March 7, 2009

Soot and Ashes Quote of the Day

"I don't want to get up early in the morning and throw custard at Peter Mandelson but I don't have a choice because democracy has failed us."

-Leila Deen, an activist from campaign group Plane Stupid, after successfully sliming UK Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, March 6, 2009


Anonymous said...

Do politicians understand how upset people are with this mess? Violent act (even custard) are never the answer but I have had enough of maintaining the status quo that isn't in the best interest of the average person.

Anonymous said...

Pissed off people around the world throwing custard and shoes. Just waiting till they move to periodic symbol Pb moving at a high velocity. HD DVR is ready.

Anonymous said...

And no cops jumped on her immediately and wrestled her to the ground? Wow, the UK is totally cool. I don't think we could get away with that here. Nope. That woman's ass would be planted in the D.C. jail right about now along with the hookers and crack ho's.

Went2puke said...

Well put Leila! But one must notice that she didn't go to jail because Peter Mandelson didn't press any charges against her. Now that's democracy.

Match that with Bush and the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at him in Baghdad! Have you ever asked yourselves whatever happened to that guy? I doubt it, because we are left with a tyranny at home and most of our friends overseas are tyrants. Think about it dudes.

Anonymous said...


It's time we broke out the green custard and smelly shoes for some of the criminals in Washington and on Wall St.


Stu said...

That was the "BEST" you have ever posted IMHO!!!

Anonymous said...

he was lucky this time. next time he won't be. perhaps some of our liars are watching this.

Anonymous said...

I think I now know what those 600 plus FEMA Detention Camps were built for. I had business at my Social Security (insecurity) office today (wife starts drawing her benefits) and also at my DMV (bought a used, but not abused car last week).
Some of the "citizens" I saw at both offices were pretty scary. The bevy of women with prisoner tattoos, and 16 kids or so in tow, and the quite young "rapper/gothic" men all signing up for SSI (disability) benefits. Allbeit the only noticed "disabilities" had to be mental. I think these people are who they built the FEMA camps to house one of these days.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Some housing mortgages may be modified, but any new jobs people may get are far below in wages from what the previously had - which means the house goes back to the bank anyways.

The meager gains we've seen in "recession proof" industries (i.e. Healthcare, Government, Education) are not enough to make up for the huge losses in the private sector - the sector which
forms the backbone of our economy and supports these other tax-funded (often bloated and wasteful) employment areas:

We have a long fall to go still in the markets as well as with housing - it's back to the flintstones . . .

Martin said...

Why did she throw her shoes?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

just wait until people get REALLY angry and begin throwing faeces (as it's spelt in the remnants of the British Empire.) Or employing SuperSoakers filled with urine from catheter bags.

Anonymous said...

Good, he should had been pegged with Dog Shit instead!

Anonymous said...


you are the lord of slime. what say ye?

is this an agent provocateur. green is dead. down with gore

Aaron said...

Today, custard.

Tomorrow, caustic acid.

(I hope)

Anonymous said...

Will rental price crash, take down more CMBS.

The increasing number of white-collar workers who are losing their jobs threatens to produce a new wave of foreclosures on top of the steep numbers of foreclosures on subprime mortgages, which were given to the weakest borrowers.

It suggests that a housing recovery will depend on a jobs recovery.

"A 4 percent rate might look pretty low, but it's doubled in slightly more" than a year, said Jay Brinkmann, the chief economist for the Mortgage Bankers Association.

"It is very difficult to deal with the mortgage issue separately, without realizing so much of it now is going to be driven by job losses," Brinkmann said in a conference call Thursday before the numbers came out.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

He gets slimmed and instinctively goes to putt for birdie?

becker said...

well you got your wish

mozillio is going to get arrested very soon

the sec is already charging him with fraud


they may treat him like another madoff

Anonymous said...

Another chart of current job lost compare to the Great Depression.


Anonymous said...

Chart of S&P 500 in the Great Depression, compare to the current recession

Anonymous said...

When will economists officially call this downturn a depression.

Morgan Stanley predicts downturn will be worse than the Depression.

Anonymous said...

Will Tent Cities be more and more common as this downturn pick up speed.

Video of Tent City in Fresno

Anonymous said...

Video of Seattle Tent Cities

Anonymous said...

Video of tent city in LA

Anonymous said...

New Hope City

Video of Tent City USA

Mitesh Damania said...

Are you going to fight or take flight? If you're going to fight, are you prepared for the trap?

Mitesh Damania said...

This was posted by me earlier but here is Tom Friedman's piehole getting shut:

ROFL hahaha. God shut up!

Anonymous said...

Why did she throw her shoes?

She didn't. It was a reference to an Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at Dubya a couple months ago.

Mammoth said...

Better to just slip the politician a 'drink.':

"He was a politician,
but he will screw up no more.

For what he thought was H20,
was H2S04."

Anonymous said...

" cops jumped on her immediately and wrestled her to the ground?"

Even worse: they didn't destroy her pudding spoon making sure it had no bomb.


Anonymous said...

"...Do politicians understand how upset people are with this mess?..."

Of course; they've been planning for it a long time; detention centers and domestic assignment of troops.

All with the deafening message that "Anybody who doesn't eat this shit sandwich is a terrorist enemy-of-the-state...errr people."

How much were we against the bailouts; 100-to-1?

These fucks will do what benefits them.

Anonymous said...

It's so heartwarming to see these Bushvilles springing up all over America.

I especially like the stories concerning foreclosure 'victims' and even more so when a family has been destroyed and a childs life is turned upside down. I look forward to the sickness and pestilence that is surely to follow.

I also look forward to hearing the pleas and the begging and watching the squalid conditions worsen and the soon-to-be crime infested neighborhood getting more dangerous by the minute.

This is all a prelude to the mass-riots that are about to consume America for the forseeable future.

These images are the results of the George Bushco-Dick Cheneyburton, Alan Greedspan, Angelo Mozilo era of liars-loans, No Doc teaser rate mortgages, Realtors, Lawrence Yun, David Lereah, Connie De Monster Groot, Caveman Adkins REIC and many more suspects fantastic work.

I hope the Tent City residents all stay well so they can be the Vanguard of this upcoming Summer of Rage which will make the civil rights riots look like a playground of kindergartners at noontime.

America is Fucked and on the precipice of Revolution. Once over the falls, there is no turning back.

Obama, you and your people have been warned early by these ominous signs and if you do not do something correctly soon you will be full recipients of the Nations wrath.


Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought you were showing a still from a Peter North video...

Anonymous said...




Lost Cause said...

That custard could actually turn out to be the most valuable material known to humankind.