March 19, 2009

Empires over-extend. Over-reach. Ring up too much debt. Lose their way. And they fall.


area 51 said...

1.2-3Million Angry French join protests.
Police say 1.2M, organizers say 3M.

Batman said...

So do species.

Anonymous said...

Empire, when? Have you ever driven a Lada car? I did.

Now they all want to move into Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, to become a Realtwhore or bartender in South Beach, until finding a sugar daddy.

Oh yeah, former empire...riiiight.

Afterthought said...

The Original Bailout: The United States nationalizes the British Empire.

We're still living with that mistake.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Circuit City thing is misleading. CC was replaced by a more efficient model, like Amazon and Newegg. What killed business like CC was overpriced real estate and all the expenses that comes with it.

keith said...

The US replaced the UK

Best Buy replaced Circuit City

Freedom and commerce replaced the imprisonment of Communism

So, what replaces the US?

What if anything replaces capitalism?

Anonymous said...

The fed is out of bullets!
No mas!
Tool box is empty!
Bond market will put a stop to this nonsense.
Commodities will put a stop to this nonsense.
The game is over for Helicopter.
The addict has passed out.
The juice if flowing but the patient is out on the couch.
Finally, the consequences of a socialist monetary policy will crash.

The only tool left for the helicopter is to nationalize all banks, devalue the dollar and confiscate all (all!) gold.

If he does this his ass will be strung up a tree!

Go ahead helicopter make my day!

Alaweed-bin-dumb-ess said...

Are you a Saudi imbed?

The notion that the US is an empire is probably the dumbest argument out there today.

The US IS the most successful country on this planet precisely because it is NOT an empire.

This Empire idiocy comes from the Arab dictatorships who control the information to their everyday outraged citizens, pointing to our successes as a blame for their oppression.

Europe supports it blindly cause it has a chance of hurting us.

But U see; there is a real definition for the word 'Empire'
To qualify as an Empire there needs to be a single ruler to be in control,
Like Saudi Arabia..

Keefer; unless you signed up to the ‘the world is run by a huge underground incredibly powerful NWO supersonic organization’..

Wait; have you converted to Islam?
All that rage and calling the US an Empire makes me think you got the willies for 7 virgins..

Great; next thing ya know we got our very own keefer walking around in a turban chanting allah and anti US slogans..


Europe smells said...

area 51,

France is on a permo riot mode, has been like that since WWII
Actually all of Europe is.

Europe has seen its best days post WWII,
they had a unique opportunity and they blew it.

Europe will never recover.

keith said...

The US spends nearly 50% of the world's military spending. We have bases in over 100 countries.


That said, I think Obama plans to stand down.

Let China, India, Russia and the EU emerge.

We're broke.

We're done.

And that's OK.

Alaweed-bin-dumb-ess said...

Keefer said:
'The US spends nearly 50% of the world's military spending. We have bases in over 100 countries.'

This does not make us an ‘Empire’,
It may make us stupid for attempting to help those who do not want to be helped.

It just makes us a big Country with lots of potential

And Obamy is not capable of standing us up or down.

Last time I checked, the place you’re residing in still has a Queen and princess'
At least our president (although turned out to be lousy) was elected by the people.

Getting information from sources other then the BBC and Al-Jazeera may clear things up.

Anonymous said...

Blogger keith said...

The US replaced the UK

Best Buy replaced Circuit City

Freedom and commerce replaced the imprisonment of Communism

So, what replaces the US?

What if anything replaces capitalism?
It looks like Corporate Fascism is replacing Capatilism.

Anonymous said...

Keith said:
"We're broke.

We're done.

And that's OK."

Well,then why the outrage and instigating of riots?

Glad you think 'its OK'
now we can all sit back and re

Anonymous said...

The road to empire hell is littered with abandoned founding principles.

keith said...

Looks like French Idol must be on.

The French have lost their passion for protest and riot.

Looks like they'll take it lying down. Like WWII.

Mitesh Damania said...

I got this from listening to the snippets (by clicking the guys on the right) from Catherine's site:

IRA accounts with precious metals:

And check out Where Would Jesus Bank? on that page.

alex3191 said...

Never forget. Our hero. Here it is :

yoski said...

Awesome clips, thanks Keith. I remember the fall of Russia all too well, 1987 is when I bailed out of Europe. Too bad the US is going down the path every empire before it did. Now it is too late to turn around, no leadership, no vision, no political will, only greed, corruption and quantitative easing. Who will take its place?
Russia, lots of resources but too corrupt.
Brazil, ditto.
China, losts of manufacturing but they poisoned their coutry so badly it is almost uninhabitable, few resources.
India, ditto.
Britain...about to go the path of Iceland.
Germany, good technology, good innnovation and manufacturing but aging population.
Japan, good manufacturing but aging population and lots of debt.
Middle East...too incompetent to pick their own nose.
Canada, good industry, lots of resources, low debt but small population base.
Australia, ditto.
My point is, there will be a power vaccum left behind once the US exits its position as world super power. This means international tensions over its succession. It also means lots of crazies are crawling out of the woodwork, like Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, assorted warlords in Africa and t
he Middle East.

Singular said...

Very interesting. I have been saying for some time that the US is an empire in decline. The parallels with previous empires are too great to be ignored.

When an empire starts attacking its healthy members and stops them performing and reproducing and instead encourages the proliferation of its unhealthy deviant and unproductive members, the corpus will become sick and eventually die. It is analogous to a cancerous growth within a human body. Unchecked, the abnormal cells are allowed to thrive and the normal cells are choked off and die off rapidly to the point where the malignant tumor cells outnumber the normal cells.

This is what has happened to the US.

And it is not only confined to the US, it is happening all over the world: Australia, NZ, the UK, the Netherlands and so on ... which are countries that all follow a very similar economic and social model to the USA.