November 10, 2008

Is it time for America to expand again? Why stop at 50 states? How about 60? How about buying Baja?

Ooooh! I know, I know, this cannot be discussed! Sacrilege! Scandalous! Insulting!

Seriously though, at what point did it become taboo to discuss acquiring more states and more territory and more people?

Just a generation ago we were absorbing Hawaii and Alaska. So what's wrong with wanting more?

We're in a heap of trouble. We need more people and more resources or we'll contract. That's why we've let in millions and millions illegally from Mexico. But I say, own up to the problem, do it legally and do it right.

1) Enforce the border and send anyone in the country illegally home immediately. No exceptions.

2) Allow massive legal immigration

3) Go after new territories and states. I'd start with

* Virgin Islands
* Puerto Rico
* Samoa
* Guam

Make them offers they can't refuse. Then see what they have to say. I think we could make it worth their time.

And then after the territories, offer to buy Baja California from Mexico, while our currency is still worth something. Seriously. See what price they'd take. Anyone got a number in mind?

Mexico's GDP is only a trillion, and their total public debt is $180 billion. We could make that go away right quick. They have 100 million people. Maybe we offer $5000 a person, direct payment. That'd be $500 billion. I think they'd take it. For 3% of their country's land mass and 3% of their population, let's make a deal. Again, worth a shot. Worse they could do is say no.

So offer to buy it, and then if we get it develop the heck out of it. Tourism, ports, natural gas depots, windmills, factories, solar farms, de-sal plants, airports, nuclear power plants, highways, houses, retirement communities, Starbucks, Disney World, the whole nine yards. Anyone who lives there gets instant dual citizenship. And current land owners there will get rich. They'll be for it.

Hey, if we could buy Alaska or Louisiana, then we can buy Baja. Or at least make the offer.

It's time for some radical thinking and politically incorrect new ideas. It's time to challenge your beliefs. If you're against this which I suspect you are, before you react, ask yourself why.

The numbers no longer work for the current United States. Our population is too small, our GDP and tax base are too small, our entitlements are too large. The only way out of this mess is to grow our way out of it. Drastically. Radically.

So let's grow.


happyliberal said...

On the contrary, the country is too big. I've been advocating a split for a decade or more. Let conservatives have one side, the normal people the other.

Just think how much easier life would be. We'd even have another nearby country to trade with. The only problem would be that the conservative side would kill each other off over who had to pay the bills to run their country.

George L said...

good one Keith.I grew up in Baja(Mexicali and Ensenada) until I was 13.we can't afford a border state,too much money being made there.

5k per head? a cop makes that in a month from bribes,his neighbor next door makes 10 times that in a month from kidnappings and the guy across the street makes 100 times that from cocaine sales to the U.S.

how about Guatemala,they'll sell their mothers for a dollar.

keith said...

Mexico's average income is a bit over $6,000

George L said...

6k,that's only what they report to Secretaria de Hacienda(IRS).

most people work and do business under the table.mayor underground's the only way to get ahead.

cash is truly king there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. I too could buy the United States by getting a loan from China.

Roger said...

Keith, I think you'd be interested in reading someone else who has thought along these lines. Thomas P.M. Barnett wrote "The Pentagon's New Map" and "Blueprint for Action" and has proposed expanding the roster of United States. If you haven't checked him out, please do so at When I get depressed about how the current situation is, his stuff gives me hope in the future.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could just rent them?

Mammoth said...

Aren't we currently bogged down by our efforts to make Iraq the 51st state?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you make this point. I think the GOP and GOP voters hung themselves in this most recent election when it went hog-wild for throwing out all the illegals from Mexico instead of taking a measured approach toward weeding out the undesireables, naturalization for those who were desireable and taking those people into the party. The desireable illgal aliens who were made legitimate via a naturalization process could have served as staunch allies to the GOP but, c'est la vie, huh? That's what you get when you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

How about just the oppisite. The states become thier own Countries and abolish the .gov.
Would save us all a lot of Money.
I am awake now, never mind.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

PS. Mexico is now under siege by the Drug Lords and they have really what is a quiet "civil war" between those in Gov. Power who secretly back the Drug Kings and those who are in the Top of the Government, according to Matt Drudge. He reported that murder and mayhem are the order of the day, including in Baja. I say quiet, because it is very much under reported by the US media, according to the Drudge Story.

Anonymous said...

Canada works for me....they have no military so we could kick their ass pretty quickly...lots of hosers so not much resistance...lots of timber and natural resources...not as many losers as Mexico, which would be giant Welfare state...let's do it

Anonymous said...

The government and its citizens can't manage what we currently have.

I like the idea of splitting the country - right at the Mason-Dixon. U-Haul rates out of Florida will sky-rocket. Make sure the nukes are up north.

More likely, however, we are going to have to sell a few states.

Utah and Nevada would be good, but don't think anyone would want them.

Sell Alaska to Canada. Canada might want Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont too.

Southern California could easily be sold to Mexico....get gold up front, though. Keep nothern California.

Shoot, let the territories go...but for Saipan. So many clothes labeled 'Made in the USA' are assembled there.

Nebraska, Whyoming, and the Dakotas could go private (Ted Turner). LOL!

dudelero said...

we need some sort of know a common language for starters. some areas in california have become totally mexicanized....not good if you want to avoid civil war.

Anonymous said...

"Mammoth said...
Aren't we currently bogged down by our efforts to make Iraq the 51st state?"

Poetry, pure and simple. Thanks.

The Bushco legacy: shame coruuption and death. Nice.

Censure Bush and Cheney.

Anonymous said...

More poor people we don't need. We need resources.

Anonymous said...

Gee, keith sometimes I think you are missing part of brain, or it cuts out occasionally.

Buy Baja WITH WHAT?!?!?!?!?

When we bought AK and LA I believe we were a CREDITOR NATION, not a DEBTOR one.

No, I think if anything we may be in a position to SELL part of the US to another country.

Actually, we ALREADY ARE selling vast portions of our financial system, corporations, and commercial and high end residential estate to foreigners. E.G. Budweiser is now a BELGIAN company LOL!

(Unfortunately, most of what is being sold is in the blue areas because it's the only stuff of any value, so gradually what will be left for americans is the crappy red-state areas.)

Now, if it weren't for Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, perhaps we could TAKE BAJA BY FORCE, but I don't see that happening because 1) Baja is not run by a dictator who was once a good buddy of Bush/Rumsfeld, and 2) the fascist republican imperialists are basically no longer in power, for the next 10 or more years and 3) are there really that many oil or other natural resources there to steal, like there are in Iraq?

And by the way, if you want "develop the hell out of" something, for wind, solar, whatever, why not start with the non-populated areas of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, etc. Maybe this will happen now, but if it were really all that much of a miracle cure, I would think it would have happened already.

(And by the way, the Japanese already have the lead (and protective patents) in hybrid cars and maybe soon in solar cells, the Germans the lead in wind, and the Chinese will soon be permanently ahead in space technology and perhaps lunar mining. So at the moment we're quite well and truly screwed, and the last 8 years could have EASILY made the HUGE difference.)

Anonymous said...

I'll second the takeover of Canada. Why do we invade hell-holes like Iraq anyway? By including the Canadian economy, our debt to GDP ratio would go way down, as would our debt per capita, not to mention the crime rate per capita.

Better yet, we could quietly switch to Loonies as our currency without telling our foreign debt holders.

Anonymous said...

list Mexico on Ebay!

I'll bid!!!!

Obama tears cure cancer said...

I agree, especially on Puerto Rico. That country has mooched off the US for way too long with its U.S. territory, not state status.
They even demand we close down Manhattan for a day so they can hold a parade in their honor.
Annex them now. Guam and the virgin islands as well.

JaneZ said...

Anonymous said...
I'll second the takeover of Canada. Why do we invade hell-holes like Iraq anyway? By including the Canadian economy, our debt to GDP ratio would go way down, as would our debt per capita, not to mention the crime rate per capita.

Not to mention the free health care and lots of techie jobs in Toronto and Montreal. They also look just like us. Will be just like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Disgruntled Baby Boomer said...

Canada makes sense. More oil, lumber, metals, beer and maple syrup. Plus all Canucks would leave the North and move to Florida, Arizona and Nevada, buying up those foreclosed homes!

Lost Cause said...

Baja has a huge coastline. Real estate alone will huge, based on all of the ocean front housing.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

AUSTRALIA! They'd sign right up. (Or they would have, before President Cheney spoiled the brand name.) You'd have six new states right there. OK, five, if you have enough common sense to leave off Tasmania. Sell it to the farking Kiwis. They'd buy it. It's already full of sheep. The kind with wool, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Toll Brother can sell more home in Baja, they are doing so good in the other 50 states.

Chief Executive Robert Toll said the government needs to step in to help people buy homes.

"As a result of the recent economic meltdown, we believe the government's attention should be focused on shoring up the housing market, which is the root of the current financial crisis," Toll said during a conference call with Wall Street analysts. "If home prices continue to go down, foreclosures and short sales will surely continue to go up."

Anonymous said...

There is wisdom in this idea in a broader sense. It doesn't matter what place or what people or what method, the US needs new growth from somewhere.

The aging US population and dropping birth rates are much more important problems in the long term. How can we support the burdens of government spending, huge national debt, and entitlements like Social Security and Medicare? We need many millions of additional young workers to contribute to the economy.

The only solution I see to this tremendous demographic problem is massive immigration or annexation.

I also believe that without a solution, there will be an unthinkable depression. It will be far longer and more severe than anyone can imagine. Much worse than the '30s.