April 2, 2009

After crashing the world, they came up with a pretty cool logo

"Hey, if we do up a really cool logo, people will forget about our corruption and complete and total incompetence, and the magnitude of what they've done!"

(And don't forget, around the world, Idol is on! Pay no attention over here. Everything is fine! Idol is on!)


Bukko_in_Australia said...

That logo -- it's the planet-scorching asteroid hitting the Earth that you had a video of a while back, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think the bright flash on the planet is a place called Iran. Boom! After Israel launches its big attack, which will happen in April.

Wind Farmer said...

Government Obfuscation everywhere you look:
Hopeful G20 Logo
Homeland Security
Shock & Awe
Patriot Act
Hope Now
Change you can believe in

It's all nonsense and lies!!! We are being played like fools!

Capitalism is being demonized. What do the demonstrators want? To kill capitalism, expand socialism, give government MORE power and control? Blame the banks, blame Bernie, blame AIG...all the while Obama, Frank, Pelosi, Reid et al smile and congratulate themselves. Job well done, or should I say "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

People with money are being demonized as well...tax the rich seems to be ok with everyone...little do they know everyone's being robbed. Is everyone F*cking blind! If anyone of the demonstrators held up a sign that said "Capitalism NOW" they would probably be killed.

We are doomed.
Down with the government!

keith said...

Yeah, I'm not sure who thought a logo of a massive explosion going off in London would be a good representation

But now that Obama's logo is seen as helping him win (anyone remember McCain's logo?), every campaign and every conference like this will have some expensive graphic-designer treatment.

Gee, maybe Soot and Ashes needs some kick-ass logo. All the cool kids are doing it.

Anonymous said...

stability, growth and jobs. yeh keith, and we fell off the turnip truck last night too buddy......ha ha

Anonymous said...

Love the stability/growth/jobs bit.

As if more debt will get us out of the problem of too much of it.

Or even better: that the fucks who made off with this vast wealth will now somehow deploy it in the greater good's interest.

Face it, Moneybaggs: there is indeed a limit to how much you can extract.

You've far exceeded it, and now the genie will not go back in the bottle.

casey said...

who got the boot on idol last night?

Mitesh Damania said...

You mean everyone got together to fiugre out how to create more jobs? People coming in limos to gather in a secret meeting to figure out a wy to create more jobs.. hahahaa.

MsNJ said...

i would like to thank all of you for helping clear my head of the bullshit that's been on tv the past few days.

the real issues have all been artfully obscured by "the ladies of the G20" pics and jamie oliver's menu plans. plus the "anti-capitalism" protestors... way to label them for maximum lack of identification with faux news loving 'murikins, MSM.

how about "anti-corruption" protestors. how about "anti-slavery" protestors?


Anonymous said...

Keith your "idol is on" joke is OOOOLLLLDDDDD now, we get the point, come up with something else mildly clever.