April 22, 2009


Don't feel bad America.

Over here, Gordon Brown, after destroying the UK, has just shocked the nation by raising the top tax rate to 50% on all income over 150k, up from 40% today.

Oh, and then you have to pay the 15% VAT on everything you buy, and your council tax, and your TV tax, and your road tax, and your MOT, ...

Frankly, once you do the math, it may get to a point soon here where you're better off not working at all.

Now THAT'S what they call socialism. And it's too bad the money isn't going to the common good. No, it's going to paying off the bad gambling debts of the British bankers.


Last educated highly skilled professional or entrepreneur out of Great Britain turn off the lights. Until Brown and his Labour party are thrown out on their incompetent asses in a few months, and this joke of a tax rate is quickly overturned by the victorious Conservatives.

Govt hikes top income tax rate to 50%

The government will increase its top rate of income tax to a higher than expected 50 percent from next year, Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Wednesday as he delivered the government's annual budget.

The tax band had originally been due to rise to 45 percent from 40 percent in April 2011 as Britain seeks to claw back lost tax revenue caused by a deep recession.


sourkrout said...

Britain is not unique.

All of Europe is going back to the dark ages..

You sleep in the bed you make.

Verbosity Dogood said...

And here the US comes....

40% top rate Fed coming
State income tax of 3 to over 9% (CA)
Sales tax
Gas tax
You dare be entrepeneurial, self-employment tax
See your utility, cable & phone bills? Taxes there too


Anonymous said...

Christ these last few years have been surreal.

I was just reading about some mass killer's missive when the thought struck: we are a very sick nation, and the wheels are really coming off now.

Latchkey kids attempting to raise themselves; both parents struggling.

Exhausted, they collapse into Idol and other distractions.

They've got us right where they want us.

Anonymous said...

Obama are you listening!

never_forget_y2k said...

Last educated highly skilled professional or entrepreneur out of Great Britain turn off the lights.
Where exactly is there to go?

Mike Oxlong said...

We've been there for years here in the US. In 1994 I started tracking every little thing I paid and was atonished. Governments are nickel-diming us to 50% or more. If I was still smoking and still making only $8/hr, I'd be paying a lot more than 50%.

Anonymous said...

This is just the beggining....

yoski said...

Banks gone, oil gone, money gone, empire gone.
From the empire the sun never sets on to a pathetic shell of a country within 100 years. The US is not far behind.
Too bad. After the fall of the Soviet empire we had the chance to pull It off. Make the world (or at least our world) a better place. Instead we started unprovoked wars in far flung corners of the globe, sold out the common worker, shipped his jobs to China and turned our financial markets into casinos. In retrospect non of that paid off in the long run, but in the long run we're all dead, right? Now our dim witted leaders are spending our remaining resources trying to recreate exactly the conditions that exisited right before the meltdown. I wonder if they're doing this on purpose to stick it to the common man or if they just that incompetent. Game over for US.

Anonymous said...


i've had it said...

Not only are the Brits the biggest Fascists in the world (they track all of your whereabouts through cameras and other tracking devices), they are also the stupidest when it comes to taxes.

Any Brit with half a brain needs to get out of that country fast (Keith, you've spent enough time there...time to come home). In 25 years there will be nothing left of that place as the atheists, socialists, and muslims turn it into the hell-hole of the western world.

so long limeys, it was good to know ya.

Nimesh said...

It's coming to the U.S. of A. soon! States and even cities will raise taxes, fees, etc... I am already seeing it in my home state of Illinois. Our income tax rate will double, from 3% to 4.5% and the governor has the nerve to actually call it "tax reform"!

I also think federal tax rates will go up. Yep, so all of this bailing out will have a final cost, but too bad the average Joe and Jane won't connect the two dots. All just to pay off Goldman Sachs, Chase, etc... Makes me wonder why anyone in our country would want to be productive!

upthecreek said...

arnold from california is right behind Britains lead on tax increases..calif. is screwed
Time for a tax revolt britain..

Mike Hundt said...


Yes- but Brits can work overseas and don't have to pay British taxes on overseas income. Already they are so many Brits overseas taking advantage of this, the number will surely rise up now. Many of these Brits split time between non-UK countries so they don't pay local taxes. They are very good at gaming the system.

Too bad in the US even though you don't set foot in the country you still have to file and pay taxes. Bullshit.

Oh, is the 150K per year Pounds Sterling or the equivalent in USD?


les said...

Hyper-inflation is the ultimate tax.

Anonymous said...

how is the national dental care going over there?

Anonymous said...

Higher taxes MUST come in order to keep the system going. As public comsumption goes down significantly, the only way government can FORCE Americans to spend is increased taxes thus more government jobs and government spending. US local/state/federal taxes are 28% of GDP. There is an upper limit on Tax/GDP and we are not there yet. Some European nations are almost 50% Tax/GDP. So all you upper income earners, get ready to save the global economy.

Ex_Brit said...

I was born, raised and educated there, got a PhD. Left in 2001, never going back.

Anonymous said...

"...none of that paid off in the long run...

...I wonder if they're doing this on purpose to stick it to the common man or if they're just that incompetent."
I think you answered your own question.

To the contrary: it paid off rather handsomely; to the few it was designed to benefit.

RobertM said...

I think this chart says it all

Anonymous said...

The best will be the new carbon tax. Give me a break .I enjoy this planet as my much as any private jet flying overindulged politician but am i to believe gore and company have only the earths best interest at heart . BULLSHIT
Screw you!!!!! your theory is about as proven as evolution and the gay gene .

Anonymous said...

Great way to demotivate people i would rather make 149000 than 200000 KNowing i would have to hand it over ...Wait till obama starts his for the common good crap.

Mike H. said...

Mike Oxlong said:

"If I was still smoking and still making only $8/hr, I'd be paying a lot more than 50%."

Is that Man Pole or Mary Jane you're referring to there buddy?