March 7, 2009

US Senator Jim DeMint: ""I still believe that there could be riots. Most will be small, but I think there is a chance that we can see some large ones"


You're not supposed to SAY that! THINK it all you want Jim, get ready for it, but you can't SAY that! Didn't you get the memo?


Anonymous said...

DeMint speaks the truth and They try to slime him.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

DeMint is demented. I actually donated money -- not a big amount, maybe $25 -- to his opponent in 2004, even though I was living in California at the time. But he just struck me as so wacko. Him and Jim Bunning -- two loose cannons from the South with probable mental defects. Have you ever watched clips of either of them speaking? Incipient senility, I tell ya. Especially Bunning. I wonder how many times he got hit in the head with beanball pitches?

That said, they're sticking with the right-wing wish book of riots and fire and death. Oooh, what fun that must seem like to them! Be careful of what you wish for, mofos. You just might get it.

Mitesh Damania said...

See the astronomical stars line up. Combine a police beating, high unemployment, and a baseball or baskeball championship win and you'll see some cage rattling in that city.

Mitesh Damania said...

Bring out the dead! ding ding!

Craig said...

This is the only website I look at on the Internet. This blog is fabulous, it's a candle in the dark. It's a shame that whenever I post a rare question I get yelled at and called a loser. If these anonymous' got to know me a little better they would conceed I am not a loser. I am one of the rare breed that sold their house when all freinds and family was going mental, hyped by the media, manic, believing prices would soar forever. I made £60,000 clear profit in just a few years that's not being a loser is it?

Anonymous said...

a small riot is like a small battle....small unless you are in it.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Craig, why sould you give a f@ck if someone who can't create a Blogger ID, or even a fake screen name, calls you a loser? Anonymous IS the loser.

Mammoth said...

Nearly everything predicted on this blog, and on its predecessor, have come true or are in the process of doing so.

And now the prediction here is for civil unrest? Yikes!

Suddenly all those 'guns & ammo' people don't sound like crackpots anymore.


Anonymous said...

"Bukko_in_Australia said...
Craig, why sould you give a f@ck if someone who can't create a Blogger ID, or even a fake screen name, calls you a loser? Anonymous IS the loser."

You're a BIG talker behind that keyboard, and a short-timer in this community.

Unfortunately, I have met many like you in life.

And kicked the living shit out of a few too, not behing a keyboard, but face-to-face, belly-to-belly. Taken my lumps, but on balance, BIG Talkers like you so far tend to be little cowards when confronted.

Think (if you can) about it Big Talker and short-timer here.

You may have to leave the community soon.

Anon Forever.

Anonymous said...

Give us the pigs and the money they stole from us, and nobody gets hurt.

Otherwise get ready for fear.

Anon loser with pitchfork.

Anonymous said...

In late 1960's when I was 25 +/-, I marched against the war, once. I am
very uneasy in crowds and am not a group person for the most part. But right after that, I dreamed I was marching in a protest, but I was old.

I am 65 this month; I voted for Pres Obama, volunteer once in a while, have lots of old school interests: spinning, weaving, etc. Read widely, am well informed. So if I were to take part in a large group thingy,it would have to be serious. Certainly a war would get me moving, having 4 grandsons, all in the right age demographic for a large draft. I'm up for demonstrating against megacorps, if it got much worse. (Yes, it can and will get worse.)..I'm just not at my personal boiling point yet. I have sick family members and great grandbabies coming along. Things to do, takes one away from personal life to take part in a revolution; that's why they are rare until things are really bad. I can see people demonstrating against Republican shenanigans because it's clear they are out of shock and being little entitled snots once more.
Oh, the's ear piercing.

Think old school in a good way folks. To save money, ask what someone in 1880 would have done: repair, cook from scratch, save any amount possible, even if it's only 3 cents, and 15 cents at a time. Change your framework of thinking. Small scale and large scale and everything in between; it all affects outcomes. Don't dismiss any idea you can think of to conserve, preserve money.

Do not take ANYTHING for granted.

Grandma PKK

vanilla ice said...

One thing this country needs is more riots. it's time for people to get up, protest and celebrate. Bring it on. I've got my road flares

Anonymous said...

It amazes me , that the country is being robbed blind . And the only people making a lot of noise on the street are a bunch of ass bandits fighting so that you and i will call their decision to fuck each in the bum normal decent behavior.
Yet they claim to love democracy . well the people have spoken so go away and do your disgusting and perverted deeds in the darkness of your own room where they belong ,until they find a gay gene you have no argument and deserve no special treatment based on your sexual preference . But then again you have Obama in your corner i am sure he will continue to ignore the will of the people .

Mammoth said...

Apologies for the long post that follows, but reading the comments on this thread brings the following words to mind:

“And America got scared, because it wasn’t just show biz any more.

Because this guy really meant it, and because he was too smart. It wasn’t just another rant for revolution. We didn’t have the guns, we had the numbers, and it was only when all else failed that blood became our last resort. This revolution would not take place in the streets where it could be seen and stopped, but in every house, in every room, where it wouldn’t be found until the sides had already changed. Jim never called on us to march, only to soft parade, not to take the world over with our hands but to take it over with our minds.

We can turn out the lights now. 1972 will be another year.

But the man is still at the door, and the killer is still on the road. And the cold grinding grizzly bear jaws grow hotter on our heels every hour.”

- From the jacket of the Doors’ album “Weird Scenes inside the Gold Mine.”
Was this REALLY written 38 years ago? So much of the above sounds very appropriate today. And S&A’ers and other bloggers on similar sites are indeed leading the charge to take the world over with our minds.


Brian Miller said...

they claim to love democracy . well the people have spoken so go away and do your disgusting and perverted deeds in the darkness of your own room

OK, and you pay for your own kids' educations, your own mortgages, your own retirements, etc.

I've never met a homophobic idiot who wasn't willing to take -- no, DEMAND -- all that filthy queer lucre go towards supporting his "upstanding lifestyle."

It's pretty frickin' hilarious that you think you're some sort of God of Decency and Upstanding Pillar of Society just because you shot some jizz onto some woman's cervix and knocked her up. And even funnier, you think you're entitled to everyone else's money because of it. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...


You better stop bringing up the Great Messiah's unless it is to express complimentary terms.

The White House already has a team to denigrate Rush Limbaugh who is JUST a radio talk show host.

This goes to prove the extreme measures, these people are prepared to take.

Apparently, verbal criticism is NO LONGER acceptable to the ears of the Messiah.

He is beyond reproach.

Maybe he'll get the NSA to give us a 3.00am visit.

Anonymous said...

what will Obammah do when the brothus and homies start torching things? interesting question, if he does nothign will be seen as soft on crime...if tought action will alientate Michelle's relatives in the "base"

Anonymous said...

I've never met a homophobic idiot ......

At least i can figure out the natural order of things .
I am believe it or not, not homophobic , What i am is sick of you guys preaching tolerance and then calling people who disagree with you bigots . Tolerance is not agreeing with a person but accepting their right to disagree.
Well i used to respectfully disagree and you were not tolerant of my opinion i never gave reasons but expected tolerance from the homosexual community . There was none , only slander ,insults. So now my attitude is fuck you . No one is born gay , i Don't give a shit what you do but don't teach that lie to my kids .