March 7, 2009

Hypocrites. Monkeys. Scoundrels. Traitors. Scum. Welcome to the US Congress, circa 2009.

Do Senators and Representatives from both parties not understand?

That after destroying America, and costing the voters their life's savings, their homes, their jobs and their futures, that things have changed?

Will enough ever be enough?


hp fan said...

Congress thinks the only problem is a drop in tax revenue.

Their answer is to print money to pay government workers.

What happens when the only workers left are government paid cops, firefighters, teachers etc?

Anonymous said...

Obamma, a man whose only true act of leadership is the complete destruction of the US. He is ghetto-ass, his henchmen and worshopers are ghetto-ass. The horror of what these men are is dawning on the stupid people who have any property that voted fot these vile men. The non producers are in heaven. OBBBBAAAAMMMMMYYYYY give MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE.

w.j.y.l. said...

A MUST read on the the bizarre sociopath, Jim Cramer:

Jim Cramer uses CNBC to manipulate stocks

"""I have analyzed well over a thousand stories written by this clique of journalists. The vast majority of them were sourced from a small group of short-sellers who are also friends of Cramer. Other popular sources for this group of journalists include convicted felons, mobsters, dubious private investigators, crooked lawyers, hired stock bashers, and gun-toting goons - most of whom are tied to the Cramer constellation of short-sellers. """

"""He lived in a car with a loaded gun hidden under the seat. Eventually, though, Peretz gave Cramer some money to start a hedge fund, which Cramer managed with celebrated ruthlessness until he resolved to seek spiritual enlightenment as a TV news host."""

Anonymous said...

A Pack of Smokes just went up 75Cents.. F YOU Obama non blog reading porch parrot.. FU!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't support MSNBC, especially that disgusting Keith Olbermann and his angry lesbo. I will never click on any of those videos.

Anonymous said...

i am begging to think that it is going to take a revolution for us to change tracks.

Anonymous said...

Why all morons I know have the same name - Keith?

Anonymous said...

'What happens when the only workers left are government paid cops, firefighters, teachers etc?'

Tax Revolt!

Anonymous is a moron said...

Why all morons I know post under same name -- anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Control food and you control people;

Control oil and you control nations;

Control energy and you control whole continents;

Control money and you control the world.

Obama eyes big changes in farm subsidies

In February, the administration proposed eliminating direct payments to producers with gross sales exceeding $500,000 and placing a $250,000 hard cap on subsidies.

The move could cost some area farmers tens of thousands of dollars, according to federal documents.

And when profit margins are thin or nonexistent, some producers maintain the payments are needed for survival.

Obama said cutting direct payments to "large agribusiness that don't need them" is a way to control spending.

It's part of the president's $3 trillion-plus spending plan for fiscal year 2010.

His goal is to reduce yearly deficits by half by the end of his first term.

Anonymous said...

Please, don't worry, so the Dimrats have a little pork in the budget. The "wealth destroyer" promised 13 times he'd veto ALL earmarks. Relax.

Anonymous said...

I only got through the first 30 seconds of the clip.

Olbermann grunting in disgust about Republican hypocrisy... Yawn. I've got better things to do with 7 minutes than listen to more of the same old schtick.

What I wonder is if this clown really believes he's influencing discourse, or if he's content in feeding red meat to his audience of loons.