December 7, 2008

Want to restore investor confidence? Arrest these pigs. And this list is just for starters.


Anonymous said...

Regrettably, don’t count on it.

Anonymous said...

Well, they finally got OJ. Maybe, miracle of miracles, they can get these criminals also. We can always hope and dream.

Anonymous said...

Replace 'arrest' with 'summarily execute publicly".

SeattleMoose said...

Keith, you, I, and rest of the HPers will be arrested before these fat bloated parasites....sadly.

Anonymous said...

Where is Bernanke, the money dropper!

Anonymous said...

The dumbing down of America has been completed.

You sheep deserve all the financial pain thats comming to you.

i've had it said...

yes, all should be prosecuted and sent to a lifetime of hard labor. it would be great to put together a long list of folks who should be tried in a court of law. maybe you can make a thread out of it and let everyone pile on; and then at the end publish the list.

here are some:

Barny Frank
Larry Kudlow
Bob Toll

in fact, how about we do an i-prosecution of the criminals of the housing industry. we can gather the evidence against each individual and then go through mock trials to determine their guilt or innocence. then, once the verdict is in we can sentence them to whatever punishment we think they deserve.

this i-prosecution would serve as a good impetus to get the real people in our criminal justice system to do their jobs. we can send our verdicts and sentences to the federal and state attorneys general, as well as to decent members of congress.

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys read what the heirs of the Merrill Lynch founders said @ the board meeting on Friday, where they voted in favor of the merger w/ BAC.
Lots of hatred for O'Neal.
Poor lil rich kids...LOL.

keyser soze

Anonymous said...

Congress and the Senate passed
all Bail Out Bills proposed in spite of a 2 to 1 objection from the Citizens of USA . The lawmakers of this country are changing the laws after the fact . The Bail-Outs are a cover-up and a Obstruction of Justice . If reasonable investigations were made ,Congress and Senate and the players Keith mentioned and many more would be
shown to of carried on and condoned a Ponzi=scheme of leverage and risk that could only be considered criminal .

What do you do when the Lawmakers and policy makers allowed these
fake Market Makers and Corporations to sell out America ,only to have the Ponzi-scheme crash .

This was a World wide scheme that made a lot of people rich while the Citizens were left with the
aftermath of the fake market . Does anyone get pissed that Hank Paulson made 1/2 Billion in 6 years during the boom and he gets to keep it . This is a joke and it will be the undoing of America .

All the laws were in place when the scheme crashed . All rules were in place as to how the losses were to be taken . Now Main Street is left holding the bill (7 trillion ) along with the debt on the fake prices . The Citizens got a nice loss with the fake Stock Market also .How dare the lawmakers avoid Justice and add more injury by placing the tab for the crimes on the taxpayers .

Banks and investment firms are private Corporations that are listed on the stock exchange . They are insured by FDIC on deposits .Since when in combo with the Treasury can the Feds bail out these entities .

Those Kangaroo Court Congressional hearing were a Joke . A Treasury Sec asks for a 700 billion dollar blank check claiming that the credit markets are not operative .Bait and Switch was exactly what that play was.

We are getting so use to seeing insanity ,rather than true accountability or proper investigations and criminal proceedings .

Justice is important in any society because without it you lose law and order . You can't have 300 million people running around without law and order . You can't have the law makers be the law breakers by Obstructing Justice .

The crime of this Wall Street financial scheme has already taken lives .People are responsible for their own actions ,but in this case the Citizens were the pawns of this massive Ponzi-scheme of
Wall Street and the Lenders and the Rating agencies and the bribed Politicians breaching their duty to protect the public .

" A Society that does not dole out proper reward and punishment is doomed to fail ." Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

The Corporations and Wall Street took over the Government .

We now live in a monopoly of foreign-produced goods with Americans being job-less with USA based manufactured
products not being competitive because of our higher wage standards .

Don't you all get how absurd the situation is. And to think the American people thought that everything was OK because their house was going up 20% a year and the stock market was on a Bull by the wonders of leverage and living on debt without wage increases .

Just listen to Wall Street cheerleaders for a week and you will see just how unconcerned they are for Main Street America. Emerging global markets is of more concern to them .

Anonymous said...

Fight back in court. Sue your mortgage company, bank, auto company ... everyone for securitizing your loans without your permission. Force your creditors to prove they own your debt or refuse to pay them. If they sold your debt and can't produce your original signature, dispute the existence of the debt and force them to repay every cent you ever paid them. File a judicial proceeding and clog up the courts with suits from pissed off consumers. It may be your only recourse. We can choose to let the few at the top bankrupt this country or we can collectively bankrupt the government and take back our property ... from the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Here's the story that image is from: