April 5, 2010

Yes, this is called "piling on". Sean Hannity needs to apologize to the families of Oklahoma City. And that audience of his should be ashamed.

Sarcasm and joking around end when it comes to 9/11 and Oklahoma City.

And if you're ever in an audience, and you're referred to as "Tim McVeigh Wannabe's" or anything like that, you don't cheer.


Not in the America I remember.

Too bad there wasn't an American hero in that audience that day. One who would have taken the insult, rushed the stage, grabbed the microphone out of the multi-millionaire's hands, and told him to go f*ck himself.

No, you don't expect people to do good things at Hannity/Fox News rallies.

Just the opposite.

They cheered.

They cheered.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to break it to you Keith, but there are tea party types (I really don't understand this mentality) who see McVeigh as a hero. Here's why... they see a relatively low body count at Oklahoma City and thus, buy into the collateral damage myth for an American "cause" theme.

9/11, on the other hand, was a foreign instigator and had a high body count and thus, is seen as foreign aggression and a Muslim one for that matter.

Matt said...


were is your outrage on most of the other media outlets who have been cheering on murderous Islamo fascists for years and years, and in essence enabling them and providing continuous moral support.

Thank goodness for Hannity/Fox for representing an overwhelming majority of American viewers.

ALL the other networks shove their illogical agendas down our throats.

Aside from the religious factor which i disagree with them, but then again they have a right to believe in whatever tickles their fancy.

nasty midnighter said...

Don't you know Keith? Cmon.

White People cannot be terrorists. Only Muslims can fill that role.

Let me explain. When a White Person blows up a building or shoots an abortion doctor or threatens to kill a census worker, it's called Patriotism ... or Christianity. Either/or, really.

Conversely, when a Brown Person blows something up (or even threatens to do so) he must be exterminated because he's a worthless heathen who literally hates freedom.

To recap: White People with bombs = Heros who were backed into a corner by our Government and didn't have a choice so it's your fucking fault.

Brown People with bombs = subhuman scum.

Remember this going forward.

Ed said...

Yep - it's official Keith. You're off the deep end.

Bonus: I wonder if you'll publish this. My last few posts never saw the light of day.

Pay Lay Ale said...

Maybe people should stop comparing their political opponents to some truly disgusting people like Hitler or McVeigh.

I think Godwin's Law needs to be declared a logical fallacy. Seriously, unless someone is advocating genocide of Jews and invasions of European countries, maybe comparing them to Hitler is not appropriate.

Ditto for the socialists that compare Tea Party activists to McVeigh. I don't know of anyone advocating blowing up government buildings or blowing up children.

I hate to be defending Hannity, but he was taking a swipe at the socialist jewmedia.

PFL0W said...

that is some kind of sick, sick shit.

Hannity's a bigger dumbass than I gave him "credit" for.

Maybe he's trying to rival Glenn Beck, since Beck is getting better numbers?

Mo Rage
The blog

PFL0W said...

That is some sick, sick stuff. Hannity's getting stupider or I didn't give him enough "credit" for how truly ignorant he is.

Maybe he's trying to "outdumb" Glenn Beck since Beck's numbers are better. That's the only thing that makes sense.

Mo Rage
The blog

investorinpa said...

Keith, there is 0% chance the audience present at the event even heard what Hannity said. I know they are easy to pick on, but you know if you've ever been in a crowd that sound gets sooo drown out.

Anonymous said...

"Collateral damage?" WTF are you talking about? Collateral damage is a nice way of saying some innocent bystanders got f*cked up while we were fighting a declared war. Oklahoma City was no declared war - except in the addled head of McVeigh and his dumbass buddies. The whole thing was collateral damage. They were ALL INNOCENT..especially those babies. JESUS CHRIST. I can't even take this anymore. People are too stupid to bear.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

I remember the smell in downtown Oklahoma City 15 years ago.

I remember.

These people are cheering the deaths of fellow Americans.

American Taliban, meet your new leader. Mr. Sean Hannity. He seems to think that the deaths of real patriotic Americans are a punch line.

Advertisers should line up to have their products endorsed by such a wise and reasoned man.

keith said...

Matt said "Thank goodness for Hannity/Fox for representing an overwhelming majority of American viewers."

Uh, Matt, hate to burst your warm and fuzzy alternative version of reality, but, uh, you might want to look up from Fox News one day and check around

The GOP lost the house. The GOP lost the Senate. The GOP lost the presidency. And Republican identification is down to 20%.

Roger Ailes and Fox News make a lot of noise, and Fox News does draw 2.3 million average viewers nightly, out of 310 million Americans, so, what is that, 7 tenths of one percent of the population on average nightly are watching Fox, vs. 3 tenths of one percent for the liberal network,



Sorry to let reality and numbers and facts get in the way of a good narrative though.

Please don't cry.

Anonymous said...

They are quite shameless, Hannity the stealer of children’s charity funds , ditto the other great “hero” Oliver North, they steal from children & invoke the memory of those who took the lives of children. The crowd, well what can you say, there are “low information” voters (courtesy of the great low information president R. Reagan) and there are “no information” voters who get fed a load of BS by Rupert Murdoch’s (carpetbagger extraordinaire) faux news and get in a rage over lies and misinformation and a general feeling of helplessness as the world passes them by. Welcome tea-baggers, welcome to a future of despair.

edd browne said...

The conduct of the
Rabid Right in the past year
paints an ugly background for
something dangerous and very ugly.

"Harvest of Rage" (Joel Dyer)
now seems very relevant to the present.
What I've seen at gun shows is disturbing;
both the armament, and the lack of paperwork.

The thought conditioning of the RR
reminds me of SA brownshirts, and
the group pressures in Bolshevism.

Different systems; similar methods.
All should be exposed early on
for what they really are.

RobertM said...

I'm still waiting for Hannity the Coward to get himself waterboarded as he said, on air, that he would do.

Republicans never die...they just move on to the next lie.

Anonymous said...

"Sarcasm and joking around end when it comes to 9/11 and Oklahoma City."

My dad died of cancer. Not funny. His coworkers didn't think the same way.

You might wonder how the hell can someone tease a person with cancer? IDK, but they did it. I saw the toughest guy in my world come home in tears more than once.

I didn't watch the video and I don't need to. Keith's message was enough. I wouldn't be so quick to rubber-stamp your black and white thinking on others.

All the offense you take, you yourself own. You also own your reaction(s) and the stability of them.

false flagger said...

You folks think that the OKC bombing was just a couple of loonies with fertilizer in a truck? Well, you better consider that there may be another side to that story, just as the facts on 9-11 do not perfectly align with a few ragheads with boxcutters.


Anonymous said...


Good stuff. Hopefully these stupid Tea Partiers wake up and smell the coffee. Bunch of retards!!!!


Anonymous said...

"Not in the American you remember?"

Guess what, this isn't the America you remember.

It's now "cool" to be a fascist hateful pig, a tea bagger who says health care for OTHERS is socialism, while collecting Medicare checks.

American heroes? There are none now. Only dupes, tools, the labor force of the wars-for-profit. Thanks to the Republicans and their corporate welfare, corporate control of the government, and endless wars for profit, soldiers have about the same level of nobility as the average software contractor at the Pentagon. Just part of the headcount, getting wealthy off the government teat while the rest of the country gets poor.

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking posters completely retarded?

Seriously, the dude was commenting upon the fact that the left mischaracterizes and stereotype conservatives and/or those who do not agree with a nanny state as "Tim McVeigh wannabees" or "right wing extremists."

That is what THE LEFT labels them as. But yet, rather than getting upset by that fact that they are IGNORANTLY labeled in such manner, most here get all up in arms by the fact that the people that are being stereotyped mock the fact that the other group is labeling them as such.

Ever hear of teh term Hyprocrite? Seriously, what the fuck? You lambaste conservatives for being allegedly intolerant, ignorant, bigoted, prejudicial and racist, but yet, when your side exhibits the exact same traits and/or such acts suit your agenda and/or is not directed at you, it is somehow ok to carry yourselves in the very manner you purport to abhor?