be here to see it, then buy a nice multi-unit in SoCal and sip my wine from there.

Las Vegas will be very different in 10 years. Those 5,000 sqft single story homes on 1+ acre of horse property with their own water wells will eventually stop falling in price and they will get snatched up by Texans who want out of their state.

Dogcrap Green said...

Vegas is soulless.

Tell me, where is downtown las vegas? With the fortune 500 firms?


Tell me, where is the central market?


Tell me, where do the acclaimed symphony and opera play?

MGM Grand

Tell me, where is the great urban park, where families picnic on weekends?

Lake Meade National Recreaction Area

Tell me about the great schools.
Tell me about the great weather.
Tell me about the urban transit system. Tell me about the historic neighborhoods.
$2.00 from the airport to downtown

Tell me, is Vegas a great place to raise a family?


Tell me

You can't.


Anonymous said...

Folks... in the great city of Boston, yes the cultural center a.k.a. Athens of America, home of Harvard and MIT (yes, I'm including Cambridge MA), I asked the college educated crowd, how often they attend a Boston Symphony Orchestra show (aside from the outdoor freebie, during the 4th of July), the answers ranged from once every 4 to 12 years? Hmm... and this is the city of Boston.

I don't mean to break it to you but if you're not a musician or a huge fan of Gershwin, Bach, & friends, then having a numero uno Symphony isn't a priority in one's life. Therefore, I don't see the value in bashing a desert community, like Vegas, because it isn't Boston MA.