December 12, 2008

Well, even after everything falls apart, we'll still have the internet to keep us entertained. Right?

I mean, they can't turn off the internet, can they?


Anonymous said...

NOOOO, they only pretended to turn it off in Indonisia. We are a civilized Western country with trustworthy, saintlike officials and Marshall law is impossible even though there are those 20000 young murderers just back from war, they would never turn their guns on Americans.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah !!!

GOOGLE SWEDISH CHEF !! Look for the Chocolate Moose !!!

Swedish Chef baby !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you know....

...that if Pres. George W. Bush really WERE Hitler, most of his political opponents would be dead by now?

...that after almost 50 yrs on this planet, the US Presidency will be Barack Obama's first REAL job?

...that if politicians could run things like the auto industry successfully, the Soviet Union WOULDN'T have collapsed?

...that "free" national healthcare will be paid for by somebody, probably you?

...that the national media's fantasy that Barack Obama and Chicago's political culture have little to do with each other is less statistically probable than being struck by lightning or winning the lottery?

...that most celebrities are banal vacuous idiots and you'd be better off licking a dead monkey's anus than emulating their lives or listening to their opinions?

...that once upon a time Americans solved their own problems and did not wait for someone else to do it?

...that the current Vice President-elect is someone named "Joe Biden"?

...that the US Constitution defines no right to food, shelter, healthcare or any material good but that it is strictly about political rights?

...that "Change We Can Believe In" and "We are the ones we've been waiting for" make no f...g sense whatsoever?

...that wealth is not "distributed" by some official or non-official entity but that some people actually go out and earn it by building businesses, saving and investing and/or working for a living?

more at:

Anonymous said...

What would Kermit do without it?

Bill O'Riley wouldn't know fuck.

I'm glad we have this new technology...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the internet has bugs and security holes..., and

YES, the Gov't will use stories like this to justify shutting down the whole existing net at some point. Then resetting it or switching over.


How is this going to effet internet users?

Prior to the big switch over; new updates for browsers will be avaliable for download. You will have to update your browser before the cut-off date to keep using the internet after the switch.

What can users expect after the switch?

A much slower internet, as all traffic is verified and reverified at every step along the way.

Lots of sites will stop working becuase the servers were not updated.

Censorship will increase, as blacklisted sites will be increasingly blacked out by the new software. The Gov't will lie about the censorship and hide behind the fraudulant claim that 100% of the website problems are the fault of the webmasters not updating the servers correctally. When in reality it will be a combination of censorship and webmaster problems that shut down your access to various sites.

What about users privacy?

The reality is that most folks have no privacy now. The Gov't has loopholes in the law, which permits them to capture and retain the contents of you e-mails and a list of the webpages that you access.

After the switch; expect that your entire computer experience will be recorded in deep storage files-- all indexed to you as a person and anyone who uses your online connection. The Gov't robots will be able to use your deep storage files to automatically monitor your "terrorism" threat level; amoung other things.

If you like to surf porn; every image you see will be recorded for ever... together with the date and time of your download; etc.

Every program you use on your computer will redirect a copy of your activity to your deep-storage file.

Robot's (Computers programmed to scan everyone's deep-storage files) will be programmed to hunt for the enemies of the Establishment and target them.

Is this the end of the world?

No. But, if you are smart, you will always use the net with the presumption that your worst enemy is watching you and will use what ever information he can obtain againt you!!!

Thimblelina said...

That Wired story makes the hair on my neck stand on end... and not in a 'good' way!

Tonight I'm fortifying myself with an extra Anchor Steam holiday ale.

Anonymous said...

I am certain the big people will find a way to short out the 'net. It is simply spreading too much bad press about them. Conspiracy buffs are not ALL now being huffawed away. Some of the stuff they now write makes way too much sense in light of the way things are going. Problem is the "net spreads both the truth and the ruffy on things. With all the free time the jobless will be having, some of them might start studying the Situation (aka NWO) and see that some of it is as said. Or at least pretty close.

Anonymous said...

No, we have Bernard Madoff!

Tokyo Boy said...

You mean, after society callapses and the only was to survive is scavenging?

Mr Jay in Ma said...

Of Course they can turn it off!!! Don't you know that they recruit terrorists on the Internet????