November 11, 2008

What's the future of political porn?

I like O'Reilly. He entertains me.

Hannity on the other hand, frankly disgusts me.

They don't have political porn over here in England - it's banned or regulated. Seriously. So be happy to be in America where crazed political debate on the airwaves is (still, unless some Democrats get their way) allowed. But recognize it for what it is.

It's porn.


Bukko_in_Australia said...


Porn makes me randy.

Hannity and his puke-ilk just make me sick.

I couldn't watch them for more than a minute when I lived in the U.S. Over here, I don't have to watch 'em at all! That shit just doesn't fly Down Under. A small measure of political common sense is one of the few decent things the Poms left Aussie culture.

Roccman said...

Hey O'Reilly,

The right response WRT Olbermann was, "Olbermann who?"...

And web sites are "out of control"...


Anonymous said...

Hannity is UnAmerican. Literally. ... He has citizenship in Ireland. If he wants to lecture real Americans (those who are ONLY U.S. citizens), then he should give up his Irish citizenship. After all, that means he's not totally committed to America. How can you trust someone who's not committed? Hannity should be considered a foreigner who lectures Americans on what it means to be patriotic. Ridiculous at face value.

Anonymous said...

Keep promoting them.

They love it.


Anonymous said...

Loofah; loved the bluster and countersuit until one phrase was mentioned: tape recording.


C'mon Bill; take a bow. Horny old dude leaning on hot young assistant.

It'll burnish your everyman credentials.

Look at the bright side. At least you didn't get busted with sacks full of unprescribed hard narcotics and saggy-dick medicine on a Caribbean sex tour.

After dodging the draft with a rogue butthole zit.

Deaf and constipated; now there's a hero this cuntry can identify with.

Anonymous said...

Bill is a kook.

Anonymous said...

Where is John McCain today?

Settling into that sales managers job down at Buick of Phoenix or getting a daily helping of Geritol?

GOP you are SO Beat.

Palin ramping up PR efforts for news anchor job at Fox or Penthouse spread...

48% of America is disgraceful and plain Joe-the-tax-deadbeat--non-licensed 'plumber' dumb.
These two dolts could have been running things. What If?

Think about it.

President Barack Hussein Obama

make ya giggle a little, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Would your blog classify as "political porn"?

The way you fawn and praise Obama often has a very pornographic element to it.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech in America the home of the brave?

Now we need the government to protect us from right wing radio??

What has happened to this country?

i've had it said...

The political porn we see is the following:

chris matthews
the view
all major dailies (quickly going away)

it's amazing, keith, that you think opposing views -- which are not any more radical than those expressed by the liberal media who own the above -- should not be heard.

and who gives a shit what the brits think. this is a society that has implemented the most vast tracking and surveillance system the world has ever known. they are exporting their facist tracking systems to NYC and destroying our liberty.

i thought this is a centrist blog. isn't that what it says in the title of the homepage?

i think the way you should approach this sort of topic, and many others, is to take an objective view in your commentary and then let people hash it out. by taking one side all the time, always to the far left, you just make this site nothing more than a dailykos.

Anonymous said...

Keith is right - it is porn. Hey, even Chris Matthews got a tingle running up his leg over Obama (if that isn't porn, what is?)
I personally am still in withdrawal over the loss of Tim Russert. He was the political John Holmes.