March 28, 2009

Ron Paul, Mr. Irrelevant, blabs on and on to Geithner in an empty room. WHERE IS SOME F*CKING OUTRAGE RON PAUL? WHEN WILL YOU LEAD?

Lead or step aside.

Ron Paul has good ideas.

But he is a horribly ineffective and passionless leader. He whines, when he should scream. He pontificates, when he should question. He lectures, when he should demand answers. He rambles, when he should sting. He sits, when he should stand and throw things and SHOUT FROM THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS THAT WE'RE FED UP AND WE AREN'T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.



Who in DC will lead? Because it sure as hell ain't gonna be Ron Paul.




Mitesh Damania said...

The rehearsal went well, the performance didn't. LOL. Ron Paul will try again with a bit more eloquence next time. Otherwise, he'd be better off boarding Kucinich's UFO.

gwk said...

this is the idiot you wanted me to send money to last year and now you find out he is an idiot that im sure many sent money to sometimes it takes a little longer for some people to realize that they were had by idiots sound familiar

The Internet Guy said...

What are you talking about, eh? Dr. Ron Paul is 73 years old. What do you expect?

He has inspired a hundreds of thousands of people to become leaders, "Remnants", so that they can lead.

Dr. Ron Paul is my leader.

Batman said...

Perhaps he's too old to be the iconaclastic rage man. That guy from the UK did a good job (but what's his back story? Crooked tory hypocrite? If he's clean, he's got a future).

keith said...

Ron Paul isn't an idiot (except for his confused position on women's rights), but what he is is ineffective, and unable or unwilling to lead.

I WANT RAGE. And all Ron Paul can muster up is a whiney lecture.

Anonymous said...


I want cool analysis, strategy and execution of community withdrawal from the finance/tax/big government parasite.

supernintendo chalmers said...

RP has sparked a movement, planted seeds. There will be violence, rest assured. The limp left will give the far more dangerous right wing gunnuts the cover and distraction they need to take the financial/political oligarchs down.

keith said...

So who will lead?

Who will ignite the fire?

Who has fire in the belly?

Who will organize the protest of a million people to march on DC if they don't name an Independent Special Prosecutor?

Who will call the mob to Mozilo's house?

Who will call out Hank Paulson for the scam he pulled? Who will call for his investigation and arrest?

Who will demand that Bush and Cheney and Gonzalez are investigated?




Anonymous said...

Not only is Ron Paul from Texas, but he is about as effective as that other idiot from Texas, good old whats-his-face, the Chimperator.

Why are so many of the idiots from Texas? Is it something in the water down there? Or all the air pollution?

Mike Hunt said...


So glad you posted this. I was so annoyed when i saw this live. RP has 5 minutes exactly to ask questions and he just keeps rambling, answering his own questions.

I'll lead. Someone's gotta do it and I'm in a business leadership role. Only problem is I'm irrelevant, out of the country and in a private sector.


gwk said...

someday you will realize that people who go into politics are already idiots for choosing to go into politics because who takes a job with a salary that pays nothing yet costs millions to get so sorry your hero let you down and became just another idiot who went into politics but the show is on and getting better every week so i thank the %54 who gave us this gift

Anonymous said...

Why are so many of the idiots from Texas? Is it something in the water down there? Or all the air pollution?

Phil Gramm (Retardlican Senator from Texas).

I wish I could really feel that my elected reps and senators were better, but I come the state that has unleashed Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Susan Davis, or as I like to call them "The Four Whores Of The Apocalypse". New York, California, Texas and MassiveTwoShits have really done a lot to fuck over the rest of the country.

Bluto said...

None of you criticizers are worthy to wash Dr. Paul's feet.

Cut the old politician some slack. He's in his twilight years and trying desperately to pass the mantle to younger people.

Armchair warriors.

Anonymous said...

Noodles-Ron Paul is the the honest REAL AMERICAN just he's too old now to push what has to be pushed...Sometimes brains and, ethics have to be mixed with anger and violence...He's the ideological figurehead...We need a guy to hypothetically say "Lets execute the fuckers and their greedy wives and fat kids."

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, what planet are you on?
He isn't leading because he tried to, and it only went so so. He's older, maybe he's tired. Maybe you too will be tired when you are that age. Tired and disappointed.
I know I'm tired of people not realizing how hard it is to go on year after year doing anything, let alone having a family to raise, a job to go to. Basically leading a revolution often means giving up ordinary life for the rest of your life. Second best, is do your best for as long as you can, and put your ideas out there, which he did, and let someone else pick up what part of your journey they would like to continue.

That might be you.

Grandma PKK

Anonymous said...

"...he tried to, and it only went so so..."

We heard plenty about how the deck was stacked.

Imagine the shit we didn't hear about.

Holyschlitz said...

And what do you do Keith??? You sit over in Europe pointing the flaws of Ron Paul and this system, yet you do the rest of Americans. You supported Obama for president and now you don't like what you got, an empty suit full of false hope and no change. You want rage, come over here and start it, don't sit across an ocean and try to ignite it.

Anonymous said...

"He isn't leading because he tried to, and it only went so so. He's older, maybe he's tired. "


And, maybe he just doesn't see the point of getting worked up. He know's he's not going to effect meaningful change and is laying a record so that a future generation can pick up the ball and run.

And, maybe he also sees just how hard it is to find dedicated followers after seeing how some of his presidential campaign blogging supporters so quickly abandoned substance and fell in line behind the big smile and eloqent but empty messages of "hope" and "change."

Brian Miller said...

Why do you need a "leader" to lead you around by the nose?

Stop demanding someone else "lead" you, and instead, start leading YOURSELF.

There's no difference between an Idol-watching cheesepuff-eating loser on the couch, and an angry guy wandering around saying "someone PLEASE lead me!"

LEAD YOURSELF! That's what entrepreneurship and self-reliance is all about.

Anonymous said...

you know what keith. a lot of people were expecting a lot more out of him than he gave, i can tell you that for sure. he quit too early in the race and there is discussion here and there about what happened to all that money he got from those ron paul money bombs that was raised on the internet. frankly i think his campaign was , i am sorry to say it, just a useless diversion and wasted effort. so now we want him back in texas. and he says no. he would rather waste whatever time he has left speaking to nobody in congress and voting for pork barrel projects for his district. go figure. oh well.

Producer said...

Ron Paul has open up a national dicussion on what to do when the government comes crashing down. We now need a dicussion on how to live without a goverement, ie "coersive force". Government, by it's very nature is a cancer. It has always been a disease masquerading as a cure.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Producer said...

Ron Paul has open up a national dicussion on what to do when the government comes crashing down. We now need a dicussion on how to live without a goverement, ie "coersive force". Government, by it's very nature is a cancer. It has always been a disease masquerading as a cure.

March 29, 2009 4:30 AM<<<<

well that is one of our problems. all we do is have discussions and nothing good ever happens. when do the street actions start? heck when the Spanish people wanted Spain out of Iraq, 8 million of them filled the streets and this caused the government to fall and after new people came in, Spain got the hell out of either we hit the streets and start making things happen or we can sit around and have discussions and chunk comments on the internet blogs...etc...also Ron Paul's silly blowback thesis is ridiculous. Israel did 911, and not the Arabs, but try getting Ron Paul or anyone else in government to say that.

Banana Republicrat said...

Anon 5:41, say what you will about Barbara Boxer at least she voted against P Grammy's crowning achievement (perhaps a "broken clock" moment, but hey, credit where credit is due.)

And what's up with all of the Ron Paul folks saying he's too tired all of the sudden? I don't get it, is he too tired because he didn't get elected president? Maybe he should resign from his seat if he is too tuckered out to properly represent his district!

RP is good man, but when the opportunities are there he hasn't shown up. And the opportunities to say/do something have never been more frequent. Edmund Burke had a thought on this kind of situation, he called it "the triumph of evil."

Face it, we dropped a money bomb on America, now America is going to drop a money bomb on us!

Anonymous said...


"Where is someone to lead?"

"Right here"

"Go away"

Typical left-wing talk. No action. You know who leads? A leader? Did Ron Paul lead? No. Therefore, he is not a leader. What kind of person runs for office without knowing they're not a leader? An idiot or a megalomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I meant so-so all things considered. I like Ron Paul, and I liked the originality of his thinking. Everything any of us do is always in the context we're in. It's true the deck was stacked against him, yet you could say the same for President Obama as well. He just happened to notice a huge area where it wasn't. Not saying Ron Paul had the same option. But just because he didn't win, doesn't mean he didn't contribute to a greater openness to some different ideas.

Grandma PKK

Anonymous said...

Farakhann was the only one to get a million men to show up in DC, no women.
Something wrong with white men. Only protesters are code pink, women over 50.

A nation of fat cowards watching sports and porn.