March 19, 2009

Today is (supposedly) a day of protests in America and France. Let's see how the people do. I don't expect much. Idol is on. But we'll see...

Do you want riots and civil disobedience?

Do you want mobs outside the bank HQ's?

Do you want torch and pitchfork crowds gathering at Mozilo's home, calling for his head?

Do you want the smell of tear gas in the air?

I hope some of you get out there and protest. And hell, go ahead and have some fun.

PS - G20 is in London next week. Anyone going? It's gonna be.. well.. how they say.. interesting..


Anonymous said...


Why don't you help fight the core of corruption instead of constantly whining about Mozillo, Suzanne and beanie babies??

Ron Paul has introduced

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act HR 1207

to audit the Fed.

Why aren't you helping to promote this? Did Ron Paul hurt your feelings and not do exactly what you hoped he would at some point in his campaign and you're still smarting from it?

How about helping to promote something real instead of just pushing constant dumb videos from the lamestream media?

Lamaria said...

Don't expect much. This was poorly done, poorly done. I only heard about it through your blog.

Also the locations are questionable. Florida only appears to have 1 spot for the whole state, and it is way out in the middle of no where next to a bank of america.


A group of 4chan kids did a billion times better than this. I'm not 100% sure why you even bothered to mention it.

vanilla ice said...

I'll try and get there, to the NYC protest. Unfortunately like most working schmucks, I'll be working during the day.

Anonymous said...

Long way to yet Queeferino. I use these two clowns as my DENIAL gauge. As long as they are making jokes about the economy, we are still firmly entrenched in DENIAL. Wait until it's no longer funny and the idiot college kids in the audience are no longer laughing. Then we may be getting somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The unified currency as foretold in Revelation is starting to materialize. Easy to go full unified currency once a common global reserve currency is in place.

Anonymous said...

keith said...

If any of you have time, when you're at the grocery today ask the clerk about the blonde girl on Idol. Then ask her about AIG.

Report back.

RobertM said...

....ask the clerk about the blonde girl on Idol

You don't really expect her to take off from work (lose what little pay she has) to go to some protest (if you can find one close by) something she doesn't understand (that most of Washington doesn't understand either), do you?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

There is and ORLAND TEA PARTY this Saturday at the Lake Eola Out door theater. That would be March the 21, 2009.
It is from noon to two.
I am going and with signage.


Anonymous said...

We have already called for these guys' heads.

Talk is nothing. Action speaks.

Just look at road rage. People talk plenty tough until it is time to actually do something. I know someone who got punched in the face during a road rage incident. He doesn't even want to get into it with people on the road anymore.

too much debt said...

Now Bloomberg is hopping on:

"This is like a tale out of Atlas Shrugged".

Anonymous said...

"Today is (supposedly) a day of protests in America and France. ..."

Huh? Protest? What, are the rich criminals who got away with all that money going to stage a protest about all the scrutiny they are under?

The government will never lay a hand on those rich f*ckers.

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside here, Keith, I want to thank you for making it so easy to post comments here. I have to give it up on other sites because there's always some complication that prevents it from going through, but here its easy as PIE! Also, I appreciate the fact that you even allow comments that might not be all that favorable to yourself. Even though I sometimes disagree with you, I respect your letting me express that! Keep up the good work.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Rioting get's serious when more of the upper-middle class and somewhat wealthy start losing their way of living, and being put out onto the streets.

Then, instead of comedians making jokes about rioting, we'll start seeing some real action.

Stay tuned, and remember to grab your popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Outside of my office here in DC, which is across from a park where there appears to be an assembly of about 15 or so an anti-war protester (at least that is what their sign said), the DC government has assembled about 10 motorcycle cops, 20 police cars and at least 2 horse mounted cops.

All this for 15 kids.

And, wtf, who the F protests on a weekday? That is what the weekend is for, u know, when people have the day off and have the time to protest? Plus there are less cops working. Plus, at least for DC, there are more tourists out and about.


investorinpa said...

This article is sure to fire everyone up..its the House detailed account of how Countrywide tried to woo VIPs to give them favorable treatment:

Anonymous said...

Tits McGhee is hot, but she will be voted off next week - she shoudl have been voted off this week, but she's probably banging Simon, lucky bastard.

Yeah, I watch it - I also work my ass off and keep abreast of all the shit that is going on.

So, don't begrudge me a little American Idol.

Anonymous said...

"...[What] Do you want?..."

Picture how these posts will be viewed/used in 5 or 10 years.

I sure as shit ain't gonna commit to posterity ANY untoward thoughts about our business and political leaders.

I will certainly be amused by any effective methods of leveling the playing field back toward the little guy, however.

Yelling, waving signs, and smashing innocents' windows hurt more than they help, which is very little.

"...Did Ron Paul hurt your feelings and not do exactly what you hoped he would..."

Maybe if I were 10 years old emotionally.

I'd characterize it more like "disappoint and then lateral my email to some Campaign For Liberty sub-contractors."

I'd been (barely)tolerating reading their spam, but the last one was the last straw.

will shill for coin said...

I though a bunch of sick freaks like S&Aers would interested in the following slide show.

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Anonymous said...


Gimme Cheese.

casey said...

Business as usual here in sacramento ca.The minions are still clueless.

Everyone is worried about what size flat screen to get.Do they go 720p or 1080p.They want to watch idol in hd.

Jasen said...

Recession pics:

Open your eyes said...


You think you won WWII?

Europe is about to destroy you without even firing a single bullet.

Everything appears to be illogical, right?. Well it is..

Step back for a minute a think of what happened to the world since the EU was created.

What was the motive for creating a ‘counter balance’ to the US?

What is their motive for supporting every single Islamo terrorist organization?
Isn’t it a natural contradiction for a left leaning socialist society to unconditionally support hard conservative right wing religious Muslims?

Europe does not benefit from this post WWII world, it is in their best interest to severely weaken the US.

Go on spend your energy on frivolous issues while Europe is building momentum.

tomato tomato said...

Rah rah!

I'm very berry mad.

lets assume i already vented, broke some poor schmucks windshield, even tackled a few riot cops, almost got myself arrested.

Now what?

oh thats right, i'm gonna be rich

woo hoo

Guberville Smack said...

All this day will do is prove once again that America is the "Land of the Great Crying Vagina".

Now excuse me while I collect my Gubmint check and look for someone to sue.

Mammoth said...

Reporting from Amarillo, Texas:
Housing Bubble?
- You mean there was a housing bubble?

Housing Panic?
- What panic?

Nobody here seems to be aware of any problem. A ‘fixer’ can be had for under $50K here.

Lots of new big pickup trucks and SUV’s here. When I asked one of the locals, she said, “With the low prices of new trucks & SUV’s, everybody is buying them.”

Funny – that doesn’t seem to be the case throughout the rest of the country.

BTW, gas is cheap in Texas: $1.77 for regular and $1.99 for Diesel.

She told me there are lots of good-paying technical (Engineering, etc.) jobs available right now in Amaraillo. For example, Bell is staffing up to build their (crash-prone) Osprey aircraft. But the catch is - you must be willing to live there.

No thanks – it’s back to the Pacific Northwest (and REALITY) for me. At least, while I still have a job…


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Angelo Mozillo is now old news. He'd slipped away with the Fannie & Freddie limit increases, followed by the BoA acquisition. He's done and in a short while, be conveniently forgotten even though he was America's greatest white collar con man.

Everyone will instead, be focused on the AIG execs, Thain-like characters of BoA, and Madoff. At least of few of these will see time and that'll satisfy the masses. You see, the latter crooks were not as brilliant as Mozillo, that's why they're roped in by the press.

Pasta man said...

Something to consider..

With Insurance companies being practically broke

How will people recover damages done by hoodlum rioters?

Force them to work and do community service?
Most of theses losers have never even made their own bed.

They’re outraged spoiled little brats who got lucky to be born in a time of peace and prosperity, now times are getting tough; and they’re not happy, boo efin wooo.

Looks like the days of partying in collage for several years then landing a high paying job for playing foosball and talking to Powerpoint charts are over.

You have the following choices:

1)kick and scream, riot etc. this will pay even less then flipping burgers

2)Be focused, innovative, committed to build a better future, it may not ‘feel good’ all the time, you may have to start out in a small 1 bedroom apartment, plan and save, invest on your own… but the payoff will be worthy.

Anonymous said...


Cmon Colbert and Stewart???

Just show clips of Obama and Gibbs while you are at it....

Anonymous said...

oh yes, a mob to big to fail.

funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

If any of you have time, when you're at the grocery today ask the clerk about the blonde girl on Idol. Then ask her about AIG.

Report back.

are you setting us up? is there even a blonde girl on idol?

December 2008

Anonymous said...

American International Group: All Recipients

Obama, Barack (D-IL) Senate $104,332

Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $103,900
McCain, John (R-AZ) Senate $59,499
Clinton, Hillary (D-NY) Senate $37,965

Baucus, Max (D-MT) Senate $24,750

Romney, Mitt (R) Pres $20,850

Biden, Joseph R Jr (D-DE) Senate $19,975

Anonymous said...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, both Democrats, have said they want to pass climate-change legislation this year, putting a national cap on U.S. carbon emissions for the first time.

If they're pushing this scam, it must be good, right Keith? Right? I mean, if you're for the cap-and-trade, then you must believe what Pelosi and Reid are selling us, right? You can't fight logic here.

Unbelievable, you people are going to be fleeced again by the same crooks. And you love it! You do realize that your utility bill and anything else transported will increase in price, right? The corporations will just pass the cost to you. Can't you see this is a scam to steal more money from you?

Anonymous said...

Obama to "change" the 13th Amendment

Anonymous said...

If any of you have time, when you're at the grocery today ask the clerk about the blonde girl on Idol. Then ask her about AIG.

That's unfair to the low-pay immigrant worker who has to make ends meet at $200 per week.

Why don't you ask the same question to the ooohh-so trendy baristas at Starbucks. Ask them how many senators we have in Congress and what's the name of Germany's president (tricky question), or the Ukraine's capital.

As seen on Jay-Walk.

And people, there's plenty of informative programs on TV: How It's Made, Jeopardy, National Geographic, History Channel, Dog Whisperer, UFO Hunters, Heroes...well, I threw that last one in because Ali Larter is the hottest thing.

Anonymous said...

There is and ORLAND TEA PARTY this Saturday

Hey FlyingMonkey, long time no see, mami. Since it's Disney territory, I would go dressed as Mad Hatter. Got it? Got it?

Anonymous said...

I asked the checker about the blonde girl on Idol: "I really like that blonde girl on Idol, I think shes going all the way."
Checker no speak-a-da-english-too-good.
I said: "Yeah, and that AIG bailout is such a travesty."
Checker nodded in agreement.
So Keith, the grocery clerk DID know more about AIG than Idol!

Angry Leprechaun said...

I want no more then to beat the shit out of some of these people and I am not talking about bank CEOs. Oabama and his staff, Pelosi and Dodd, Janet Napalitano (however you spell her name, may be spelt dumb bitch), are screwing up left and right. I have all the means required to protect myself.

On the other hand I have never been big on violence to make a stand. It is frustrating. I am angry as hell. Millions of illigals are being given the thumbs up to stay, friends who are border patrol agents don't know how to do their job now, Obama is clearly a fucking idiot and failure already, I feel my loss
of liberty everyday. The stock market could gain new heights but our dollar is being devalued daily. I don't see much respect for the Constituion, my rights, the land of the free, our currency, etc. And this dumb fuck Obama gets on my TV with that shitty grin.

I don't want violence, civil war, death, destruction. I am a full Ron Paul supporter and he wants a peaceful revolution. I will say I am angry and don't know if peace is tolerable or productive at this point.

I do know as I stated yesterday or the day before that people are not going to stand for this to be an ongoing way of life. This is not sustainable for a long period of time. We can not have the mentality that going against the constitution and bailing out banks, and then taxing the bank ceos to gain money back unconstitionaly and have our system function. And then Obama getys of my TV again with a shitty smile and just looks like he is so proud of himself. I think he is laughing at the citizens of the country. He knows what he is doing. He stands there like he is saying to himself, " what a bunch of idiots I have eating out of my hand."

So what should we do? I am not sure. Some release of the anger would be nice.

Rhymes with Shunt said...

Angry Leprechaun,

So, you probably don't like the fact that Congress just gave $5,000,000,000 of your hard-earned taxes to suppliers of the failing automakers, right?

Virtue Rewarded said...

None of the blond girls I know; my hairdresser, dog groomer or check out girl; know anything about gold or AIG. They are more up on the Bachelor than Idol. I can't quiz them with any authority on these two shows, but they are certainly well-informed compared to me. I explain the economy to them. In fact, none of them see any problem with the economy here in upstate NY. Hairdresser's hubby has lots of contracting work, but what is more typical here: new windows, furnaces - not 100G kitchens California style. We didn't have the highs, so far we have not seen any lows. My neighbor just sold his house without even listing it!

DH informs me GE has laid off 3,000 in Capital(in CT), and a few in Solar, which is an Infrastructure business. The previous Cap layoff consisted of people with an average salary of $175,000. Profits are the best ever in Power(an infrastructure business), so I guess they are carrying the rest of the company. At least they are providing something the world needs and and is willing to pay for.

I am furious with all this nonsense and am prepared to go to my place in NH and live subsistance style if I have to; but I can't imagine it getting that bad. I remember the 70s and total melt-down in the early 80s in Texas. No Federal bail out for Texas. My dad had his own gas tank in the 70s; had it filled whenever prices were low. He also traded in real estate in the 70s, successfully. I've talked to my dad and uncle, who were teens and college grads in the 30s. They are both thrifty, but that's not such a bad way of life. My dad said the only MIT grads who got jobs in the 30s were the Chemical Engineers. He (MEng '36)worked on cars and had an assortment of blue-collar jobs until after WWII. I think he preferred working on cars to R&D, which he did after the War, getting 3 patents.

Mitesh Damania said...

$5 audiobook sale at Last day folks!

I think you pay a membership of $7 a month for 3 months and get free books out of that.

There is also a $9.99 membership plan for a year but you have to ask them for it.

Mitesh Damania said...

Enjoy that alarm clock (hit play under the album cover):

Miss Goldbug said...

Time to sharpen the pitch forks.

Anonymous said...

All we are saying is give Justice a chance .

Anyway ,you march peacefully ,like
King did . Wouldn't it be a funny sight to have a Black President and see a bunch of white people marching for Social and Constitutional Justice against
the Wall Street crooks and bought off Politicians .

Call it a March for Theives to Stop looting the Tazpayers .

If the public really understood what was going on they wouldn't be pissed about the 165 million in compensation but they would be pissed about the 165 billion instead .

These nice Congress and Senate people are going to get us back 165 million of the 5 trillion in damages these theives cause the taxpayers so far ,and that is if your not counting the job loss and the 401 k loss or the home loss either . Boy aren't these guys
really a group of Politicians to be proud of .

I was so proud of them when they said they were going to tax the scoundrels . Wow ,you got guys that belong in jail ,and they are going to tax their big commissions . What a group we have
over there at Capital Hill . What about the fact that the bail outs saved them from being sued ,they should be working for free .

Just keep on letting the corrupt lead us down the path to ruin .

Anonymous said...

"That's unfair to the low-pay immigrant worker who has to make ends meet at $200 per week."

That doesn't add up. Google minimum wage and tax rates and do some math. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Well so much for that big nationwide protest. I didn't hear a thing about it.

Singular said...

Only revolution is going to save the US. And there aint going to be a revolution. In the 1770s, there were clearcut enemies: the British ... nowadays, nobody knows who the 'enemy' is. The 'enemy' is all around, it has infiltrated every part of American society. Some people 'get it' but then they shoot themselves in the foot with petty infighting.

I don't see the US getting better. I just see it getting slowly worse, bit by bit, like a frog getting boiled alive temperature increment by increment.

The US suffers from firstly severe moral defects, and then from that, severe intellectual defects.

In other words, the people as a whole are either criminal or stupid, or both.

I used to look up to and admire Americans as someone looking at giants might admire them, but after years of getting to know them and understanding the American character, I now see that that admiration was misplaced and it was only the outer veneer that I was in awe of. When you strip that off, you see only a brain-addled, overmedicated people who are determined to go to their demise. They are not much different to the opium addicts of imperial China and the US is not much different to colonized China of the Boxer era. The US is on its last legs, and has been for the last 40 years. But people think it's only happened in the last three years or so. There have been several decades for the cancer to have worked itself in and now the manifestations are all too clear even for those most inclined to be ostriches. But when the evidence has become overwhelming is the point when the cancer has reached a terminal stage and the patient cannot recover.

Alas that is the truth about the US. Anything that is done at this point IS too late. The best one can do is instigate palliative treatment for the nation. Measures that ensure the suffering is not TOO severe before the final end.

Singular said...

And another thought. America is perhaps not worth saving. To sacrifice oneself, maybe even one's life ... for what? For DEMOCRACY? For CAPITALISM? Aren't these the things that led to this mess in the first place? Why get yourself killed to ... just go down that road again? And in 80 years after the revolution, face the corruption, the bailouts, & so on.

What are people going to revolt for? To restore the Constitution? But it's a failed model, it will just go down the same route and evolve into what it is now.

You have to define what people are fighting for .... what are the ideals that can inspire people to give up their lives?

Can you think of any?

People are more cynical these days.

The intellectual climate of America is moribund. Liberals think they are the saviors and Conservatives think THEY are.

Both are myopic and cannot see that these two polarities are not the be all and end all and indeed the fact that these factions represent the main movements in America points to the stagnation of thinking in America.

Unless there is a change in the thinking of Americans that makes it become a society of philosophers and intellectuals from that of a society of technocrats, America cannot rise from the soot and ashes, the fire and brimstone that will be sure to engulf it very soon.

America is individualistic? The problem is that America is not individualistic ENOUGH. Americans cannot see themselves as they really are. They do not realize that they are actually very homogenous and herdlike in their thinking. There is not enough of a lone-wolf mentality in America. Everyone wants to fit in. There is intense pressure to conform.

Of course this is not confined to America, but is a problem in many parts of the world. It is just more noticeable in America maybe because the lack of individualism has become a fine art here and the world's camera is focused on America.

Singular said...

Forget about the AIG, or about the realtors etc ... look at the big picture. Why fix one thing if there are multiple holes sprouting up all over the dyke? You are just being anal by looking at one thing (general criticism - not directed at any particular person). Tie everything together and see what you come up with ... then attack THAT. This is a more effective approach than plugging one hole and running frantically around and plugging another that you see. Maybe, just maybe, the dyke is no good. Perhaps the dyke should be done away with and another built in its place that doesn't rupture so easily.

There is always a common thread behind these scandals and financial debacles.

It is the job of a leader to identify this and gather the people around him or her and fight against this thing.

And until this happens, you are going to get apathy. I think the intelligent people aren't going to get onboard the revolution thing because there's nothing worth getting behind at the moment. Nothing clear has been outlined: the problem, the solution.