November 12, 2008

Hank Paulson is either a liar, a corrupt conman, a thief or an incompetent clueless monkey. Which is it?



Lost Cause said...

Hanky Panky Paulson is a corrupt conman of the highest order. Besides stealing everything that he can put his hands on, he is now in the process of writing up an annuity that will pay dividends for the next thirty years, compliments of the U.S. Taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Aw gee, that's a tough one. How would you describe a ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs?

1) Liar? CHECK
2) Conman? CHECK
3) Thief? CHECK
4) Clueless? NOPE

He definitely knows what he's doing and he's not saving the American people's butts.

When will people work this out. It's very simple. You are being royally screwed over.

michelle said...

liar, conman, thief. i don't think he's incompetent simply because he knew to slide in a tax break just when legislators weren't looking. obama needs to get rid of his ass when he swears in.

Tray Deee said...

Why limit it this to just one?

Lady Di said...

Paulson is corrupt to his core.

keith said...

Where is the media?

Where is Congress?

Are there really no checks and balances?

They sold us the $1 trillion Iraq war on WMD. There were no WMD.

The sold us the $800 billion TARP program on buying up distressed assets. They bought up $0.

I truly can't believe what I'm seeing.

It's like we were living in a dream.

A really, really, really bad one.

Retest of 7882 on the Dow coming up. Will we blow through it or bounce?

All hope and trust is lost. The wealth of the world is disappearing in front of your eyes. As if it never existed. Yet a corrupt few made out like bandits.

The world may never be the same. And I seriously expect social unrest very, very soon.

Anonymous said...

It's like we were living in a dream.

A really, really, really bad one.

How do you think the world looks to those of use that know 9/11 was an inside job and know that JFK was assassinated by the CIA?

Mark in San Diego said...

Does this mean he is throwing housing under the bus???? If he isn't buying CDO's, then the banks, pension funds, etc. will have to MARK TO MARKET. . .the ABX already fell a few points. . .should be interesting.

JaneZ said...

keith said...

Where is the media?

Where is Congress?

Are there really no checks and balances?

After Paulson talked today, the CNBC Talking Heads were truly shaken. I mean I have never seen all of those little windows with faces of pure disbelief and panic. Radigan began ranting from the floor that this was HIS tax money and he wanted to know where it was going and why all the secrecy. Liesman tried to come in and kind of smooth it over and Radigan let him have it. The big guy early with Erin Brunette called for Goldman Sachs to go the hell away because they are incompetent (flying by seat of pants, I think is the quote).

When the talking heads begin losing their cool on TV about what their Banker Gods are telling them you know that we are now in slow motion freefall.

It was stunning to see the Purveyors of Propaganda lose it when Paulson told them screw the mortgage paper buy up, we are just gonna throw money wherever we feel like it.

I think that BO and Congress have put the screws to Paulson over the next 350 billion. Obama wants to know where the money is going, just like Bloomberg (who has filed suit against Paulson under the Freedom of Info Act).

I think the Final Battle for Mordor is beginning. There is a huge behind the scenes battle being fought between the new folks who want to know what the hell is going on, and the old guard who is just trying to keep it hidden under the bed until they can leave town with all the money.

Something is going on.

Anonymous said...

Say "HELLO" to the Libertarian New World Order.

Honica Jewinski said...

"The world may never be the same. And I seriously expect social unrest very, very soon"

Hallelujah!!!!! Praise the lord and pass the ammo!!!!

It's time to start cleansing this once great nation of the parasites that infest it!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. Record gun and ammo sales since the election...

Think the electorate knows something?

All Faith, Trust and Hope is GONE.

Next Stop: Anarchy and death. Bushco will get to excersize his new personal army to kill americans in the streets of america.

Mission Accomplished!

Censure Bushco and Cheneyburton TODAY.

America is DEAD

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith why is the savior of the world your beloved president elect not saying anything about us being so badly screwed. could it be that he is just another lap dog like bush...I only heard one candidate with enough balls and insight to call foul, HPers all should know who that is ...

keith said...

Watch this video

The market is crashing, gold is crashing, oil is crashing, people are rushing to dollars and treasury debt, but at what point does it all reverse? Or does is?

I'm skipping down the street thinking how much farther my dollars go today here, but damn if I'm not worried I wake up one morning and they're toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

The TV Stations should be required to warn you before this devious con artist jerk speaks. Give people a chance to get near a bathroom for cripe sakes.

QUESTION. How much did we pay/are going to pay PIMCO who we contracted w/ last month to manage the assets that we are now no longer going to acquire, value, maintain, and dispose of?


SeattleMoose said...

What do you expect from the CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the chief sharks of Wallstreet. He and his cronies are precisely those who should be wearing stripes right now and being held accountable for this debacle.

The fox is not only guarding the henhouse....he built the henhouse, made all the rules, and cannot be convicted of anything by "us chickens".

Gotta love it that Paulson came out today and said they are not going to do what they said they were gonna do (buy-up toxic assets) when he was selling approval of the $700B. He always had his own agenda and in the end, he will spend the money any way that he and his cronies see fit.

It would be more appropriate if he dressed as a pirate...for that is what he is.

Anonymous said...

Mordor is beginning.


What is that??

Trailor Park Refugee

vanilla ice said...

"Where is the media?

Where is Congress?

Are there really no checks and balances?"

The polls don't care. They just want their stimulus checks, their pensions, their jobs. Addressing the fundamentals of the crisis does not matter. This as Paulson is taking from the foundation to rebuild the broken walls of our economy.

Anonymous said...

Retest of 7882 on the Dow coming up. Will we blow through it or bounce?


blow through it.

DXD, buy some, its not too late.

Anonymous said...

Where is the media?


are you serious? they are eagerly awaiting any statement or news from BO, like that have been for the past year.

i think the biggest piece of news form the MSM is that peru offered BO a dog.

vanilla ice said...

"Retest of 7882 on the Dow coming up. Will we blow through it or bounce?"

I hope so. I hope another crash is on its way. Dow to 4000!

You might shake your head and say "everyone must be realistic and set attainable goals in their lives to be happy." Well I can still dream can't I?

sammy said...

I'm thinking that there padding accounts someplace so the folks in office can continue their jobs outside of the whitehouse.

Money could also be going to Iraq, etc... somehow...

JaneZ said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mordor is beginning.


What is that??

Trailor Park Refugee

Lord of the Rings. Sorry. The end battle of good vs evil between Mordor & MiddleEarth, hobbits Gandolph blah blah . Trailer parks included.

Anonymous said...

Keith said:

"Where is the media?"

This is the media now. The majority of successful people now are those who heeded the advice of blogs like this, and winners make the rules. Personally I love it - how American can you get when the big msm networks are upstaged daily from a grassroots populous movement? A decade from now we will look back on how arcane it was to get one's news from a centralized source.

Anonymous said...

After the Bush/CheneyCo Admin’s 2nd to final act of destruction, Bush pours cement down the toilets of the White House and sends Obama “jingle-mail”.

DOPES 2 said...




Anonymous said...

Bu.. bu.. but... where's Obama... why won't he say anything about this? Is.. is.. he corrupt? is he incompetent? is he clueless??

I thought he was our SAVIOR?!?!

What's going on? Why isn't Obama at least saying something?

Oh.. what? You're saying he was for the bailout all along?? He was one it's principal cheerleaders?? Just like McCain?

What do you mean? The messiah has betrayed us? Well.. what's he doing then?

Oh, he wants national service? And he says the American people need to sacrifice and serve America and Rahm Emanuel says we need to serve to feel what it means to be American?

We need to serve to Obama and Rahm and the State to understand that American's are slaves?

Anonymous said...

I would vote for "corrupt conman" to best describe Mr. Henry "hank" Paulson. Buried in all the good press he has received in his short tenure as Secretary of the Treasury is a key element in his biography. Back in 2004 the Securities and Exchange Commission was being heavily lobbied to change basic rules that limited the leverage of investment banks. At a meeting that was poorly covered by the mass media, several of the chieftains of high finance spoke before an SEC hearing. Fortunately for them at the time, and ultimately unfortunately for our whole country in the future, that disastrous rule change allowing for greatly lessened reserves and almost unlimited leverage was approved. One of the principal spokesman for the investment community who urged the change in the rules was none other than Mr. Henry Paulson, then CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of CNBC assclowns.

shultzie said...

WTF?? am I in crazy-land?

and this scam is timed conveniently after HousingPanic shut down. This is exactly what HP stood against!

Anonymous said...

Make it stop.

Jersey Girl

Anonymous said...

Dead Man Walking

Paul E. Math said...

Hank Paulson is a smart man who is finally up against something bigger than himself.

I'm sure Paulson is doing the best he can in a situation that he unwittingly helped to create.

This is what happens when you think you are smart enough to ignore traditional prudent financial principles.

Paulson has abandoned his initial fight strategy because it wasn't working. His legs are wobbling beneath him and his mouth-guard is somewhere in the 5th row. But he's going down swinging. For God's sake, somebody throw in the towel, this is grotesque.

Anonymous said...

I was watching Santelli when he did that. I love the guy. Santelli for Treasure Secretary. At least we will go done with intelligence and a little humor.


i've had it said...

i called the congressional finance committee and bitched them out over the phone. i also called b. frank's and pelosi's offices and did the same. they no longer listen to you though...they just send you to the finance committee or to their comment line.

they are such cowards.

we are getting so swindled it's not even funny. the biggest screwing americans have ever had since the founding of the country.

they are all criminals. the only thing that will stop it is getting our pitchforks and torches and descending on DC. All it will take is a few hundred thousand people and they will get the message.

Lost Cause said...

How can you tell when a person is lying? Because they are always changing the reasons.

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree with you for once Keith. I think Hank's intentions were to make his banker buddies rich by allowing them to buy MBS at ultra distressed prices and then turn them for huge profits, huge commissions, etc. His plan blew up and now he has to simply infuse capital, this is a blow for the friends of hank program.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Bailout just can't work, because TARP forgot about the details when TARP asked Congress for the $700 Billion.

Moody's now expects five million foreclosures or short sales through 2010.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of the stills from his chit-chat, there is nothing like seeing a psychopath in stills, you really see "it".

Actually, he's probably a very nice man, he is just having to make-believe the world is going to get better, like most-of us want, but can't grasp.

Sorry, there are no absolutes, but, on the bright-side, cognitive dissonance is forever.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there are problems... look at that blonde incompetant boob what is she his cheerleader???

What about the angry mobs? said...

It's funny how all these ultra-wealthy guys think they can just skirt off to some other country and park their "Geld" in some other country's bank or get out of the dollar.

They have to live somewhere, they have to pay bodyguards to even step outside now. What happens when the bodyguards, the cooks, the service persons for theses sleezebags, realize that it is easier to slaughter the fat pig that they are serving and help themselves to the riches, or just slaughter them because the see what these scumbags are doing to the population at large.

I don't think they're going to have a place to hide once the social unrest starts.

You can imagine some of these execs being picked off by unorganized and independent groups or individuals who are more than pissed off enough to pick up a weapon and go out and shoot some of these execs.

What's protecting them. Do they have a magic forcefield around them?

I'm not suggesting that anyone do this, nor would I but if you extrapolate what could possibly happen, it seems to me to be something these guys have already taken into account. Trouble is, just because you know you are threatened, doesn't mean you can protect yourself.

Look at the analogy of 911: We were attacked on our own soil, we had the best defenses money can by and yet we still took the hit big time.

What's keeping the angry mobs from hanging these people in the public square?

Nothing, it's possible. That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Hang them ALL !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen that blonde on some gag porn sites.

That's why she got this job at MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, I think this is a GOOD thing. NOT bailing out the 'too big to fail' companies, NOT buying up toxic mortgages, NOT letting a CEO of Lehhman Brothers take a BILLION DOLLARS OF THIS MONEY AS A BONUS.
Obama's hand is behind this. I am so relieved. He is going to think before that money is spent and make sure if it goes anywhere, it helps consumers.
Now, today. American Express asking taxpayers to pay their credit card bill?
They can just fail as far as I'm concerned.
A lot more people at the bottom then the top and usually much nicer, so it shouldn't hurt them too much.

Miss Goldbug said...

Paulson has no idea what the heck he's doing...

I wonder why he doesnt want to use our monies to buy these great investments anymore? I would be shocked if he had the taxpayers best interest as a priority.

Instead, he's spending taxpayer money buying stock in banks. How is that going to solve the problem? Not counting allthe numerious times banks could go to the fed window and trade garbage mortgages for cash, we are now SUPPORTING the banks buy purchasing their stock.

This is all Helter Skelter...

Does Paulson also want to give taxpayer money as handouts to the auto industry too? Who else is next in line for 'free' taxpayer money? The Airline Industry?? The energy sector? Individual City Governments???

Paulson is shooting a gun with his eyes closed. I pray he doesnt have the authority to choose his own sucessor. Because he will surely go down in history as the only secretary treasurer who had carte blanc to do as he pleases when the country voted NO BAILOUT.

guy n. cognito said...

f Paulson.

Anonymous said...

has BO chosen a dog yet?

Anonymous said...

The wheels are really coming off now, but the general public has no idea.

There are some exceedingly capable individuals who designed and executed this whole debacle.

This is looting and asset stripping on a Biblical scale, and the cover story is incompetence.

As if one rises to the pinnacle by virtue of it.

Nice timing too; right in the middle of the fog of war and administration turnover.

Anonymous said...

Paulson ,where do I start .

Paulson was a man who helped create the problem pursuant his position in the Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. Paulson made a fortune (about 1/2 billion ), in a short amount of time based on the Casino bets of the Wall Street investment world that used real estate to back those Ponzi-scheme bets .
Paulson was one of the guys that talked the SEC to allow more leverage on the unregulated entities before it blew up .

Paulson is a greedy pig to make it short and sweet . Paulson is a man that had his own wealth to be concerned about ,(as in he could get sued over his acts ),and he had the concern of the house of cards coming crashing down .

In Paulsons mind ,what is good for Paulson is good for American . I think not .

Why was such a conflict of interest character given such a
power position by the powers ? Why did the politicians give Paulson such powers ,when he was clearly conflict of interest ?

Paulsons good is the Politicians good ,in the final analysis . It's the lobbyist good in the final analysis . Yes you have corrupt Politicians that are trying to hide that they helped create the mess by de-regulation and making the lobbyist their God .

Until the corrupt Obstruction of Justice crowd realize that they must come up with something that actually works ,or helps Main Street , the house of cards will fall ,and hiding crimes is not the most noble use of money .

John Q. Dumbass said...

These people sound like experts. I think we should all just defer to them.

chesty love said...

New name for the program:


Banking Asset Relief Funding

Anonymous said...

"Hank Paulson is either a liar, a corrupt conman, a thief or an incompetent clueless monkey. Which is it?"

All of the above.

Anonymous said...

Look at the analogy of 911: We were attacked on our own soil, we had the best defenses money can by and yet we still took the hit big time.

When you do your research into 9/11 you learn that there is a reason why defenses of the US were down on that day. They were running massive drills which included simulations of hijacked planes. Funny coincidence huh?

Nah, that's crazy. Those third world arabs just got lucky.

Anonymous said...

When you do your research into 9/11 you learn that there is a reason why defenses of the US were down on that day. They were running massive drills which included simulations of hijacked planes. Funny coincidence huh?

Nah, that's crazy. Those third world arabs just got lucky.

Yep, that is correct. in a mere 9 months after taking office, bushco was able to

a) plan and execute the hijacking of 4 airliners.
b) without being noticed, install detonations in what, 4 world trade center towers and weaken the structures so that you don't need humongous amounts of explosives, plus wire the charges for detonation.
c) go back in time and plant an evidence trail that would make the bumbling box cutter wielding terrorists as plausible suspects.

d) if not traveling back in time for item c then bushco was planning this all before winning the election.

so, therefore, bush is really very intelligent and only play stupid when in public view.

Tig Welder said...

I don't think you can disprove the conspiracy theories by simply saying it was impossible for poor ol bush to have done all that in the 9 months he was in office - therefore no conspiracy.

Bush had nothing to do with 911. He's completely innocent in that regards. He was taken for a ride by others who did know and plan for that day. He was a puppet who was clueless or near clueless. Look at his face on that day, as he as informed. He looked like he suddenyl knew that he had been lied to and he was going to take the full force of the event, and the possible blame, right in the face on national TV. (Deer in the headlights does not even come close to what that man had to deal with in his brain in those few seconds. Hopefully he was wearing diapers and good anti-perspirant!)

Now you can go on and on about how it was not a conspiracy and it was indeed the work of terrorists only but the real and as yet unknown facts do point to a concerted effort to knowingly cause this to happen with multiple plans of action i.e. if the buildings were to fall just as a result of the planes and no other secondary measures being needed.

But there was a plan B and it was implemented that day and the days before leading up to 911. Of that you can be sure of.

Why otherwise have we never had any additional inquiry into bld. 7?

"Pull it" or not, I wouldn't go hog wild on anything that somebody said after the fact i.e. Silverstein. He may well have repeated what some firemen said to him without knowing if or what it meant.

"Pull it" does not always mean blowing up a building.

But the larger picture does clearly suggest and substantiate a controlled demolition of bld. 7 and a possible preweakening of the other structures in the two towres prior to any planes hitting them.

The people who take the story on that day as the complete truth, however, are missing the point. It is not the complete story.

Blaming Bush though or the reverse: implying that it couldn't possibly be a conspiracy because there would have been no way for bush to plan it is flat out wrong.

It's fully possible and not outside of logical reasoning to suspect multiple modes of causing the destruction.

That's all I'm saying.